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Thanks Carolyn for sharing the poem for your mom & Dad;I REALLY ENJOYED IT IT WAS SPECIAL to me cause Hubby & I TO WAS MARRIED on Valentines day;5 yrs ago. May God always bless you & yours
13 February 2005 - Great Smokey Mountains TN

Webmaster comments   Hi Pat,
Oh thank you so much for your sweet comment on True Love.You know what it is all about now too.Congratulations on your 5th Anniversary on Valentines Day.And I hope that you will have many many more good years together back in Tennessee in your cabin.It sure does look pretty to me..Thanks Pat for your true and faithful friendship..God Bless You Both,Love Carolyn
Thank You Carolyn, for these beautiful pages...I especially liked the tribute you paid to your Mom and Dad...Obviously, it was a very happy marriage..The photos were nice too..Poems from other poets are just great... Thanks and May God Bless...
13 February 2005 - Arkansas

Webmaster comments   Hi Nann,
I' am so glad you enjoyed True Love.They did have a great marriage,and with many hard knocks, just like everyone else.But they did stay together and never did spend time apart.We had alot of fun in our home with them growing up.I do like to add pictures as everyone likes to see who the page is about.I know I do.. God Bless You Nann, Hugs Carolyn
Shirley |
Dear Carolyn, What lovely pages you have sent out this week. I especially enjoyed the Valentine for your parents, what a sweet looking couple. I think that people who can love each other through everything and stay together until death is the most precious miracle there is. Thank you so much for sharing with me. May God bless you always, Shirley aka Shy
12 February 2005 - N C

Webmaster comments   Hi Shirley,
Thank you so much for the sweet comments on my Mama and Daddy with True Love.It meant alot to all of us kids to have parents stay together forever.Thank you for coming and taking the time to sign in..God Bless You too, Love Carolyn
Billy Kirwan (Rom828)
Thisi sthe second poem on Roamns 8:28 details are included with it.
Poem 2 Romans 8:28

I asked the Lord "WHY"

When I prayed last night
I asked the Lord "Why"
Why am I disabled?
Why cant I walk or ride?

His voice came so sweetly
It is not so you will hurt
but so that others can show mercy
to ones hurt from birth

My question still lingered
and still my Lord said wait
till I come and give you
a new body at Heaven's gate

So when we wonder how
to keep our mind form going wild
Just remember that the Father
will give patience to his child

He will keep us for His business
and will give to us a throne
for He loves us and protects us
We are His and His alone

hope that helps someone today.

blessings in the name of Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew)
12 February 2005 - California (is there any where else)

Webmaster comments   Hi Billy,
The scripture that you have kepted for your testimony is so special.It does go along with your life so well.You know God had to have sent you to this scripture and it touched you enough to use it for your testimony..It is wonderful and will be using it soon.You are doing so good with Hebrew...God Bless, Carolyn
Billy Kirwan (Rom828) |
Visited again to share the first poem I ever wrote -- details in it
Romans08:28.CJB Furthermore, we know that G-d causes everything to work together for the good of those who love G-d and are called in accordance with his purpose

Romans 8:28 Poem written by billy kirwan, spring of 1973. This poem was written about 9 months after a tragic accident crippled me and killed my mother and brother. The Poem is intended to reach out to people who feel confused by life, and want to turn to the Father for His help.
Poem 2 was written just a few months ago when I was struggling to find a reason for the excruciating pain that I suffer. The Father did not give me a reason for the pain, but the phrase that stuck in my head was “His Grace is sufficient, He knows what He’s doing.”

1. Have you ever wondered
when something has happened to you?
Yes wondered why it has
and what you should do?
2. Well this has recently happened to me
and I couldn't see what the reasoning was,
but if we open our eyes we will see,
G-d has a reason for all that he does.
3. Now having said that I want you to know,
that He will give fruit from the seeds that we sow
Just make them kindness and friendship and love
and He will bless them right now from above.
4. And when you meet someone on the street
Just give them a smile, don't look at your feet
let them your happiness share on this day
That G-d will help them, if they follow His way.
5. So make up your mind that you will try to be happy
and love your own neighbor as much as yourself
Just put on a smile and make others so happy
instead of stowing your smiles on the shelf.

12 February 2005 - California

Webmaster comments   Hi Billy,
You do have a great testimony with all that you have been through and touching others through your writings using sciptures.You keep on writing the poems.I will be working on the page..God Bless You Billy, Carolyn
Andrea/Kentucky_Lady4 |
Carolyn, "True Love" by Ruby Ketron is such a wonderful poem to describe how marriage should be. A contract between two people with God's blessings on it. Your sweet Mom and Dad showed that special love!! Thanks for sharing your sweet photo's of family.. I have always loved this page,
a very special one.. Have a lovely Valentine's Day, my friend. It is the anniversary of our 'engagement' -- 42 years ago!! So special to us too! God bless you, my sweet sister in Christ!!
12 February 2005 - KY, USA

Webmaster comments   Hi Andrea,
Thank you so much for coming to see True Love and for the sweet comments on it.Ruby wrote the poem for me for this page.She did a great job on it.I do love family pictures and looking at everyone else too.It makes the sites more personal to me.Happy Valentines Day to You and Leroy for your engagement of 42 years ago.I know it has to be very special to both of you.Have a great day today..God Bless, Hugs Carolyn
Tina |
Hi Carolyn. I enjoyed all your new pages. Thanks so much for sharing them. It really is awesome that your parents were married 67 years. Your site is a blessing to vist!
Love and God bless you,
12 February 2005 - TX

Webmaster comments   Hi Sweet Tina,
Thanks for signing in,and for the sweet comments on my parents.They did spend more years together than alone.That is a real thinker.I love to talk to you Tina and will again soon on the phone.I will be waiting to see your comments in your guestbook..Thanks Tina for all of your part of my site.It is friends like you that make my site fun.I love working with your graphics and poems.Happy Valetines Day to you and Juan..Love You, Carolyn
How wonderful that your parents enjoyed almost 67 years together and in Love. That is very rare any more!
My Mom passed away in April of '04, in Oct. they would have been married 65 yrs. My Dad is still with us but part of himself is in heaven with Mom. He is lost! Thanks for your site.
12 February 2005 - Findlay, Oh.

Webmaster comments   Hi Annetta,
Thank you so much for the sweet words about my parents and True Love.It is very rare for a couple to stay together that long.It is a great way to serve God.Your parents had a very long marriage too.I know you miss your Mom, I sure miss mine.They are lost without each other.Give your Daddy a Hug for me.God Bless, and Happy Valentines Day to all.Love Carolyn
Ken Ellison |
Hi Carolyn,
As always, I have had a wonderful visit with you. Such outstanding writing and graphics, truly candy for the eyes and mind. You and your site are a great blessing to all of us.
12 February 2005 - McMinnville, Oregon

Webmaster comments   Hi Ken,
Thank you for signing in.You know it is you and the other poets that have made my site grow stronger than ever.You have become a great part of my site with your words in poetry.I think that we did grow up alike in our childhood.Our familes sound so much alike.Thank Ken for all that you do for me in writing poems.God Bless and Happy Valentines Day to You and Ardelle..Carolyn
Isn't this beautiful?
Love SAndy
12 February 2005 - oontario

Webmaster comments   Hi Sandy,
I'm glad that you enjoyed the pages and site.Thank you for taking the time to leave me your very sweet comments..God Bless You and Happy Valentines Day, Love Carolyn
I thought that your site is just so Inspirational.....And I LOVED FUNNY FACE.....Blessings Always Sis---Thanks for the warm feeling inside and the Smile....Everything we do to touch anothers life I truely believe we will be Rewarded in Heaven....You have brightened my life....
12 February 2005 - OKLAHOMA

Webmaster comments   Hi Coleen,
Thank you so much for taking the time to sign in and with such sweet comments.I do appreciate them so much.I also love Funny Face and always did love hearing the song.I agree with you about helping each other and touching each others hearts here on earth..Thank You for your encouragment to me also.God Bless and Happy Valentines Day, Love Carolyn
Gayle |
Hello my friend, I have had a great time reading your new pages. Loved them all from Dede's Life Is Too Short to the cornbread recipe. Hey it is almost like mine. Fun time this morning going through your pages. Smiles and tears from the poetry. See ya again soon.
12 February 2005 - USA

Webmaster comments   Hi Gayle,
It is so good to see my good friend come from her site and see me.Dede does write some very good poems.I hope that you will like Daddy's corn bread.He always did make the best as far as we all were concerned.He was very proud of his corn bread.Thanks Gayle for all that you let me use of yours too..Happy Valentines Day to You and Robert..Love You, Carolyn
John/HeavensGates |
It truly a yearly pleasure Carolyn to see "True Love" with your Mom and Dad as they proved true love can be found and so nice to see the family with your brothers and sisters.

And who can ever top that beautiful voice of Elvis singing on your pages.

Very beautiful and meaningful pages you always come out with.
Happy Valentines Day Carolyn and God Bless,
12 February 2005 - Waynesboro, Virginia

Webmaster comments   Hi John,
Thank you for always saying the sweetest things about my parents and True Love.It has become my Valentines Day page each year.Not very many live that many years together.Yes they did work through all of the daily problems and with 7 kids there were plenty.Not any money, but alot of love.And money does not bring True Love or happiness.
I love Elvis too.You have a great site for all of the Elvis fans.I'am and always will be one of the biggest fans.Happy Valetines Day John and God Bless You, Carolyn
Southbreeze |
Dearest Carolyn.. I love your new pages and especially the one about your Mom and Dad and the Valentine. It is so precious and just touched my heart so. Thank you for sharing the sweet pictures of them also and I know all that see this page will be blessed to read of their love.
I love the Valentine season and to read all the beautiful valentines that are written and sent out. Thank you so much and I wish for you and yours a Happy Valentine Day!

12 February 2005

Webmaster comments   Hi South,
Thank you for coming to see my new pages.And for your very sweet comments on True Love.My parents did have a long life together and all of us children still think of them so much each Valentines Day.The two children next to me, are with them in Heaven.But we all still think of how great our parents were.We all miss them so much..But one day we will join them again.Happy Valentines Day South.Love You Carolyn
Dee |

Let the tears flow..."True Love" composed by Ruby Ketron and with the precious memory photo treasures of your Mama and Papa...just is so beautiful to behold. Thank you for sharing your most loving treasures with us dearest Carolyn...had to stop to remark about this loving page before I visit your other wonderful selections. I always loved "True Love" -- it truly is timeless...Love, Dee.

12 February 2005 - Philadelphia

Webmaster comments   Hi Dee,
Thank you for the sweet comments about True Love.I do cherish the life that we had with our parents.Sometimes we never know how much it means to us until they are both gone.We had very loving parents and always loved to celebrate this special day with them each year.I do miss them both so much.Happy Valentine Day to you Dee and your hubby.God Bless You Both, Love Carolyn

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