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billy kirwan, Jr
Thank you Father for our Friend
Who loves you now and till the end
Thank you for her swwet sweet love
That you gave her from Above
Thank you Lord for Carolyn
12 March 2005 - California

Webmaster comments   Bily, Thank You so much for your daily prayers for me.It helps me so much.Your writings are wonderful and how you are spending time writing..God Bless You Billy, Carolyn
Marie |
Carolyn, I have had such a wonderful visit. Each page is a blessing, the poetry, reading about your singing, and just listening to the wonderful gospel music. I could stay for another hour, but must go for now.... I'll be back!

Love and Blessings to you, my friend.

11 March 2005 - Oklahoma

Webmaster comments   Hi Marie,
I am so happy to see you come to my home and all the way from Okla.Thank You for your encouragment as it does help so much..Also for your great friendship and always love to talk on the phone..God Bless Marie, Love Carolyn
Andrea/Kentucky_Lady4 |
Carolyn, I have had such a great time viewing new pages, and not only their beauty in design, but awesome words and lovely music too. Read several pages, and enjoyed all. I have always enjoyed my visits here with you! God bless you always, sis!
11 March 2005 - KY, USA

Webmaster comments   Hi Andrea,
Thanks for coming to visit me and for taking the time to sign in. I am getting so behind in my comments, that I have to try and do a few each day until I get caught up. It is hard for me to type with one hand.But soon I will be all well and back to work. Thanks for your sweet comments too..God Bless Andrea,Love Carolyn
My dear friend! It has been a while and too long since I visited you but been off the Internet pretty much like you until the past couple of weeks with just trying to get back to work.
If Ever You Need Me, just beautiful! Loved the poem by Sondra and the background was just great also. I guess we have the same problem as I hurt my arm "again" and has been very painful at times. You think I would know enough that I am not Superwoman but still try to do things I shouldn't be doing and throw it out again. But I can type, just can't do too much of anything else with it that includes any pulling on it at all. So praying yours will be well soon and you will be able to get back to work as know you miss it.
Have a great evening and God bless always. Love Judy
11 March 2005 - New York, brrrrr

Webmaster comments   Hi Judy,
So good to see that you came to visit me.I have missed us talking alot.But we both have been off with our hand and arms.Do you think we will learn what the problem is? Maybe get some rest? lol I am glad that you liked If You Ever Need Me.Sondra is a great poetress.Like You...I will return soon and hope that you will be adding more pages on your site too..God Bless Judy, Love Carolyn
Hello my sweet Carolyn...
Oh my goodness, so many lovely Pages of Poems to read with loads of blessings that touch our hearts very deeply...
And thank you for putting my poem, 'He Is Risen,' on your precious Site, I am so very honored, God Bless you sweet friend. How I praise the Lord for your continual healing Carolyn...
Love to you and big hugs,
11 March 2005 - IN

Webmaster comments   Hi Sondra, I am so happy that you came to visit me.I love adding your poems on my site.Thank You for writing He Is Risen so that I could add it on before Easter.You always come through for me.You are the best.I hope all is fine with your sweet Elizabeth.Tell her Hi for me..God Bless You Sondra, I miss you alot, but will return soon, I Promise....Love You, Carolyn
Dee |


Wonderful to hear from you dear Carolyn...Hope you are on the mend. I visted the beatufiful "Somebody Cares...And Always Will" -- beautiful poetry (one of my favorite) by Helen Steiner Rice. Glorious page design and music. You can spend an eternity here...God bless you...for all of your inspirational shares...Feel better soon. Love, Dee
11 March 2005 - Philadelphia

Webmaster comments   Hi Dee,
Oh I am always so happy to see you come to visit me.I hope you are doing much better with that gas leak.I also am glad that you like Somebody Cares.I do love all of Helen Steiner Rice poems so much.And God does care.I will be fine soon..I hope.I do have to do alot of therapy soon on my arm and hand..I am getting so behind in my work on here, but soon will be back.God Bless Dee, Love You Carolyn
Joan |
Hi Carolyn! You have a beautiful and very inspiring site. I loved the fun pages. God bless and I wish only good things for you...

11 March 2005 - North Carolina

Webmaster comments   Hi Joan, Thank you so much for taking the time to sign my book with your nice comments about my site.You have encouraged me more than you will ever know.I am glad to know that you enjoyed the fun pages as well.God Bless You,Carolyn
Christine |
Dear Carolyn,
I have truly enjoyed my visit with you. Your writings are so clear and honest...which sends images to my heart.
God Bless you and your wonderful family.
11 March 2005 - South Wales UK

Webmaster comments   Hello Christine,
Thank You so much for taking the time to sign in and with such nice comments.Everything that I say on here comes straight from my heart.I do love talking about God. It is always so good to hear from friends from all over the world.God Bless You, Love Carolyn
Oh Carolyn! I just read the beautiful tribute "Mama" just made me fill up with both sadness and joy. Sadness that I, too, lost my mama in 1998 to lung cancer. But, joy, because I know she is with her mom and dad, your mom, and of course with her Jesus! Thank you, thank you, thank you! God bless you my sister! Beautiful website. I will be back!
11 March 2005 - Tennessee

Webmaster comments   Hi Debbie,
Thank you so much for your kind words about my Mama.I do miss her so much, but one day we will be in Heaven together with all of the remaining loved ones left here to work for Him. I am praying for you in the loss and missing of your Mama too.Yes they are all together in Heaven. You come back and visit me anytime Debbie..Thank you for taking the time to sign my book and giving me so much encouragement..God Bless You, Love Carolyn
Keep it up buddy. Your site helped me alot.
11 March 2005 - New York

Webmaster comments   Amanda,
Thank You and I do pray that you will work for God too.May You always work for Him telling others about salvation.God Bless, Carolyn
A best work I have ever seen. Very informative

site for me. If you are running any mailing list plz add me to your

list. Thanks
9 March 2005 - pakistan

Webmaster comments   Nasrullah,
Thank you so much for your kind words about my site..May God Bless You and I pray that you will work for God too.Carolyn
I like your website. Good design, pretty navigations.
7 March 2005 - USA

Webmaster comments   Hi Jack,
Thanks for your kind words.I did remove your ads though..God Bless You, Carolyn
Dear Carolyn,
Just had to say hi to you , and check out your site again, Bless you and hope that you are feeling better and that you are able to use your hand.
thoughts and prayers to you. bless you Carolyn. love katherine
6 March 2005 - USA

Webmaster comments   Hi Katherine,
Thank You so much for signing in with your sweet message of prayers for me.I will be well soon, as I know God is working with me and He is not finished with me yet.Love that song too..My arm and hand is still not good, but will be fine soon I pray..Thanks for all of your prayers for me..God Bless You Katherine, Love Carolyn
Billy Kirwan (Rom828)
A new poem I am writing for YOUR site
Based on First Corinthians 10:13. No temptation has taken you...
No one can tempt you
More than His strength
No one can get you out of His will
Unless you let them and do not repent
But He will let you come back anytime.

He is so faithful and always is true
To redeem His people from what Satan would do
He will afford you a way of escape
And that will Show you His Word is so true.
6 March 2005 - California

Webmaster comments   Billy, Thank You so much..You have been such an encouragment to me since you first began sending poems.God is working in your life so much.He is so good..Blessing to you my good friend..Carolyn
billy kirwan, Jr
Dear Carolyn, we hope that you
Are feeling better every day
We pray Our Father will surely do
A miracle in your hand today

We hope you are much better soon
And don't forget we partner too
With you to make this site a blessing
for those who come in and to YOU TOO
6 March 2005 - California (Highland)

Webmaster comments   Hi Billy,
Thank you so much for all of your entries and also emails with the encouraging prayer poems..They have meant so much to me.I will send out a note to all the end of this week with some already made pages.Then soon your page will be made, when I can type it good enough.God is working on me Billy through all of my good friends such as you and others.Thanks so much for remembering me..God Bless Billy, Carolyn

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