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Cindy Cole
God bless you.
17 March 2005 - SC

Webmaster comments   Hi Cindy,
Thank you for taking the time to sign my book.I do love to hear from my friends from the south..God Bless, Carolyn
Gineke |
It was a pleasure to see your site.
Keep up the good work!
17 March 2005 - Netherlands

Webmaster comments   Hi Gineke,
Thank You for your visit and for taking the time to leave me your nice comments.I sure do appreciate all of your encouragment.I love having friends come from all over the world.God Bless You, Carolyn
I love this page. It looks really nice. Keep it up

17 March 2005 - Singapore

Webmaster comments   Hello Foma, Thank you so much for your visit. Thank you for your nice comments. God Bless, Carolyn
janet evans
Loved learning about and feel an affinity. I, too, felt strongly the call to be a missionary but didn't quite get there. Then I realised my family was my mission field.Now I serve by printing& sharing poetry.
16 March 2005 - Australia

Webmaster comments   Hello Janet,
Thank you so much for your visit and for taking the time to sign in. It is hard when we have that strong feeling of being called for Missionary work and did not continue to follow. But I do believe with all my heart that God brings us through by working for Him in other ways. We can reach many souls and lives through this big internet. Yes being a Mother or Father is a Mission for sure. You are doing what God had waiting for you too now.. God Bless You Janet, Carolyn
Gale Perkins |
what a beautiful website. I truly felt at peace when looking at it.. the sentiments are what I feel in my heart. My home has always had open doors and room for listening to all who enter. The good Lord has been my salvation. Thank you for sharing your site. Gale
16 March 2005 - United States

Webmaster comments   Hi Gale,
Thank you so much for your wonderful comments about what I have on my sites.I am glad to know that you feel peaceful here.I do alot of this for my peace too and with the love of God here.Please do come and visit me anytime..I will be over to visit you very soon..I am off due to a hurt arm and hand..But will be there soon. God Bless You, Love Carolyn
Debie |
Hi! I found your site through a great friend - Southbreeze! I am enjoying my visit, lovely site!! LOVE the music!
15 March 2005 - Ohio

Webmaster comments   Hi Debie,
Thank you so much for your visit and for taking the time to sign my book.I am glad that you like my kind of music too.I will be over to visit you as soon as I can get there. Thanks again.. God Bless, Carolyn
Billy kirwan Jr
I just wanted to tell you how much I appreicate your site and your kindness and generosity to me. Please continue and I hope you are blessed to be healed of your problem.
15 March 2005 - California

Webmaster comments   Hi Billy,
Thank you for always encouraging me so much.I will return to work as soon as I can.. I am just doing this until my hand and arm gets well. I am also working on your page.Thanks again for your prayers Billy, they do help so much.. God Bless, Carolyn
Dee |
Dearest inspirational was my visit to "When Jesus Looks Upon My Life" -- beautifully composed by Chick Velasco and the graphic was so precious. Hope this finds you feeling a tad better. The gas fumes are almost all contained...what a scary ordeal for my neighborhood. Take care my dear Carolyn...your home is just so wonderful to visit. Love, Dee
15 March 2005 - Philadelphia

Webmaster comments   Hi Dee,
Thanks so much for your comments on this special page and poem of Chick's.He does write some very good Christian poems and such a great friend.I will be back to work as soon as I can..I hope your doing good to Dee, and much better with the gas fumes.They are awful..Thank you for always taking the time to sign in with your most encouraging words..Love You, Carolyn
I found this site after surfing google What a highly inspiring and dedicated site! I really appreciated and say thank you for Keep up the great work online....!
15 March 2005 - India

Webmaster comments   Hello Ramesh,
Thank you so much for your nice comments on my site. I am glad to know that you received a blessing in your visit.. God Bless, Carolyn
Melva |
Hi Carolyn,
I am sorry to be so long about getting back...I am praying for you and hope your arm and hand are soon well!
And you can get back to building the pages that you love to do, and are so good at doing!
May our Lord heal this quickly..
Love ya!
15 March 2005 - USA

Webmaster comments   Hi Melva,
Thanks so much for your prayers and for coming to visit me.. I am still off with my hand and arm, but hope to be back soon. God will bring me through this too. I am going to try and add some comments until I can get back to work, as you can tell I am getting so behind..Thanks again, Love You, Carolyn
Dear Carolyn,
I always LOVE visiting your beautiful web home..I always feel welcomed and come away with my spirit refreshed.May GOD Bless You And Keep You and prayers,nancy
14 March 2005 - GA

Webmaster comments   Hi Nancy,
Oh how happy I am to see your entry.You are always a joy to hear from and such encouragment with your prayers..Thanks again and God Bless You Nancy My Good Friend, Love Carolyn
David m Dallessandro
wow , i just loved your sight . i was looking for some music clips of some of my favorite artists like jd sumner , but i found alot more . thanks for such a beautiful sight.
14 March 2005 - tonawanda ny near buffalo /niagara falls

Webmaster comments   Hi David,
I am happy to know that you enjoyed your visit.Always good to hear from others that love our kind of singing and friends.J.D. was a great friend..I will be adding more new songs from Quartets as soon as I get back to working..Thanks again..God Bless You, Carolyn
Sharon/AngelHeart |
I am a few days early but trying to visit everybody to leave a wish of Love, Peace, and Happiness, for your St. Patrick's Day coming..
Always a pleasure to visit and listen to "How Great Thou Are"
You are a blessing!!

"Happy Happy St Patty's Day"

"The Green Little Shamrock"
There's a dear little plant that grows in our isle,
'Twas St. Patrick himself sure thats et it.
It thrives through the bog,
through the brake,
and the mireland;
And he called it the dear little Shamrock of Ireland.

13 March 2005 - Virginia Beach, Virginia

Webmaster comments   Hi Sharon,
Thank you for taking the time to visit me and to sign my book.I am so glad that you enjoy the song in my book..I love it too and with Floyd Cramer playing it is even better..Thanks again, God Bless You, Love Carolyn
John |
Beautiful new pages Carolyn, a wonderful way to start the weekend, relaxing at your home so ever popular.
I think my favorite was "The Family Bible", it took me back to days at home and we would take turns each night reading from our family Bible.
Praying your hand is soon better and you're back in full force.
God Bless, John
12 March 2005 - Waynesboro, Virginia

Webmaster comments   Hi John,
I am glad that you liked my new pages, and The Family Bible is one of my favorite too..I know you must have alot of wonderful memories of those good days being at home.You had to be a big help to your Mom.You can always keep those memories in your heart.. I am doing much better and will be back soon..Thanks for taking the time to sign in. God Bless, Carolyn
billy kirwan Jr
Praying for you, Yes, we are praying for you
Praying His healing will come unto you
Praying He'll show you just what you should do,
Yes my sweet friend we are praying for you
12 March 2005 - California

Webmaster comments   I do look forward to my daily mail with your prayer in poems.I know you are helping me and so many others with your prayers.God hears all of your prayers, I am doing some better..Thank you again so much..God Bless You Friend, Carolyn

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