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Sharon/AngelHeart |
Dear Carolyn,
First thank you very much for your kind words and visiting my humble page, It meant alot to me..
I was reading Saturday Nite Baths and giggling, for it brought back memories of when My Mothers friends use to tell her "Rosalind, you're going to kill that poor childs skin" she would bathe me in Tide detergent, said to get my knees clean....LOL I was quite the Lil tomboy, but that page caught my eye and it made me drift back to good memories, something we all love to you..Blessings to you Carolyn and again, thank you!
5 April 2005 - Virginia Beach, Virginia

Webmaster comments   Hi Sharon,
So good to see that you were here while I have been off moving and moving.I will return as soon as I can.I am glad to know that you had a chuckle with Sat Night Baths.I do remember that old zink God Bless Sharon, Love Carolyn
Bill Gathings |
A beautiful and comforting retreat for all that are weary and needy for the love of God in their life. "Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth, is mount Zion, on the sides of the north, the city of the great King. God is known is her palaces for a refuge." Psa 48:2-3
3 April 2005 - Cedar Hill, Texas

Webmaster comments   Thank You Bill for the encouraging words.The scripture is a very great one for all of us..Thank You for taking the time to leave words in our guestbook..God Bless, Carolyn
betty |
i have visit your web page before
i have moved , in moving i lost you ,
i enjoy your site so much .
i don`t have a site of my own ,
i just enjoy sending e-mail to friends
thank you very much , betty .
2 April 2005 - USA

Webmaster comments   Hi Betty,
Well I am so happy to know that you found me again.I hope you will enjoy all that I have been doing and will continue to do as soon as I come back on to work.Your words are very encouraging to me.Thank You so much, God Bless You Betty, Carolyn
Susie M. Herold |
Hi Carolyn, I'm Billy Ray Alday's younger sister in Maryland. Bill sent me your website and I am extremely impressed. I am struggling with the devil and getting to church at this time. I haven't been going for quite a few years even tho I grew up in a very religeous background. I have a problem with how men of the church treat women and get turned off each time I attend, therefore I let the devil use this and keep me away. I enjoyed your music; it brought back memories. I believe God uses each of us in a way to help others, and I believe he has sent you through Bill to help me. I need your prayers.
31 March 2005 - Indian Head, MD

Webmaster comments   Hi Susie,
It is nice to know you too.We will sure keep you in our prayers Susie.Just tell that ole devil to flee and he has too.You know Susie, things do happen in church too, and that is when we have to be strong.I can only pray that my site will reach many lost souls, and that has happened alot.God is good and He will send who or what we need to reach each other.I sure will pray for you.Just coming and talking about your hurts is a first step to the best life ever.Please do visit me anytime.My Gospel Songs are on all the time.And remember Jesus Loves You!!! God Bless Susie, Carolyn
Trisha |
29 March 2005 - FOR NOW STAUNTON VA.

Webmaster comments   Hi Trisha,
Big Hugs Back To Ya..I have missed you too so much.I am so happy to see you working on your site, and coming to visit me.You are doing great on your site.You learned so fast and it is all coming back.You will pass me up in no time.I hope to be able to come back online and make some pages soon.I am still off with my hand and arm.This move did not help at God Bless Trisha, Love You Carolyn
Kimberley Horton
I would just like to say, God Bless You. My son is 24 years old, and he got saved today. (Easter Day) And today my heart and soul is so blessed to see it happen. You see my son lost his little boy and his sister-in-law back in June of 2004, in a really bad car accident. And now I know that someday he will see them again. And I pray that at least one person a day will be saved.
28 March 2005 - Quinlan,tx. USA

Webmaster comments   Hello Kimberley,
What great news about your son being saved on Easter.I am sorry that it has taken me so long in getting back to you, I have been off line.I am so sorry to hear that your Son lost his little boy.That is very sad for me to know.Also for his Sister-In-Law too.That is so sad.But yes, now he can join them in Heaven someday, and what a great reunion that will be.My thoughts and prayers are with you too Kimberley as I know you hurt too.I have been through this myself.But we lean on God and head for Heaven.Please do come back often.And thank you for sharing your Joy about your Son.God Bless You, Love Carolyn
Sandra Minix
What a wonderful website this is and how "Annointed by The Holy Spirit". My husband who just signed your Guest Book before me is in Iraq and I am in Texas and if it wasn't for JESUS what Hope would we have. The music is beautiful and I like the way you have scripture verses running above my lower task bar. Just now noticed that. I am so thankful Jesus died for my sins and is my soon coming "King of Kings and Lord of Lords". I do serve a risen Saviour!!!!
Sandra Minix
27 March 2005 - Texas

Webmaster comments   Hi Sandra,
I wanted to leave you my comments as I am off for a short time with my arm and hand.But I did write your husband a note in an email to let him know how very proud we are here of all of the men and women in Iraq.I do love God and would not make it without Him.How could we go through each day without God? It would be so hard for you and all of the families at this time also.Thanks so much for the nice comments on my gospel singing.I do love it so much and wish I was still singing. One day we will all be in Heaven singing together.I will see you there. God Bless Sandra, Love Carolyn
Ron Minix
I was so blessed by the "Do you believe in Easter" Story that I had to find more on the music and that Love for Jesus. I went to the properties of the story and here I am enjoying your wonderful stories and music on my computer in Baghdad, Iraq!
27 March 2005 - KBR in U.S. Army Camp Rustamiyah, Iraq

Webmaster comments   Hi Ron,
It is so good to hear from you and all the way from Iraq.I am glad to know that you enjoyed your visit and the music on my site.I do want to say, we are so proud of you and all of the men and women that are serving our country at this time of war.You are all in my daily thoughts and prayers..God Bless You Ron, Carolyn
Emma |
You have a wonderful site,
I've enjoyed my visit..*S*

27 March 2005 - New York

Webmaster comments   Hi Emma,
Thank you so much for always leaving me such nice comments on my site.I do want to thank you for allowing me to use your graphics on my site.You have a talent that can only come from God.Thank you for being so nice to allow me to use so much of your work. You will be rewarded for being so generous..God Bless You,Love Carolyn
Eva-Maria |
So beautiful and touching here - thank you for sharing!

Image hosted by
26 March 2005 - Finland

Webmaster comments   Hi Eva-Marie,
Thank you so much for your visit to my site for Easter.I appreciate your kindness so much.God Bless You, Carolyn
Dianne C
Of all the poems, messages and stories
I have heard of Easter, this is by far
the most wonderful and inspirational and I am very very thankful that I was
sent this. God bless everybody and a
very Happy and Precious Easter to all.

Dianne C
26 March 2005 - Winnipeg, Mb, Canada

Webmaster comments   Hello Dianne,
Thank you so much for taking the time to sign my book with your very encouraging words about my Easter pages.I thank you for your visit..I think of Bro. Billy Graham when I see where you live.*S* Please do come and visit me anyime, and I will be back to work soon..God Bless You, Love Carolyn
DoedeP |
Hello our Precious Carolyn,
I'm so thankful I am able to get in your site again. I have for some reason been unable to.How wonderful to get to visit your Easter pages, being so beautiful and exciting as I thoughts are magnified thinking of our Savior, and death has been conquered, at calvary when He was on that cross! That the same power that our Blessed and Precious Redeemer arose from the grove with will also be the power which we His children will be caught up together in the clouds with Him, to live eternally with Christ in our mansions prepared by him! I am reminded of our Precious love ones, Dear Carolyn, that they too will join us in the clouds these moments! Our love ones now living with Jesus and waiting with Him, for us to join the face-to-face, eternally!! Praise His name our Precious and blessed Savior, King of Kings for His Glorious and Amazing Grace!!
I Love you, Carolyn,
26 March 2005

Webmaster comments   Hi Doede,
Oh how happy I was to see that you have visited me while being off..I will be back as soon as I can.You always give me so much encouragment with your sweet words.One day we will see all of our loved ones that have gone on before us..And we can all sing together with them again.Your Daddy too Doede..Thanks for your great and wonderful friendship over these years..God Bless You Doede and I Love You Too, Carolyn
Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good: His love endures forever Psalm 118:1
He is not here: He has risen, just as He said --Matt. 28:5 ---Let the earth rejoice. Christ the Lord is risen!--
Have a Happy Easter. Carolyn bless you
and your. Love Katherine
26 March 2005 - USA

Webmaster comments   Hi Katherine,I do love your scripture. One of my favorite too. Thank you for coming to visit me while I have been off line..I will return soon.God Bless You, Love Carolyn
kathleen baker
i loved your card and yes i do believe in my father in heaven GOD BLESS YOU ALL
25 March 2005

Webmaster comments   Hi Kathleen,
Thank you for your encouragement by signing in.I am so happy to hear from all of my Christian friends.God Bless You, Love Carolyn
Nareen |
Your site is a beautiful blessing to all who view it. I especially love your Easter pages. Thank you.
25 March 2005 - Oklahoma

Webmaster comments   Hello Nareen,
Thank you for visiting me for Easter and for taking the time to let me know how much you enjoyed my Easter pages.Your encouragement means so much. God Bless You, Carolyn

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