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billy kirwan
Do you know what a blessing Carolyn has been to me in puting this page together. I have fora long time wanted to do somethign like this, and when the time was exactly right, Carolyn came along and touched my life. Thanks Carolyn.

anyone who wants to write and give me a scripture with what it means to you, I may be able to write a poem to dedicate for you... I am not sure whatthe Father will do, but I am open
6 May 2005 - California, is there any place else LOL?

Webmaster comments   Thank You Billy, I just want to help others. I do what I can.That is not alot, but only through the grace of God I am able to do this.God Bless You Billy, Carolyn
Thanks so much Carolyn, for these beautiful pages:...Your family was interesting reading :(Grandma Mattson)...In All Gods Glory, A wonderful page....Flowers for Mama, And the most soothing voice of Elvis singing In My Fathers House....Great pages....and the recipe sounds great...Might just try that soon....Thanks so much...God Bless...
6 May 2005 - Arkansas

Webmaster comments   Hi Nann:It is so good to see your entry.Thank you Nann for your sweet comments about pages.I love making new pages, but it has stopped almost for me until my hand gets well. But soon I hope all will be fine again.Thanks again Nann, you are always so much fun and encouragment.God Bless You, Love Carolyn
Dee |
Grandma Mattison And Girls, Atha, Bonita and Emogene...How precious was this page and the history and era behind it dearest Carolyn...I so enjoyed that precious photo...My Paternal Grandmother was also very young when she entered into Eternal Rest. I have so many photos of my dear Mom and my precious Aunt Jo that remind me of this lovely treasured photo...thank you from the heart for sharing your memories with us for Mother's Day...Love, Dee!
6 May 2005 - Philly

Webmaster comments   Hi Dee: I am finally doing a few comments as I can.It has been so long for me with no typing with my hand.But my handwriting is much worse now.Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my Grandma and her girls.I did update the page as I forgot another girl and a few things.This is why I need to mark all of my pictures.I love pictures as that is all we have of our loved ones from the past.I know you do too..Thanks Dee, You are a special friend.Love You, Carolyn
billy kirwan, Jr.
What a friend we have in Jesus,
this is what the old song says
and when we wear this on our hearts
He goes with us through the days
6 May 2005 - California,

Webmaster comments   Jesus is out Best Friend.We will never have a better one that will stay with us. Thanks Billy, God Bless You, Carolyn
You have a beautiful site.I really enjoyed it.
6 May 2005 - Ga.

Webmaster comments   Hi Barb" Thank you so much for your entry and nice comments.It does encourage me so much. God Bless You, love Carolyn
lyn drganc
found your site just tonight, what a blessing it is. Gods love to you all
3 May 2005 - australia

Webmaster comments   Hi Lyn: Thank you so much for your kind words and I hope that you will come back and visit me anytime.I love to have friends come from all over this big world that God created.God Bless You, Carolyn
Sharon/AngelHeart |
Dearest Carolyn,
Please excuse my absence but my plate is full right now with two sick children, one has had to move home awaiting disability, but I wanted to just pop in and leave my heart prints and hope soon to be able to catch up with all your wonderful pages I have missed, Know I send my love and wishes for God to Bless you today and have a wonderful holiday weekend next Sunday, May He have his hand upon you now and always....
1 May 2005 - Virginia Beach, Virginia

Webmaster comments   Hi Sharon:Your visit has been very encouraging to me.I have not done much in so long.I have been praying for your family and all that you have been going through.I will continue to pray for your children and sweet little Nicholas.I hope to get more done soon, but am with Heather alot now.She is going through alot now too.God Bless Sharon, Love Carolyn
billy kirwan jr
So sorry I hve not put messages in more lately, but did not want to make you feel pressured in any way.

You are a friend, and that is true
it shows in all the things you do
not just for me, although they're many
but for all the others through and through

So please get better very soon
and be back with us please
for we love you Carolyn
and we pray for you on our knees
30 April 2005 - california

Webmaster comments   Thank You Billy for another great and nice poem.I always appreciate prayers.God Bless You Billy, Carolyn
kathy |
this is a beautiful the music and relaxing to listen too and gaze at the pictures.GOD BLESS!!
29 April 2005 - lexington, north carolina

Webmaster comments   Hi Kathy: Thank you for your encouragement, and I am happy to know that you like the music too.Please visit anytime.God Bless You, Carolyn
Ken Ellison |
Hi Carolyn, I just had to return for another "dose" of your wonderful website and as each time I've visited I am inspired and uplifted. You and your beautiful pages are truly a blessing.
29 April 2005 - Oregon USA

Webmaster comments   Hi Ken, Thanks so much for all that you do for me and my site.You have helped me more than you will ever know.Everyone loves your poems.They fit my family real well.I will catch up on my writing as soon as I can, so I am beginning at least.God Bless You Ken, Carolyn
Mikki |
Hi Carolyn!!
Just wanted you to know that I have been here enjoying reading and looking at so many of your Beautiful pages!!!
Thanks so much for reading Dad's poems!!!
24 April 2005 - Baltimore, Ohio

Webmaster comments   Hi Mikki: Thank you for coming to visit me and for signing in.I am behind with all of my thank you comments, but I am getting there.I always enjoy reading your Dads Poems,Thanks again. God Bless,Love Carolyn
23 April 2005 - NOVA ACOTIA ,CANADA

Webmaster comments   Hello Deanna: Thank You so much for your kind words and encouragement.I am so happy that you enjoy visiting my site.God Bless You, Carolyn
Dorothy Jean Newton
I saw your poem about The Class of 1949. I really enjoyed it since I finished High School in 1949. Thank you for the memories!!!

23 April 2005 - Killen, AL.

Webmaster comments   Hi Dorothy: Oh how nice it is to read about you finishing school as I was entering.Many good memories from country schools in my family.Thank You for writing in my book..God Bless You, Carolyn
Janet D Burton

Webmaster comments   Hi Janet: Thank you so much for leaving your very kind words in my book.I am happy to know that you receive a blessing from the writings.We all try and encourage each other.God Bless You, Carolyn
i really love your poems.its a brilliant site you got .god bless you
20 April 2005 - northern ireland/uk

Webmaster comments   Hello Marina: Thank you so much for the encouraging words.I am glad you enjoyed your visit.God Bless You, Carolyn

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