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Hi Carolyn:
I sure have enjoyed the good music on your whole site while reading each of the pages.You have a wonderful family and love for God.I come and visit your site each day, and will sign as I can.God Bless You in your daily life. Wayne
12 May 2005 - Arizona

Webmaster comments   Hi Wayne: I am happy to know you enjoy the music and the family stories.We had a good life growing up, not much money, but alot of love.Thank You so much for signing in..God Bless You, Carolyn
billy kirwan (Rom828)
Thanks for letting me share, now it is time to dedicate a poem to you Carolyn.

Carolyn's Poem

What a precious, precious blessing
To have friends such as you
Ones who let you do your crying
and let you do your laughing too

They are there when you need comfort
They come to you when they're in pain
They truly are a blessing
Having them has been our gain

So I want to say a thank you
To Carolyn and ones like her
Who have let me do my crying
Friends like you there seldom were

Thank you for your kind compassion
And for being there when we have need
You have shown the Lord's compassion
And you've sown our Father's seed

Thanks again and may He bless you
From your head down to your feet
One more thing, I'd like to say though
I hope on earth we someday meet
11 May 2005 - california

Webmaster comments   Thank You Billy for your encouraging poems that you always write. You have been a real blessing to me and to many others. God Bless You Billy, Carolyn
billy kirwan (Rom828)

A poem for Mother's day 2005
Itís Motherís day for ones we love
For Mothers who are ours or others
A time to shower from above
Love unbounded and uncovered

On Motherís day we remember
All the love sheís given to us
A time to let her know we care
Sheís been a blessing to us

So thank you to our mother sweet
And thanks to others too
For we have friends whose mothers
Are a blessing both to me and you

Thank you for the love youíve shown
To all your children through the years
Thank you for the way youíve grown
Closer to them through the tears.

Thanks for showing love to all your children as they have grown up through the years.

Happy Mothers Day.

This poem is dedicated to several people:
My own mother Bessie Beach Kirwan, for the love she showed until her death in 1972.

To Nettie, Shell, Barb, Betty, Carolyn, (this list could go on forever, so if your name isnít here, insert it before you print the poem) for showing love to your own children through the years.
I forgot to include my daughter (mother of my grandson) in the dedication of this poem. So Please Add Elizabeth (Dylan's mother) to the dedication.

Love in Messiah
Billy k (Rom828)
11 May 2005 - California
11 May 2005 - California
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie |
Hello Carolyn,
Thought it was about time I called back in and saw how you were. Last I heard you were having problems, I hope and pray that you are well on the road to recovery. It is always so difficult when you know someone needs something. I will keep you in my prayers. Keep your spirits up and may our Lord watch over you and guide you always. May you have you own very special Angel by you side at all times. (P.S. I am moving my site - much nicer place I hope)
11 May 2005 - Brisbane, Australia

Webmaster comments   Hi Eddie: Thank you for coming to visit me.I have been off alot and still have problems getting to all of the mail and thank you's to all of you wonderful and kind friends.I hope to get better so that I can get caught up.But please know that I appreciate you taking the time to sign my book.I still have the songs and will do them as soon as I can.They are so good and I want to share with others.I will be over to visit your new site again, and sign in this week. God Bless You, Carolyn
I forgot to tell you how beautiful the page turned out and how much I enjoyed it. I sent the link to it out to some friends who thought you did EXCELLENT. (I do too by the way) -- I hope your hand is doing better and I am

Praying for you,
Yes I am praying for you
When you are hurting
I am praying for you
til you feel better,
It's what I will do
I am praying for you
10 May 2005 - california, why cant I say Tennessee?
billy kirwan
I visited your site and cant remember the name of the place where I found it but you had playing another of my favorite hymns. I love to come and just listend to the beautiful hymns and cant wait till we sing them all in Hebrew in Shamayim (Heaven). Thank you Carolyn for allowing me to share your site and for allowing me the expression I have wanted for over 30 years of the poem. billy k (ROm828_
10 May 2005 - California
billy kirwan
Just a little memo
to write and let you know
I hope that things are going
as well as they can go

I hope you're feeling better
and will soon be right as rain
I pray our Blessed Father
will take away your pain

And when you're feeling better
It is our sacred hope
that you can do the things
you've mentioned in your notes

Its certain that He'll let you
since every thing you said
is in His will revealed
at least that's what I've read

So may you have the comfort
and be free from all your pain
May His Spirit flow on over you
and let you dance again.

your friend billy k (Rom828)
did you know I used to hate poetry? LOL
10 May 2005 - California,
billy kirwan jr
Another poem for you to enjoy, it has a meaning within it, so read it all.

Just a note to tell you thank you
For the many things you do
For the peace and for the comfort
that so often come through you

For your kindness to the many
Who would share their heart with you
And for sharing what Messiah
wants for every one to do

He would have them open up
Their hearts to Him today
So they could go with Him to Heaven
And not go down the other way

So lift your heart unto the Father
Ask Him to send unto you
the Messiah to come live in you
That is what He wants to do

Tell Him that you are a sinner
He'll forgive and give you peace
Then His life will flow with in you
and it will never never cease.

Love in Messiah
billy kirwan
9 May 2005 - California
Lara Stinecipher
Happy Mother's Day! I Hope you have a great day! You're a great Mother and Grandmother...even to us "adopted" kids! Much Love to YOU (and to Heather, too!) on YOUR day!
8 May 2005 - Clovis, CA

Webmaster comments   Hi Lara:
I hope you had a great Mothers day too.You had two little ones this year. I am sure your boys were special to you. This is late, but I have not been able to keep up with all of my work. I hope to do better soon.. Love You Alot, Carolyn
billy kirwan
I just read Fanny Crosby's bio on line, and se she was blind. I did not know that whne I chose the song "To G-d be the Glory" to go with my poem. it is wonderful how G-d works wonders even when we do not know it.
8 May 2005 - California (is there any place else, LOL)
Heather |
Happy Mother's Day to the best Mom in the whole world. And Best Memaw of course. We love you so much and want you to know that we appreciate all that you do for us. Hope you have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!

Love, Daren, Heather, Spike, Sadie-Ann and of course our precious angel Amber Linn
8 May 2005 - California

Webmaster comments   Hi Heather:Thank you for being a great Daughter- and Mommy to our Granddaughter. You will always be the best in my book of teen Mommys.I have many praying that God will give you and Daren some babies.Heather thanks for taking me shopping for a surprise in Chowchilla for Mothers Day.We always have alot of fun together.I Love You and Daren, Spikie,Sadie-Ann, and always keep Amber Linn inside my heart with my LOVE.Your Mama, Carolyn
John |
Hi Carolyn, wanted to wish you a most Happy Mothers Day and thank you for all the kind messages and help you always have.
Hope your day is wonderful and filled with joy as are all your pages made with so much feeling and love.
God Bless, John

8 May 2005 - Waynesboro, Virginia

Webmaster comments   Hi John, Thank You for the Mothers Day visit..I love the gift in my book.You are getting so good at making them.You will have to teach I know you have tons of time to spare.Thanks John for all of your time and help over the years.I do love visiting all of your many sites.Thanks for your friendship, God Bless You, Carolyn
Allan Svensson |
I visited your Website and I wish you the best you can get, the peace of God through Jesus Christ. Welcome to visit my Site.
What is a revival? How does a revival rise?
The Body of Christ, the most valuable that exists on the earth,
but the people lack knowledge
8 May 2005 - Sweden
billy kirwan
Just want you to know what a blessing that page was and to tell you that you have blessed me. I was finally able to say goodbye to Mom and Gary, a privilege I did not have since I was unconscious when their funeral was held. thanks and Ahavah (love) in Messiah's name from billy
8 May 2005 - California

Webmaster comments   Hi Billy: I am glad that the page has been a blessing to you.I know how very hard it is not to get to say Goodbye.God Bless You Billy, Carolyn
I always love viewing your 'heart' filled messages, and your recipes. Thank you for being you, and bringing this to so many people. Continue to pray for Alysa (almost 4 now), this month she has her first 6 mo. check up at St. Judes, pray that all will be well with her. She still has the cancer, seems to be doing well. Brookelyn and Alysa welcomed a new baby sister Savanna Grace on April 18, 2005, Daddy got home from Afganistan on the 16th, He was so gracious and made it possible for Daddy to be home in time for the new birth of a precious little girl.
7 May 2005 - Florida

Webmaster comments   Hi Nana: I am finally getting to some thank yous. I am always so happy to see you come and visit me..I also keep Alysa in my thoughts and prayers.She is so cute and sweet.Now they have a new little sister, and I love her name alot.I am so glad their Daddy got to come home.Please give hugs to all of the little ones for me.Prayers will continue for Alysa. Love You, Carolyn

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