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sue lawson
what a wonderful memory
23 May 2005 - usa
Peace be with you
22 May 2005 - California
billy k (Rom828)
I look forward to the day when I have a mansion "over the hilltops" where I can fellowship ever more closely with the Father, and those who have become His children.
22 May 2005 - California
southbreeze |
Dearest Carolyn:
I loved your page on Vestal Goodman. It's so wonderful that we can still hear the music of long ago and read about the great musicians. Thank you for sharing this with me. I love your pages and always feel so blessed when I have visited your site. I'm off to visit some more pages now and I know I will be blessed!
Love you my sweet friend.
22 May 2005 - Georgia, USA
Linda Barge'
Dear Carolyn,
I just wanted to thank you for putting that wonderful poem where we could all read it .You have such a wonderful know you are right Jesus is coming soon and won't it be a beautiful reunion?I love you site.Take care and God Bless you and your family.
The Blackwood Brothers were some great singers, and JD was exceptional.I love them all.Thanks again Carolyn.Till we meet in gloryland.Linda Barge'.
21 May 2005 - Middletown, Ohio
John |
Hi Carolyn, Relaxing a little before dinner with some of your always popular pages. What a wonderful song by James Blackwood you are using on the SiteMap. Why is it coming off first of the week?
Also such a beautiful page you have done for Vestal. Along with the beautiful tiles and the lovely voice of Vestal and The Happy Goodman's, its a page to be praised.
God Bless You Always for all you do.

21 May 2005 - Waynesboro, Virginia
Dee |
Your loving page "In Memory Of Vestal Goodman" truly profound dearest Carolyn...Now that "she has passed through the pearly gates" as so beautifully composed by "Beth Chapman" brought a feeling of hope to a broken heart...for those who grieve...finding a sense of comfort in the loss of a loved one...thank you for this most uplifting inspiration...Dee!
21 May 2005 - Philly
21 May 2005 - ARIZONA
Shy |
Dear Carolyn, I always enjoy your updates, your beautiful websites are so uplifting and wonderful. I really enjoyed the page written for Vestal. Thank you for Sharing.......Love ya, Shy
21 May 2005 - North Carolina

Webmaster comments   Hi Shy,
Thank you so much for your sweet words about my site..I hope to get back in order and doing new pages soon.The page for Vestal was so good from Beth.She has written the wonderful devotional book too.I do love reading mine so much.Thank again Shy, God Bless You, Love You Carolyn
Andrea/Kentucky_Lady4 |
Carolyn, I totally enjoyed hearing Vestal Goodman sing on the page!! And Beth Chapman did a loving tribute to she and Happy, as I feel they are now reunited with old loved ones and singing for the Lord!! A great visit and thanks for sharing with me!! Love!! God bless!!
21 May 2005 - KY, USA
billy kirwan (Rom828)
What a blessing just toview
The pages that are set by you
To know the joy that others share
It is joy beyond comapare

Thank you for reaching out
To others just like me
Who want to share the Love that He
Has giv'n for us to see

His Love is greater than the sea
And all creation out there
So we bow our heads in thanks
For the part fo it that we share

thanks for having such a beautiful site
21 May 2005 - California
Frank Graham
19 May 2005 - Boise

Webmaster comments   Hello Frank,
Thank you for taking the time to sign my book.I hope that you were blessed with some of the pages.God Bless You, Carolyn
Dee |
Dearest enjoyed the beautiful poetry of B. Kirwan "In All God's Glory"..."He will keep us for His business...
and will give to us a throne,
for He loves us and protects us...
We are His and His alone!
Your graphic lake applet design and music was just perfect. Thank you dear one...Dee!
17 May 2005 - PA

Webmaster comments   Hi Dee,
Thank you for your sweet words about In All God's Glory.I know that Billy enjoys reading the comments about it.He says it has helped him so much with the death of his Mother and Brother.If anyone knows it would be you Dee and your Father. God Bless You Dee, Love Carolyn
Charlotte Moore
What A Great Web Site!!!! I have really enjoyed what I've read and trust the Lord will bless you for all your time and work. Some of the poems didn't have the music that it stated at the bottom. God Bless, Charlotte Moore
16 May 2005 - Ball Ground, GA

Webmaster comments   Hello Charlotte,
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me such wonderful comments on my site.I do enjoy reading them and every word means so much to me.I hope you will come back and visit me anytime.I am sorry to be so long in getting back to you, but I have been off alot due to my hand.I hope to get caught up someday.God Bless You, Carolyn
billy kirwan
A Prayer poem

I am sorry you are hurting
and I pray you will be blessed
by our Father in Shamayim
(that is Heaven to the rest)

Dear Father up in Heaven
Please touch Carolyn my friend
Please bless her hand with healing
help her feel better in the end

And for others who are hurting
Ones who need a touch from you
It is my prayer you touch them
And heal them as you do

Dear Father in Shamayim,
Thank you for such friends as these
Please touch their hearts and heal them
from all trauma and disease

And should we meet each other
Before the day you take us home
Let us praise you for your blessing
and for giving us a home

Thank you Father for sweet friendship
such as those who visit here
Thank you for giving us sweet Carolyn
She is such a friend so dear

Please relieve her pain Father in Yeshua's (Jesus') name AMEN

Carolyn, I hope you feel better soon. If you ever have a free moment, visit
15 May 2005 - California -- I know some of you live in TN

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