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Doede |
Hello Dear Carolyn,
What a blessing it was this morning hearing our Vestal Goodman, on your Page! Sure brings back precious memories. I have had opportunities often being present in geeting to hear and see her singing, and Praising our Lord. She is So missed! My daddy, said during moments he was singing with the Stamps Goodnews Quartet, he was blessed abundantly, having opportunity to be in Concert with Vestal and the Goodmans. I can almost imagine the saints gathered around, as Vestal is singing to our Lord and them and the Angels, now.
Thankful you are feeling better Carolyn, and just so thankful for you and the ministry your share with your service of much love for our Lord and each of us,that our Lord is glorified.
I Love you, with the love of our Precious and SO precious Jesus!
I am leaving you one of the songs from the Stamps Goodnews Quartet my daddy sang in. I took his tape which was 49 yr old and had made into a CD.
27 May 2005 - Oklahoma
linda and john myers
this is God's gift to us on the computer. we love it.
25 May 2005
Carolyn Spencer
This was a really good card. I received it from a lady in our couples Stonecroft Bible Study group.
25 May 2005 - Fairfield Glade, TN
Lara Stinecipher
Hello Carolyn,
Just stopped by...your sites are so wonderful to visit. I'm always amazed by what you do here...and at Heather's site. You are sooo good at this. Thank you for such pretty places to visit! Much love, Lara
25 May 2005 - Clovis, CA
Dawna Liese Webster
There is no other love than that given to us by God and from that we learn to love our own children.
25 May 2005 - Clovis, CA, USA
Melva |
Hi Carolyn,
I love your new guestbook! It is beautiful!
You have such a beautiful
home for us to visit!
Your page about Vestal is wonderful...So much love
you have put into it!
She was a beautiful lady and
brought much happiness to people in many ways...
I have always loved to hear her sing...
Bill Gaither's gathering's will never be the same
without her and Happy and the other's that have gone on...
Thank you for a beautiful page...And for all of your
wonderful pages! This page touches many hearts,
as all of your pages do..
God bless you as
you minister to people...Love you dear heart...
24 May 2005 - Ca.
Dear Carolyn, what aa beautiful site, I just love Vestal Goodman page brought back a lot of memories thank you for sharing it with all of us, I do feel blessed when I have visited your site, God bless you for your kindness hope you keep the music on longer, Love, Katherine
24 May 2005
sue lawson
what a wonderful memory
23 May 2005 - usa
Peace be with you
22 May 2005 - California
billy k (Rom828)
I look forward to the day when I have a mansion "over the hilltops" where I can fellowship ever more closely with the Father, and those who have become His children.
22 May 2005 - California
southbreeze |
Dearest Carolyn:
I loved your page on Vestal Goodman. It's so wonderful that we can still hear the music of long ago and read about the great musicians. Thank you for sharing this with me. I love your pages and always feel so blessed when I have visited your site. I'm off to visit some more pages now and I know I will be blessed!
Love you my sweet friend.
22 May 2005 - Georgia, USA
Linda Barge'
Dear Carolyn,
I just wanted to thank you for putting that wonderful poem where we could all read it .You have such a wonderful know you are right Jesus is coming soon and won't it be a beautiful reunion?I love you site.Take care and God Bless you and your family.
The Blackwood Brothers were some great singers, and JD was exceptional.I love them all.Thanks again Carolyn.Till we meet in gloryland.Linda Barge'.
21 May 2005 - Middletown, Ohio
John |
Hi Carolyn, Relaxing a little before dinner with some of your always popular pages. What a wonderful song by James Blackwood you are using on the SiteMap. Why is it coming off first of the week?
Also such a beautiful page you have done for Vestal. Along with the beautiful tiles and the lovely voice of Vestal and The Happy Goodman's, its a page to be praised.
God Bless You Always for all you do.

21 May 2005 - Waynesboro, Virginia
Dee |
Your loving page "In Memory Of Vestal Goodman" truly profound dearest Carolyn...Now that "she has passed through the pearly gates" as so beautifully composed by "Beth Chapman" brought a feeling of hope to a broken heart...for those who grieve...finding a sense of comfort in the loss of a loved one...thank you for this most uplifting inspiration...Dee!
21 May 2005 - Philly
21 May 2005 - ARIZONA

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