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Juanita Pike |
I cannot tell you how much I enjoy the site and music . I am 76 and I found Jesus in 1957 and He has been my life ever since . Southern Gospel music was what I grew up in God with . Will always be blessed by it . We have lost so many of the old time singers but they can still be heard on tape .
12 June 2005 - Texas Near Ft. Hood
Melva |
Hi Carolyn,
I love the poem of Ken's, and the page you
chose was perfect...
The Taco Salad sounds so good...
Carolyn you have a beautiful site and it honors
our Lord in such a sweet way...
May God continue to bless you as you
minister to others...
Love you....
12 June 2005 - Ca.
Shy |
Hello Carolyn,
So sorry it has taken so long to get here, I enjoyed your new pages very much, you have such a beautiful website, I just love the music, and the recipes......ummm,,,make me hungry. I pray that God continues to bless you in your work for Him. Love you, Shy
12 June 2005 - N C
trisha sidden
i had the honor of meeting vestal one time in lexington nc.a few months before she died, she is missed and was a great blessing to me.
11 June 2005 - mooresville nc
Great pages here Carolyn....I love the gospel music..Thnks so much for sharing your recipes too...Graphics and music is beautiful....God Bless...
11 June 2005 - Arkansas
billy kirwan (rom828)
A Friend is one who loves always
From the beginning to the end of days
And while Messiah our friend will be
I've also found a friend in thee

For you have given me a place
where i can hang my hat by grace
to show to others G-d's great love
What He's given me from up above

So this here note will say a thanks
to Carolyn for all her kindness
And it will ask our FAther too
to reach down and you to bless.

your friend billy k (Rom828)
10 June 2005 - California
I really like your site it so peaceful and encouraging.
10 June 2005 - Plant City Fl
Dee |
Dearest Carolyn..."The Heart Of The particular...Taco one that I would love to try...although I don't eat beef...I know hubby would enjoy it...what a great page...So beautifully always...blessings to you and continue to feel better with each passing day...Much Love, Dee
10 June 2005 - Philly
Ken Ellison |
Carolyn, what can I say? Again you have blessed us with beautiful new pages and inspiratioal wealth. May God bless you for blessing us.
10 June 2005 - Oregon USA
Larry D. Flora |
God has blessed me in many, many ways, but even more wondeerful are the ways I have seen others pass along even greater blessings to people for whom I have done just a very little....I will finish this month a book of the many wonderful experiences I have had in my 68 years of life and some of the wonderful things others have done for me and to those fo whom I have done a small service.
8 June 2005 - Pittsburg (The one in California near SF)
Carolyn |
Just passing by and found your wonderful site and have enjoyed it very much.
I just love the music and all the nice things here. I sure hope someday i can have such a pretty site as your's.
I love the look of your guestbook and wonder how I might could get one that looks like my site also.
God bless
6 June 2005 - Tenn

Webmaster comments   Hi Carolyn: Thank You so much for your visit to my site.I am happy to know that you enjoy my kind of music..Also thank you for your encouraging words about my sites. You like my guestbook, well you can make one easy too. If I can do it, so can anyone..God Bless You, Carolyn
Lara Stinecipher
Today is the anniversary of when a VERY special little girl entered heaven. Please know I think about Amber often. She really touched my life and heart and I will NEVER forget her. Much love and prayers for you and your family today and always!!
6 June 2005 - Clovis, CA

Webmaster comments   Hi Lara: Thank you for being with us on Sunday in your heart.It is so hard on Heather right now.She is going through really hard times.Please continue to pray for her.Amber Linn did touch so many hearts in her short life. One day we will see her again.But it still doesn't take away the hurt..I am just so worried for Heather..Breaks my heart to know she is hurting and not able to work..Thanks for taking the time to sign my book too..Thanks again for being with Heather and your friendship.. Love You, Carolyn
Hello my dearest Carolyn...
I so love visiting your lovely Site, so many blessings here! Oh Yes, God Bless our Soldiers wherever they may be~
may the Lord go before them showing them the way, and may the sweet Holy Spirit ride shotgun on each of their shoulders in Jesus' Name, Halllelujah & Amen!!! Your wonderful Pages to our men and women bring the tears...
All Beautiful Pages Carolyn! How are you? I too thank the Lord for His miracle healings that flow in you in every way, day by day, He is so good to us :o) Love, Sondra
5 June 2005 - In

Webmaster comments   Hi Sondra: Oh how sweet you are.You tried to come and sign and it wouldn't let you in.But there is always a way to get back in..You are such a sweet friend, on whom I can depend.Oh I make a two line I know the men and women will love to read what you said and they do come and read this, all the way from Iraq.They are true warriors for us..We all appreciate them so much..Thank You again Sondra, I Love You Carolyn
Carolyn |
Just checking out my guestbook..If you are trying to sign in, and it comes up with an error, please try again.If there are 4 letters to add at the bottom, it is fine to add them.We are trying to get some of the nasty ads from being able to sign in.Thank You and God Bless, Love Carolyn
5 June 2005 - Calif
Doris Fuller |
Howdy From Texas,
I have enjoyed my visit to your site. You have done a great job& may God continue to bless you as you bless those with the work on your site.
5 June 2005 - Fort Worth Texas USA

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