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John |
Wow, what a treasured page you have done for your daddy Carolyn. I hope too that I can meet your daddy some day in Heaven along with my own daddy and mom. I'm sure many a tear went into this beautiful dedication for your Dad.
God Bless, John
18 June 2005 - Waynesboro, Virginia
Dee |
How profound and teary eyed to read about your Daddy dearest Carolyn...especially seeing the photo of him in his retirement home where he lived...Thank you for sharing from the heart...Missing my Dad so much also...Much love, Dee
18 June 2005 - Philly
Thank you for sending me this beautiful message. I know it was Jesus inspired. I needed this truth. Bless you always
16 June 2005 - Portland Oregon
sherry paul
what a wonderful way to describe the master's card and a sensational feeling of love
16 June 2005 - abilene
Caryl Rosten
I feel Blessed tonight as I read some of the other friend's notes. Thanks to wonderful people like these, web sites like yours are kept alive for those who wish to Praise Our Lord. Thanks Brenda, and all before her.
15 June 2005 - Pearland, TX... USA
Brenda Strong |
This states it better than I could. The peace,joy and contentment are all provided by the Master, you just need to let him into your heart!
15 June 2005 - La Porte, Texas
sue manion
I have been in several of your sites tonite Carolyn and really enjoying them
14 June 2005 - /Bend, Ore
Judith J. Howe |
I thank God for Jesus Christ. He is
our savior. He is always close by,and has so much love for
everyone. Thank You so much God for
the Master Card. I will cherish it
forever. My husband and I also want
to thank You for our precious son
14 June 2005 - United States
Brenda W. Scott
This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. I thank GOD for you and your Master Card. May all who view it let it be a blessing to them. I thank GOD for salvation and for the most precious gift of all Jesus Christ. Thanks again. Blessing of the Lord be upon you, I bless you in the name of the Lord.
13 June 2005 - United States of America- Louisiana
Angel Daddys Girl |
I visited you today and had a nice stay. I would like to invite you to join a wonderful group of friends from all over the world who have come together to create a special place called Heavens Angels. This is by invitation only & I feel you would make a wonderful addition to our heavenly family. As a member of our family you will be able to join in all the fun we have to offer. We have monthly contests, monthly & weekly angel winners, awareness programs, outreach programs, psp classes, memory pages for loved ones who gone to their eternal home, birthday & anniversary pages, prayer groups and the list goes on & on. Before you decide “no” please visit our home page by clicking on the invite card and then decide. Hope to see you join Heavens Angels. Have a great day!!

13 June 2005 - ga
billy kirwan, Jr.
If I may be so bold as to ask Juanita Pike for some informaiton about her so I can write apoem for someone who is as seasoned as my Grandparents were when they died. send it if you will to
12 June 2005 - california
billy kirwan, jr
How do i thnk you for all you've done for me
How can I express it ever so simply.
Well, I have discovered that friendship such as yours
Cannot be thanked in words the same as ours.
So I will wait until we get to heaven above
and express it all in the light of Father's love
And then you'll know without a doubt at all
Just where His love has come from and where it may just fall

thanks Carolyn for all you do for me, in letting me have another place to share the Poems our Father gives me.

sincerely billy kirwan, jr (Rom828)
12 June 2005 - California, (I hear there are other places now)
Juanita Pike |
I cannot tell you how much I enjoy the site and music . I am 76 and I found Jesus in 1957 and He has been my life ever since . Southern Gospel music was what I grew up in God with . Will always be blessed by it . We have lost so many of the old time singers but they can still be heard on tape .
12 June 2005 - Texas Near Ft. Hood
Melva |
Hi Carolyn,
I love the poem of Ken's, and the page you
chose was perfect...
The Taco Salad sounds so good...
Carolyn you have a beautiful site and it honors
our Lord in such a sweet way...
May God continue to bless you as you
minister to others...
Love you....
12 June 2005 - Ca.
Shy |
Hello Carolyn,
So sorry it has taken so long to get here, I enjoyed your new pages very much, you have such a beautiful website, I just love the music, and the recipes......ummm,,,make me hungry. I pray that God continues to bless you in your work for Him. Love you, Shy
12 June 2005 - N C

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