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billy k (rom828) |
I came into your site today
Through the back door once again
and here I found a place to rest
and a place to find a friend

I hope you are so well today
And that you are truly blessed
With health and happiness my friend
With food and drink and rest

I'll close this little poem now
For I must take a nap
I've been awake a little while
and just felt something snap (LOL)
25 June 2005 - california (is there anyplace else, LOL)
Lady Rebel |
What a beautiful and touching site you have. I truly enjoyed my visit and have it bookmarked to return. Thank you for sharing. Take care and God bless!
24 June 2005 - Florida
Doede |
Carolyn, you are SO Sweet! How can one not love you. You have written such kind and sweet words at my guest book. Thank you for the little gift you left with your precious heart prints. It is sisters in Christ like you that make our moments on the circuitry of the net rewarding. I appreciate you and all the moments you share in your Godly loving service , your ministry on the net. What a blessing you are in my life!
This month has been one of those trying moments in my husband's life and mine and our kids. Bill being so very sick. He had major surgery then the Dr found a spot in his lung thinking the possibility being cancer. She did CT and a biopsy on him. We waited 5 days for the results. It turned out...PRAISE GOD!!...non-malignant. Due to this I haven't been at home much. Staing with our daughter close to Bill's doctor and the hospital. God is SO Good and SO Precious, isn't He? He is SO Real in us and never leaving us. Peace, Peace that surpasses all our understanding. I leaned on these Words to "trust in the Lord with all our heart , leaning on His understanding and He will direct our paths."
I Love you, Carolyn
Trusting and Loving our Savior,
24 June 2005
Dear Carolyn, just wanted to let you know I saw where others were talking about Father's day card page, some how I never received one , would you be so kind to send me one thank you in advance. I am enjoying the music from the past very much, I have been down for awhile just today I am getting to hear and see, I have been with out a computer for over a month, have a lot to get to look at. hope you are feeling better and getting the use of your arm and hand, Bless you Carolyn for thinking of all of us, and for sharing with us all the greats, Bless you as he continue to be with you Love, Katherine
22 June 2005
21 June 2005 - corbin,ky
Oreo |
What a beautiful website!
21 June 2005 - California
Melva |
We are so blessed to have had the loving Dad's that we had...
There is so many that don't have those sweet and
"precious memories"
that we have...
My heart hurts for those people...
Every child deserves a good and protective Dad.
Thank you for sharing your sweet memories...
God Bless you!
Love you...
20 June 2005 - Ca,
Tom Lee
I sat here watching this page and I have read a couple -Oh but I can't keep the tears out of my eyes -these pages I have read so far are really blessing my soul-I too not far off will be going to heaven-sometimes I fail like everyone does -but I ask Jesus to forgive me -Mam - you have createated a most wonderful site -God bless you -Tom Lee
20 June 2005 - Rockport,Texas-USA

Webmaster comments   Hi Tom,
I am finally getting to do some comments back in my book.I am thankful for your friendship and for coming to visit my pages often.You are a true friend that loves my music.Thanks so much for sharing some songs with me too. God Bless You Tom and tears are good for us.I do shed alot of them as I am working..Carolyn
Tom Lee |
The Page -The Masters Card is about one of the best I have seen - I never heard this song before -But I certainly love it - this is a beautiful site glad to see pages like yours out here -Tom
20 June 2005 - Rockport,Texas-USA

Webmaster comments   Tom,
I am so glad to know that so many are coming and seeing Masters Card. It has been seen more the past two weeks than ever on my site the past three years.From what everyone says it has touched them and it touches me everytime I read it too..God Bless You Tom, Carolyn
Andrea/Kentucky_Lady4 |
Carolyn, I loved your Father's Day page.. Beautiful, as all your lovely work is! I went on to read other pages, and the Master's Card was there so looked through it. So glad you used the card I made and it is getting used on the web!! And God's wonderful numbers of the 7's!! Thanks for a wonderful visit, and I sure enjoyed myself once again at your lovely home here!!! God bless!!

20 June 2005 - KY, USA

Webmaster comments   Hi Andrea,
Thank you so much for taking the time to sign in about my Fathers Day page that I love so much.Sure do miss Daddy and more each day. Thanks for sharing the making of your card with so many on the web.I do not remember who sent the card to me, but sure is good.God Bless Andrea, Hugs Carolyn
carolyn again I set down and spent over an hr on your sits, vestal,dad and mom, farm memories and many more, so good,love sue
18 June 2005 - bend, ore
Shy |
Dear Carolyn, Thank you for sharing your updates with me, I enjoyed the Father's day page, your site is so beautiful with graphics and music, and the spirit of the Lord is evident here. God Bless YOu, love you, Shy
18 June 2005 - USA NC
John |
Wow, what a treasured page you have done for your daddy Carolyn. I hope too that I can meet your daddy some day in Heaven along with my own daddy and mom. I'm sure many a tear went into this beautiful dedication for your Dad.
God Bless, John
18 June 2005 - Waynesboro, Virginia
Dee |
How profound and teary eyed to read about your Daddy dearest Carolyn...especially seeing the photo of him in his retirement home where he lived...Thank you for sharing from the heart...Missing my Dad so much also...Much love, Dee
18 June 2005 - Philly
Thank you for sending me this beautiful message. I know it was Jesus inspired. I needed this truth. Bless you always
16 June 2005 - Portland Oregon

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