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Dee |
Dearest enjoyed Goodbye World Goodbye by Wally Varner...and above all...Congratulations to dear Heather and hubby Daren on the wonderful news...God bless them both and blessings to you Carolyn on this precious event.
30 June 2005 - Philly
Rhonda Keppler
Blessings to all who see this message.
Tell everyone about Jesus. Your impact
will go further than you can imagine.
30 June 2005 - Canada
Elsa and Adrian. |
Hi Carolyn.
Well where to start with a lovely site such as this!
You should be very proud to have made such a wonderful site for yourself and everyone else to see and enjoy.
Your design, text and Graphics are very beautifully coordinated; a real picture.
I love family sites, and your is the best ever.
I found peaceful, easy feelings on your pages.I saw serenity in your work, and my soul was at rest, my Thank you.
You made a most awesome and wonderful website. I really enjoyed myself visiting your delightful pages.
Congratulations you have a very entertaining and beautiful site. Thank you so much for sharing it.

I have a family site. If you find the time to visit my site would you please jot down on our guest book what you think of our pages.
Thank you for the opportunity of visiting your excellent site.
May your gods bless you and all your family. Take Care, Elsa and Adrian :-).

I really like this site I'll be back.

Please come and visit our Israel pages.
We hope you like them.

30 June 2005 - Montreal, Quebec, CANADA.
Melody C. |
29 June 2005 - Long Island, NY USA
29 June 2005 - ORANGE,TX.
Beautiful site!
29 June 2005
Jay Gibson
This is a nice card the music that goes with it make's me think of my great grandmother that passed away two weeks ago and i'm taking it really hard i miss her a lot
28 June 2005 - U.S.A.
Ginnylynn |
I enjoyed my visit!
28 June 2005 - Allen, TX (suburb of Dallas)
Dan Dunkel
I loved the song Living With Grandma
28 June 2005 - Knoxville, TN
Trisha |
Dear Carolyn,

Well let me try to sign this guestbook for the third time as the last couple of times it would not take for some reason !

I really enjoyed re-visiting your Daddy's page even though it did make me cry again doesn't take much these days !

Anyways, I look forward to the new webset that you will be re-doing your Daddy's page with ...I'm sure it will be nice as you always put so much love and thought into your pages.

You could not have picked a better site name for your site than what you did "Precious Memories" are at times all we seem to have left !

Anyways, I hope you got through Father's Day O~kay ...but if it was anything like my Father's Day I'm sure a good part of it was spent in tears !

Thanks for sharing your Daddy's page with us all again and I will look forward to your next mailout Carolyn.

Sincerely, Trisha
26 June 2005 - Staunton, Va.
GA DeDe |
Your site is beautiful and I know I will be back, I would like to cordially invite you to join us at Heavens Angels, it is a great group and I know you would love it there. If you are interested please click on the card below - it will take you there - I hope to see you soon :)

26 June 2005 - NY
Lori Carson
praise the Lord
26 June 2005 - Coushatta, Louisiana
Sharon/AngelHeart |
Sweet Carolyn,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time and the love to go sign my birthday guestbook Dee made for me, Such a wonderful surprise to take with me on my little break to regain my strength, I am so thankful for all my dear friends and you made me smile big signing it..God Bless you dear lady and will be back soon ..May you stay blessed, well and happy, thank you again:)
25 June 2005 - virginia beach virginia
Maggie |
I enjoyed my visit with you so very much, absoutly beautiful God bless You *S*
25 June 2005 - Alberta Canada
billy k (Rom828)
A Poem on Psalm 18

This poem is dedicated to Nettie for her constant faith in our Lord. Bless His name for her desire to serve him.

This is the first in the current series of Scripture poems. Please send me your verses (it can be as much as a chapter) and I will see what the Father does with them.


Psalm 18:16: "He reached down from on high and took hold of me; He drew me out of deep waters."

I love this verse because it reminds me that our Father can reach so much farther down than I can reach up. I'm so thankful that He reached down for me.

Psalm 18:16 - 20 CJB “He sent from on high, He took me and pulled me out of deep water; (17) He rescued me from my powerful enemy, from those who hated me, for they were stronger than I. (18) They came against me on my day of disaster, but ADONAI was my support. (19) He brought me out to an open place; He rescued me, because He took pleasure in me. (20) ADONAI rewarded me for my uprightness, He repaid me because my hands were clean.

When I am in need He will help me
He will reach down from Heaven above
He will take hold and pull me from the Waters
This is the evidence of His great love

I know this because of what He’s done
For me so many times before
I was in need and He reached to help me
When I was falling, before I hit the floor

My enemy was so very strong
And He rescued me from him.
And though they hated my soul
My Lord took me away from them.

It was a day when I was stricken
My disaster seemed so close to me
But the Lord was my support and strength
He rescued me where all could see

In an open place He there rewarded
The uprightness that He saw in me
He rescued me because He took pleasure
And repaid me ‘cause my hands were clean
25 June 2005 - California

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