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Cindy McDermitt
oonce again my cousin has sent me a beautiful poem thanks Chris This one is great with beautiful music, always gets me with tears.
18 July 2005
Tom |
Hello Carolyn,
My compliments for your nice website!
Please come see my website and photos sometime?
Best regards from Tom.

Click here to visit Tom's Website or use;
15 July 2005 - The Netherlands
Cindy McDermitt
The poem of Master Card was beautiful, was sent to me by my cousin she's a blessing in so many ways.
15 July 2005
I love the Mastercard... and I love Jesus...We are nothing without the love of the Lord Jesus...Praise and glory to him,,,Peace to all
13 July 2005 - New York
Angel Wild Little Bird |
Your site is an absolute inspiration! It must have taken shows forth a life of beauty and one of an ANGEL. It is with great pleasure that I invite you to come to my "home" on Internet at: It would be more than an honor to get to know you better. Please tell them the Little Bird sent you. ((((Hugs)))
10 July 2005 - Wherever I may be planted I bloom
Joseph Iskandar |
Dear Carolyn,
You were a great support and help when HELP was needed.
I will never forget that.
10 July 2005 - Northridge, CA
God is so very good to us, He will heal us if we only ask.
8 July 2005
we pray all come backfrom Iraq
6 July 2005 - usa
Gayle Tackett
My God is so great.Thank you for this beautiful site.God bless Gayle
4 July 2005 - Charlotte, Michigan
Betty Burdette |
A Soul Searching Prayer touched me deeply. Your site is so beautiful.
4 July 2005 - USA
Dear Carolyn I hope I have fixed it your name is on the list now, hoply you will be able to get through and I will also get to you, the computer was in the shop so we will see, bless you will talk soon love, katherine
3 July 2005
Moira |
I enjoyed my visit to your pages.You have a great Web site. I will be back .
God bless,
3 July 2005 - Australia
dear Carolyn just a hello today I have not been getting through. bless you katherine
3 July 2005

Webmaster comments   Hi Katherine,
I have been trying to get back to all of your messages and your spam blocker will not let me through.I just tried again and it came back..Check out your spam blockers and make sure I am on your white list or friends list.Keep trying and I will too..Okay?
Love Carolyn
Katie |
As usual sis this is so pretty and it is good to see it again. Glad I got the
invite! Hope you come visit me again 2!
Be blessed and love to you. Katie
1 July 2005 - Born in Ky. live in Iowa, U.S.A.
Doede |
Hi Carolyn,
Just wanted let you, and Heather, and Daren, know I am praying for you, And praying for your darlin and Precious baby, Jesus has snuggled in it's darlin Mommy, Heather's, tummy. I know these are very exciting moments in each of your life's. I just might be right too, in saying the angels in heaven are rejoicing too, as Jesus is smiling down on you-all. And our little Amber, is going to have a darlin brother or
Thank you, Carolyn for keeping us up dated. Love to each of you,
Blessed be the name of our Precious Jesus!!
30 June 2005

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