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billykirwan (Rom828)
You know how seldom I come to visit your site, and I Just thought I would come in and leave a note. You have done a wonderful job of helping people feel the Joy of the Lord. I hope you have mor Joy than you can bear in one day.
25 July 2005 - California (is there anyplace else)
Sylvia Allison |
Beautiful pages, I get a great feeling whenever I visit. Keep up the good work, a friend in Christ.
25 July 2005 - Burlington, NC
25 July 2005 - SANTA FE,TENN.
Clennon and Nellie
Believe in God. Trust in his love and mercy that this world will learn to follow Him and peace will come to us all, and, our service men and women will come home where they belong. God be with them and their families.
24 July 2005 - Martin, Tennessee
Freda |
Let us all keep praying for our troop everywhere. God Bless.
24 July 2005 - GA
june |
i found joy and love with your site
very nice
22 July 2005 - canada
I'm one of the troops fighting for our freedom and I wanted to sign your guestbook.

United States Army
"Operation Iraqi Freedom"
22 July 2005 - Baghdad, Iraq
Precious Site
21 July 2005 - USA Gideon, MO
Melva |
Hi Carolyn!
I wanted to stop by and sign your book...
It has been so long since I have been here...
Your book is really beautiful, and so is your site...
May our Lord continue to bless you,
and your witness for Him!
Love you...
21 July 2005
Shirley Y. (Breen) Sutton
My dad brought me to the "church" when I was very young (I don't remember), but I'll soon be 70. Ottumwa IA was home then but I am in Mobile AL now.
20 July 2005 - Alabama
Cindy McDermitt
oonce again my cousin has sent me a beautiful poem thanks Chris This one is great with beautiful music, always gets me with tears.
18 July 2005
Tom |
Hello Carolyn,
My compliments for your nice website!
Please come see my website and photos sometime?
Best regards from Tom.

Click here to visit Tom's Website or use;
15 July 2005 - The Netherlands
Cindy McDermitt
The poem of Master Card was beautiful, was sent to me by my cousin she's a blessing in so many ways.
15 July 2005
I love the Mastercard... and I love Jesus...We are nothing without the love of the Lord Jesus...Praise and glory to him,,,Peace to all
13 July 2005 - New York
Angel Wild Little Bird |
Your site is an absolute inspiration! It must have taken shows forth a life of beauty and one of an ANGEL. It is with great pleasure that I invite you to come to my "home" on Internet at: It would be more than an honor to get to know you better. Please tell them the Little Bird sent you. ((((Hugs)))
10 July 2005 - Wherever I may be planted I bloom

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