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Jacqueline C. Buck
Thanks for the Music
11 August 2005
Tina Amen
This is a beautiful site. Thank you so much. May God Bless you.
11 August 2005 - El Paso TX
Sylvia Allison |
Beautiful site, loved the poetry and music. Graciously your feelings are described wholeheartedly...God bless you~
10 August 2005 - Burlington, North Carolina
billy kirwan (rom828)
Just wanted to let you know
The Savior's love in you doth show
It is a beautiful sight to see
When ever I would look at thee.

So here is just a little note
to tell you of one who's been blessed
by coming into your sweet sight
and straightedn up though he was a mess
9 August 2005 - CAlifornia (I just found out theres some where else)
Jeanette Brunot
This is a great tool to share with family that has yet to meet our Lord. As well as serve as a reminder to those who do know our Lord.
8 August 2005 - Redmond, Oregon
billy kirwan Jr (Rom828)
Just a note to let you know
how much I appreciate you
Just to tell you that I hope
you are blessed in all you do

It is hoped that you are comforted
and that rest will come your way
That your hands will be completely healed
and I hope that its today

So rest now Mama as you need it
and I pray that you will be
Healed and whole and really Happy
and His Face you will always see
5 August 2005 - Califronia
billy kirwan (Rom828)
it is always a blessing to visit you at home
and know you alwasy want me back from where everI might roam.
So I just want to thank you for being "MOM" to me
and letting me know of your Love
and let you know I see
5 August 2005 - California
Margaret Aguilar |
I have never been to your site, it is awesome. I have been very blessed by it. May God bless you and your loved ones.
5 August 2005 - Kyle, Texass
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie |
It has been a while since I have had the chance to visit yet again, but as always I am truly blessed whenever I visit your home. Your page "Letters From Home" is very heart rendering, and although I know our own numbers of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are small in comparison to yours, I to keep my thoughts and prayers for all those who are striving to bring peace to this troubled Earth. May God guide them all in their works, and let all know that no matter where we come from, we stand behind them. May God be beside them always. I pray that you yourself are better than the last time I heard from you as at that time you were having some difficulties yourself. Will keep you in my prayers and thoughts. If you would like to post me your Banner, I would be honoured to display it on my links page. I think you have my "normal e-mail" address. If not just send a short mail to the one here and I will send you the address to send the Banner to. If it brings one more person to be blessed by a visit here, then that will be worthy. God bless you and yours always. (Eddie - Dark Blue Knight)
5 August 2005 - Brisbane, Australia
Peggy Myers
Thank you,God, for sending your son, Jesus to give his life on the cross to cover our sins that we may have eternal life!
4 August 2005 - Sligo, Pa.
Jan Norton
How precious indeed - Thank you Gerv for sharing.
2 August 2005 - Bakersfield, CA
Jeanette Carper
I thoroughly enjoyed the message sent to me by my sister-in-law.
1 August 2005 - Johnston, IA
Richard & Sue Edwards |
May God Bless and keep you
31 July 2005 - Sanger, Tx
Barry Pierce
This is great.
31 July 2005
marilyn walters |
his music will long be remembered
30 July 2005 - usa

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