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Laverne Stinson
Your site was sent to me by a friend in Arkansas. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your site. Will be sure to visit again. Thanks for all the effort and time you put in to it.
14 August 2005 - Texas
Welcome back Carolyn....And congrat's on your new grandson...
Thank you for your pages, the recipes, and the pic's of your daughter's wedding...It looks like it was a very gala event....My best them on their anniversary....A great job on you did on these pages....God Bless....
14 August 2005 - Arkansas
Andrea/Kentucky_Lady4 |
Your Tator Tot Casserole sounded very good! And loved viewing the wedding pictures! What an awesome couple.. And also glad you got to see Brock and he knew you!! That is great!! Now on with the finishing touches of the move, huh? Have a great weekend!! God bless!!
13 August 2005 - KY, USA
Dee |
I loved the Tater Tots glad you went to Oregon and met your grandson, Brock..He must be an angel. Hope each day finds you closer to finishing up with your move...all the best to you...Stay well, and look forward to new updates...Love, Dee
13 August 2005 - Philly
Patricia Crocker
Loved the photos, they were great, looking forward for many more good things to come.. God bless you
13 August 2005 - South Carolina
John |
Great looking new sitemap Carolyn and so very easy to read. Wonderful song also by the Statesmen. Think they would let me put it on my gospel page?
Keep these wonderful pages coming!
God Bless,
13 August 2005 - Shenandoah Valley, Virginia
I love your Web Sight. It is beautiful.
Lynn from VT
13 August 2005 - Bristol,VT
Sue |
I have enjoyed myself once again I too cook with a pinch of this a pinch of that I never could write a cook book for sure
Hugs Sue
13 August 2005 - Alabama
Ken Ellison |
Hi Carolyn, Thought to come by and sit a spell and enjoy listening and reading. Each time I visit you, I come away "uplifted" and "inspired". Such beautiful pages and music. The writings are wonderful. God bless you.
13 August 2005 - Oregon USA
12 August 2005 - WEST VIRGINIA
My Dearest Carolyn, I am visiting such sweet and precious memories. I pray you are feeling much better than last I heard, my prayers are always with you.
It's awesome to see all the new Pages, beautiful! The music I hear reminds me of my Mother and Grandma, sweetest music to my ears. God bless you, sweet one, love you, Sondra
12 August 2005 - Indiana
This is the most inspiring website I have ever found. Just viewing the pages inspires me to be even closer to my family. God has blessed you. I will visit often. Thank you Naomi for sending it.
12 August 2005
Jacqueline C. Buck
Thanks for the Music
11 August 2005
Tina Amen
This is a beautiful site. Thank you so much. May God Bless you.
11 August 2005 - El Paso TX
Sylvia Allison |
Beautiful site, loved the poetry and music. Graciously your feelings are described wholeheartedly...God bless you~
10 August 2005 - Burlington, North Carolina

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