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Aileen Kamber
beautiful...beautiful...and a big thank you to Tom Lee for sending your site to me....god bless
23 August 2005 - Victoria Australia
Majorie Floyd
Carolyn..As a small child I was put into foster was my little brother. I looked for him and finally found him with the help of the computer...We had 3 yrs. together. Cancer killed him at 58 yrs. old... I thank God for giving me him again..if only for a short time. Bless you.
22 August 2005 - FL.
Tom Lee
Carolyn it is very hard for me to get off your main page as you have Wally Varner playing my I could listen to him play over and over - someday I will see him again in Heaven and I will be setting where I can hear him - as I know he will be close to the one that gave him the talent - this opening page relaxes me makes me feel so very good - all your pages have a special way of touching this old man's heart God Bless you Carolyn -Tom
22 August 2005 - Texas , Rockport
Ginny |
Your page with the poem, "Beyond This Mountain" is beautiful, and the hymn "Farther Along" is the perfect accompniment. The poem all by itself is excellent your your background and choice of music serve to enhance a wonderful writing.
21 August 2005 - CA
Jo |
Hi!Carolyn,I have been visiting your website and love it, I enjoyed the poem and the beautiful old hymn of "Farther Along" I love that old song.
bless you for sharing
21 August 2005 - NC
betty |
How Great Thou Art was one of my dear mother's favorite hymns. Just beautiful. Couldn't get into some of your pages so I'll come back and try again.Image hosted by
21 August 2005 - CANADA/ Born in Scotland
Margaret |

wonderful site ,had a laugh about your daddy and moms fishing stories lol ,the poetry is lovely ,god bless margaret
21 August 2005 - West Australia
Helena |
21 August 2005
Pam |
It was nice to come to your lovely site and visit for a while. Please stop by my site.
19 August 2005 - usa
sue manion
I took some time out before we leave for church and read several of your new sites and looked in on Vestal, and the Happy Goodmans, truly enjoyed them all
17 August 2005 - Bend, Ore
17 August 2005 - TEXAS
Connie Joiner
I was very young when Elvis died. I remember everyone was crying all around me and I really didn't know why.Later as I got older and began listen to his music I then knew what all the fuss was about. My sister was 20 and said she wanted to die.He touched alot of souls and still til this very day is missed more than anyone I know in the music world. God Bless
16 August 2005
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie |

Welcome bck, we have missed you, but do understand that you have had uch to do. I look forward to more of your pages as you build them.
I actually read your recipes first, and have to admit I have trouble boiling an egg. Cooking is not one of my forte's, unless it is "Australian Bush Cooking", that I can do. Then I went to Amber's pages and read the terrible story of abuse and it really touched me very much. I feel that Heather has been through so much in really what are so few years, that it was lovely to return to the wedding page and see the photographs. The slide show is beautiful, and what a wonderful outcome that Heather has a husband that truly cares. The fact that they are now going to be blessed with a child in May makes everything even more special. I will keep everyone in my prayers for the future. My congratulations to Heather and Darren. God bless you all.(Eddie)
16 August 2005 - Brisbane, Australia
ferol ball
I just recieved this site and alreadt I love it and praise it came just in time!!
15 August 2005 - Lake Odessa Mich.48849
Rev. Tom Miller
May God Bless and be with you in all that you do.
14 August 2005 - Ocala, FL

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