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Johnny Lloyd |
I enjoyed your web site.
May God Bless You
28 August 2005 - Jacksonville, Fl
Angelina |
Dearest Caroline,
In one word hilarious your site such a love and inspiration .
the background and music your site is Heavenly
May Love be the angel
who watches over you,
May Joy be your
very best friend,
May Wonder always find
it's place in your mind,
And may Happiness brighten
all your days without end!
Love Angelina
28 August 2005 - Holland
June Keller |
I have just have found your site and it is absolutely awesome. The music is my very favorite. I go to all of the Gaither Homecoming Concerts, so you know your music is my favorite. Thank you for sharing your wonderful love for God. You are surely blessed.
27 August 2005 - Kansas
Brenda |
Hello again my friend. I just wanted to drop by and thank you for the lovely beauty you create and so graciously share with us. I really love the new Psalms flash page you did. Laurie did such a wonderful job for you on that page, fantastic talent she has, as we all know. You even have it where we can download it as a screensaver! The two of you together...awesome! God bless you gentle heart. You are such a wonderful person who is filled with God's love and a truly warm and loving friend. God bless you on all days, in all ways. Stay healthy and happy.
27 August 2005 - Salem, Oregon USA
your site is definately wonderful -
i really like your stuff...

musical greetz from vienna !!
27 August 2005 - austria
Dee |
Thank you for this blessing dear Carolyn.

"Father God bless my friend in whatever it is that you know
he/she may be needing this day!
And may his/her life be full of your peace,
prosperity and power as he/she seeks to have a
closer relationship with You.

Beautiful and Heartfelt! Love, Dee
27 August 2005 - PA
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie |
I have just had the opportunity to view your latest Psalms page. What a beautiful page and so well presented by Designer Lady. The music is just right and the message cannot be more clear. I have actually seen that message before although I cannot recall where, but it is lovely to be reminded once again.......sometimes we forget the obvious. Thank you my dear friend for your always inspirational pages.........May God bless you always. (Eddie)
26 August 2005 - Brisbane, Australia
Tom Lee
You are such a nice looking Lady and so very talented -I read a couple pages one about you and this one about the Farm - and got me a laugh about where you sis had the hot pads at - O how I would have laughed to seen that -Tom
26 August 2005 - Rockport,Texas
Cyndi aka Spiritisup |
This is my first visit to your beautiful site, and I have enjoyed it immensely, esp. the page Psalms2 someone sent me. Would you be interested in link exchange. I'd love to add you to my friends links.
26 August 2005 - Texas
Andrea |
I loved your Psalms page. So inspiring and lovely in words, as well as design and the lovely music.. Thanks sis, for sharing your wonderful talent for the Lord. God bless!!
25 August 2005 - KY, USA
I absolutely love your sight, God is so Honored to have you Praise Him in so many ways with and by so many people. God is so Awesome.
25 August 2005 - Melbourne, Florida
John |
Great page Carolyn. Psalms is a wonderful addition to your site. Never knew a personal site webmistress that could do flash. Another first for you in my book of many. And also the most beautiful song you chose "How Big Is God"
God Bless.
25 August 2005 - Waynesboro, Virginia
Southbreeze |
Dearest Carolyn.. Your Psalms page touched my heart so very much and the music is so beautiful. I have just been sitting here reflecting on the words on the page and listening to How Great Thou Art. Thank you for this most beautiful page and Designer Lady just did such a beautiful job on it. It's friends like you that make the internet worth while, that give hope and inspiration to all that visit your site.
God Bless

25 August 2005 - USA
Carolyn, your web sight is so beautiful. I will be surfing in it often.
God Bless Lynn From VT
25 August 2005 - Bristol,VT
Doede |
Hello our So Precious Carolyn,

I haven't had moments to visit your site, in too long, though I have often had you in my thoughts and your daughter, Heather, and their darlin baby on way in my prayers.Heather's page is so is she! Wonder how you all are doing and how things are going your new home?
We have had lots going on seems most of us have.
But not without our Lord being right beside us His arms around us and in the grip of His grace. There is Hope, peace and joy, even in the midst of our storms in life our Savior our Pilot, guiding us into shore. Amen!
Our daughter has Cervical Spine surgery tomorrow, (neck surgery). My husband recently had surgery and his doctor now watching a nodule in his lung having him on steriod Med. hoping it will go away. It is a nodule that will go into cancer if the medication doesn't cause it to go away. He will have a Cat-Scan in Oct and if still there then will have to have surgery.
Yet through it all, our God has been So good and I lift His name High !!
Carolyn, I just visited your page of Billy Kirwan. He is an awesome man of God! Praising Him even still and glorifing His name! The scripture, living Words of truth he shares are a favorite of mine. Romans 8:28
Thanking our Lord for these moments to share my heart with yours and Praising Him for all that you are in each of our life's. My prayers continue for you and for your precious family.
In His hands, trusting and loving our Precious and blessed Almighty Savior,
I love you, Carolyn!

Psalm 34:8 "taste and see that the Lord is good." Blessed is the man who trusts in Him.God is ,"oh so good!" Our soul waits for Him. He is our help and our Shield. He is our strength. Psalm 31:24
Isaiah 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace...whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusteth in Thee.
25 August 2005 - Oklahoma

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