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Marie |
Hi Carolyn, I've been "going fishing" with your Mom and Dad! Oh what wonderful fish tales! You make me want to pull out my pole and go fishing. I've spent many hours at the pond and the fishing for white perch (oklahoma calls them crappie) Thanks for the memories! P.S. I love the rose quilt on your front porch. How I'd love to borrow it sometime! :-)
14 September 2005 - Oklahoma
Sharon/AngelHeart |
Dearest Carolyn,
I came in this afternoon, having a few while my daughter sleeps, to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your lovely signing in my GB, your thoughts, well wishes and prayers, God was good and all is well!
Thank you my friend, it meant alot to me:)
Have a Blessed week ahead, and, I will be cathing up on your updates very soon!
13 September 2005 - Virginia Beach, Virginia
Shy |
Dear Carolyn,
My, what a beautiful and heartwarming site you have here, I have enjoyed my visit so much. What a blessing to see all your beautiful pages and listen to the wonderful music. Your site really shines for Jesus and I appreciate your Christian witness so much. God bless you always is my prayer. love you, Shy
12 September 2005 - N C
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie |
My apologies for being a little late, but it is so right that we stop and remember that terrible day that is now four years ago. I want you to know that you do not stand alone, many nations stand with you and remember with you. You tribute to Waleed was also touching. Did you know his father Joseph, has used one of my own works (or more correctly - God's works, my pencil) on Waleed's Memorial Site? It is a poem called "An Angel By Your Side". Let us pray that somehow we can soon defeat this evil which surrounds us. I pray in memory of all those lost on Sept 11th 2001, and all terror attacks since, including Bali (2002) Madrid (2004) Jakarta (Twice - 2004)and London (2005). May God give us the strength to fight and defeat, so that we triumph over what is evil. God bless you always.

12 September 2005 - Brisbane, Australia
Earl Prignitz |
Very interesting story Carolyn. Thank you and may God continue to bless you. I used to sing tenor but now since my strokes I can't hardly sing a note.
11 September 2005 - Richmond, IN
Dee |
Thank you for your beautiful remembrance page and graphic gifts from dear friends...How true were your words..."Let's just remember each other and the service men and women that have
to leave their families to go and serve our country." -- yes, so much depends on them...bless them honor to visit the beauty that you lovingly share...Much love, Dee!
10 September 2005 - Philly
Edna Austin
The song Jesus, I heard you got a big house has always been a favorite of mine. My friend Trudy sang this song at her daddy's funeral 28 years ago.
10 September 2005 - Daleville, AL
Allan Svensson |
Glory to God and his dear Son Jesus Christ, the great Revival is coming. Welcome to visit my Site.
What is a revival? How does a revival rise?

The Body of Christ, the most valuable that exists on the earth,
but the people lack knowledge

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge
9 September 2005 - Sweden
Mark Hamburg |
I really enjoyed your website and I'll be back to listen to more of the great music and read the poetry. Thanks for creating it.
8 September 2005 - Oregon
Starling Jones,Jr. |
Great Site. I enjoyed my viewing of it. Thanks for signing my guestbook as well. May God Bless You RICHLY..
7 September 2005 - Georgia
Billie |
Hello! I am a wabmaster too. As your colleague I can tell you that your design is professional.
7 September 2005
Outstanding site! Could you tell me where I can find similar sites? I am very interested in information I found on your site.
6 September 2005
Your site is the best place on the net to have some rest!
5 September 2005
Melva |
Hi Carolyn!
I wanted to say 'Hi' and let you know
I have been here. Somehow I don't get
around much anymore! But oh how I
love what I am doing! I thank God
for sweet examples, such as you...
Your site just grows more beautiful
with each addition, and the flash
page is awesome! Your site
reflects the sweet love you have for
Jesus, and it flows from here...
Thank you for that, among other things!
Love you dear heart...
4 September 2005 - Ca
Heather |
Hi Mom,

Just stopping by to visit. As always you have the most beautiful site Ive ever seen. I just cant believe all the hard work that you have put into it. I cant wait till the baby is born so that you can make another beautiful page. LOL. Ive been reading some of the entries on here, and I am extremely impressed. As I can tell so many others are. I also went to the prayer requests, and it really makes my problems seem so minor. I actually feel selfish. I think that its wonderful that you and so many others pray for these people to be healed and helped in whatever way they may need it. Everyone needs prayer tho, its really what makes the world go round. Well, here I am rambling. LOL. Good job Mom.... I love you!!!!!!!
Love, Heather
3 September 2005 - California

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