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Theodore E. Dietz |
5 October 2005 - Pasadena, Maryland
Barbara C Douglas |
I cried the first time I saw this as I wasn't well or strong emotionally and it touched my heart!! I wish to get a coloered copy of the bed and blankets/or the whole thing,yet I don't have my own computer/it's a public one I use.Keep sending these they are BEAUTIFUL!
4 October 2005 - Winnipeg,MB Canada
paraise God he really is good to us amen our Lord and saviour is so great and i love him so much i just cant explain .i to have been called to do his work doing some street preaching/and helping chruch that are trying to get started our are on hard ship with door knocking in there town street preaching or helping just getting the church back on its feet like we just got bacl last night frome tennesseee our church needed pews so there was a church that closed down there so we went picked them up and got then back about 12:30 last night praise god now cant wait to get to church today and set on them amen he is good what ever i can do to help with Gods work amen..GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR WEB SITE
2 October 2005 - ohio (columbus area)
Doede |
Just wanted drop you a note before Bill and I head out for California to visit his dear family. This is giving me another blessed opportunity to visit your beautiful sight. Another opportunity to pause and pray for you, for your daughter and darlin baby on way, and rest of those you so dearly love. I will be keeping you close in my heart while away and will get back with you when we return home. We don't know what holds tomorrow do we? Yet we do know who always holds our hands. One day...I believe soon, our Jesus will be holding our hands as you and I stroll together in heaven with I hear you sing with Him one of your most favorite gospel songs. Wonder too, will we all be sitting in a circle with our Jesus singing , Somebody Touched Me...for it is because HE touched us with His Blood...we will get to sit in THIS circle with Him.
Thank you, Carolyn for ALL the ways you have shared your Godly love for each of us.
I Love you to the heavens!
1 October 2005 - Oklahoma
Katie |
Still going strong girl! Great look and
love the old timey songs and "I'll Meet
You In The Morning"! WOW! What memories
that brings back! Wonderful page about
June & Johnny too! Hope you visit all my sites again and leave me a note some
time and I sure miss you! Love, Katie
29 September 2005 - Born in Ky. Live in Iowa
Hi Carolyn, just wanted to let you know I have tried to get a note to you several times maybe this will make the trip, have enjoyed all the new pages you have put on your site and oh, the music is wonderful. thank you for thinking of us again, bless you Carolyn for all the information etc. that you have shared with us. remembering you in my prayer, Katherine
28 September 2005 - USA
Hi Carolyn, One nation under God we should stay. Phil 4:13 is my motto. Keep praying!
28 September 2005 - Oblong, Illinois
very good
25 September 2005 - arkansas
Roshn MIranda
Need a support,advice and well wishes.Need a guidance to the word of GOD
18 September 2005 - Maldives
Lavonna Ponder
I am so thankful for people like you...carring on "In God We Trust" Thank You! I love your web page.
17 September 2005 - Visalia, California U.S.A.
Joanne Lowe |
May you always feel the Peace, Joy, and Love that only Jesus can give! Always remember, Carolyn, Jesus Loves you very much and appreciates your service to Him.
16 September 2005 - Pensacola, FL United States
Gayle |
Hello girlfriend, enjoyed the pages today. All are good. Ken is an exceptional writer and I did enjoy his "Life's Railways". One day I will be on the train when it pulls into the great station in the skies. What a glorious day that will be. You have a great site and I do love to visit. You do such a wonderful job always.
16 September 2005 - USA
Ken Ellison |
Mere words come to mind
Of a heart so kind,
Words, only simple words
Oft spoken and heard,
There are no words new
I can pen for you,
You are awash in Godís light
And I have no words to write.
16 September 2005 - Oregon USA
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie |
Hello Carolyn,
I enjoyed Ken's poem very much, I have read his work before and he is very talented. Your recipes, well if I was to send you one of mine, no one would eat it, because all I know is how to cook in the bush and away from civilization (I spent many years in remote areas). Your page about the Pledge Of Allegiance is the second I have seen today on the same issue. It seems that once again, a vocal minority is trying to impose their will on the majority. It is not for the Legislators or Judiciary to choose or change what they want "because it might offend someone". I respect the right of all to choose what the wish to believe, but I do not feel they have the right to impose that belief (or disbelief) on others. The USA is not only "One Nation Under God", but on your currency you have "In God We Trust". Is that next? Are they going to withdraw all current money and replace it, because someone chooses not to believe. We have similar issues here, so you are not fighting this battle alone. Let all of us who believe unite in prayer that God will show us a way to prevent this happening and the total ignorance of His existence by some. That is a choice they have made. God gives us the freedom to choose, but He doesn't tell us to impose our own will on others. I will pray that your Pledge Of Allegiance remains as it should be. The minority had a small success in removing God and prayer from schools, let that be their only victory. God bless you always. (Eddie)

16 September 2005 - Brisbane, Australia
Tina |
Hi Carolyn. :)
Thank you for sending out these pages. They were a blessing to me! I enjoyed Ken's poem. You are a blessing to!
God bless you!
16 September 2005 - TX

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