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ellie |
The poetry is truly beautiful.
4 November 2005 - sarasota fl USA
sher |
After visiting your beautiful web home,
I would like to extend an invitation to join our group,
I think you would make a wonderful addition.
Please stop by anytime to take a look
4 November 2005 - usa, mn
Dearest Carolyn.. your poem about your Mama touched my heart so deeply. I think the loss of one's mother is one of the most profound things that can happen to women. I know you miss your Mom as I see it in your words. I miss mine too and she was 92, like your Mom.
Thank you for sharing this sweet poem that I know will touch many hearts.
3 November 2005
Ken Ellison |
Carolyn, I just had to come by for another visit. I've been away too long. How beautiful your site is, you have been a busy girl. I had a terrific visit as always. It is a total pleasure to spend quality time here. A truly enjoyable experience. God's blessings. be upon you.
3 November 2005 - Oregon USA
Tom Lee
1 November 2005 - Texas , Rockport
31 October 2005 - SOUTH PITTSBURG TN.
George Bonin |
You have a beautiful site, enjoyed my visit and will return, God Bless.
Geo B
31 October 2005 - Lincoln, RI
it is no secret that God has led me to the sites I have found since I got on the net almost 3 years ago being disabled he has shown me the sites I need for his Spirit to fill me each day also as I know he is my brother my father sister and brother God bless you and this site
27 October 2005 - Salisbury N.C. USA
Melva |
Hi Carolyn,
I loved your sweet page for your sister...I know you miss her, and you will not will live long enough to stop missing her...It is so sad when our loved ones leave us...But life is so short till we won't be apart from them for long...But it hurts very much to lose our family...
I haven't been here in awhile and your sitemap is very beautiful, as is all of your site...You have done a lot of work and it is a beautiful site...Best of all it is a sweet witness for our Lord!
May He guide every step you take, and bless you abundantly...
Love you,
27 October 2005 - Ca.
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie |
Hello Carolyn,
I apologise it took me a few days to catch up as I have had much to do, but I have finally come to view your latest pages. The page to your sister was very touching. That meal sounds like even I would eat it (and I am rather choosy smile)....also called into Amber Lin site again to read some further words. Beautiful words for a beautiful person. Thank you for sharing with us all. God bless you always.

18 October 2005 - Brisbane, Australia
Donna Mae |
What a beautiful site & I also have a Bible study called OUR DAILY WALK that I send to people all over the world by email.
16 October 2005 - Springfield, Oregon
Mayor of the Municipality of Brezovica |
Short information about Community Brezovica from State Slovenija:

Dear friend:
First, please receive best regards from Brezovica.
Your work is very interesting and encouraging. I am inviting you to join me in creating a world-friendly net.
We all are one big family, regardless of our national origin, social status, and creed. I am sure that we have much more in common that seems on the first glance.
I wish you and your family a very prosperous future.
In ordet to better communicate, I am enclosing the following sites: ,

Wellcome to Brezovica/ Brezovica home page:

Community hymn and flag:

My minutes, Eighth congress on European towns and communities:
Youth organisation:
Guest book, municipality of Brezovica:

World friends net, Slovenia:

Ich wurche Ihnen alles Gute! Burgermeister der Gemeinde Brezovica.
Vi auguro tutto il bene! Il sindaco del Comune di Brezovica.
With all good wishes! Mayor of the Municipality of Brezovica.
Zelim Vama sve najbolje! Gradonacelnik Zajednice Brezovica.

Zelim Vam vse dobro! Zupan Obcine Brezovica.

Drago Stanovnik, Slovenija

16 October 2005 - SLOVENIA
Andrea/Kentucky_Lady4 |
I loved Marie's poem, Sister.. and it was placed so beautifully in memory of your dear sister. A beautiful page.. Have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow.
15 October 2005 - KY, USA
Dee |
Tearfully reading the beautiful poem by Marie dedication to your precious sister Dorothy. How beautiful...She looks just like Patsy Cline dearest Carolyn. Thank you dearly for sharing this heartfelt page, and anewed awareness of Breast Cancer Month. Much Love, Dee
15 October 2005 - Philly
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
12 October 2005 - Richton Park, Illinois

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