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WWWA - Master |
Hey there,
Just dropped in to let you know, that there is a new web award on the net,
We have started a new World Wide Web Award, for all the great and serious sites on
The internet, we are a group off people, and we decided that all you great webmasters needs a REAL Web Award.

You can see more at

Thank you so much for your time, and good luck in the future to you, your family, and your website.

WWWA Master
15 November 2005
This is a truly beautiful site and message.
13 November 2005 - Illinois
Carol Gordon
God bless all of our young men and women in our armed forces. May God look over them and keep them safe
13 November 2005 - USA and all over the world
George |
Hi, What a beautiful and wonderful web site you have. I enjoyed my stay and will come back. Visit my humble site and visit with my MEMORIAL ANGELS.. God Bless.. George
12 November 2005 - Penna, USA
Emalie |
You have a very beautiful site here! I love the music and the design. May God Bless You!
12 November 2005 - Louisiana
trixie mullins
i love to ELVIS AND JD. they so good together. wish they was more like ELVIS. thanks so much for this wed page. GOD BLESS YOU ALL
11 November 2005 - ELKVIEW W.VA.
i love this song im doing it in my chorus concert with 1st(advanced) period chior and 2nd period choir it sounds awson some people started crying and others were in aw it was sooo cool! You raise me up is an awsome song yay~*~*~miah~*~*~ go central bobcats!!!!
11 November 2005 - usa
Mikki!! |
Hi Carolyn!
I sure have enjoyed my visit to your very pretty site!! Everything is just great!!
10 November 2005 - Baltimore, Ohio
Mary Dixon
God has given you a wonderful talent to reach others. This is one of the first sites I open when I get up in the morning. It continues to remind me of what Jesus has sacrificed for me.

May He continue to bless you!
10 November 2005
I love the school picture of 1949, I know I look back on mine and oh my goodness, but a great childhood
8 November 2005 - Bend, Oregon
Sister Sue
I am having fun reading and just thinking back on all the memories we all had, what a blessing we had
8 November 2005 - Bend, Oregon
The page walk with me I cant say enough about it...So pretty takes me back every time I read it and look at the beautiful picture with the snowing blowing so pretty...Thanks Carolyn this one was very pretty...
8 November 2005 - Indiana
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie |
Hello Carolyn,
A beautiful page by a great writer. Have always loved Francine's work and this is no different. You have presented her beautiful words so wonderfully. Thank you for sharing it with me. May God bless you and yours...(Eddie - DBK)

8 November 2005 - Brisbane, Australia
June |
Thank you Carolyn, for sending your web site to me. It is a beautiful Christian site. Thanks for sharing. GOD Bless You.
7 November 2005 - NC, by way of Louisvile, KY. (my home)
Hi Mom..... Just wanted to stop by and say hey to ya. I love your new page. Its amazing at how much that pic looks like the Big Tree up at Grant Grove.Oh Gee, it is Grant Grove.I guess it shocked me to see it on the backgound.Even Grandpa and Grandma told their grandkids about taking all of their kids camping every year... Glad that you are doing so well on your site. Keep up the good work. Love ya. Heather
7 November 2005 - Ca

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