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Andrea (Kentucky_Lady4) |
I have had a great time visiting your new pages. All were beautiful, and loved the verse as well as back up music.. Lovely pages, and glad to be here again visiting.. God bless ya, sis!
25 January 2006 - KY, USA
billy kirwan (Rom828
Just wanted to let you know I visited again and love your site. I sent you an e-mail too
25 January 2006 - California (Is there any place else)
helen m coles
great receipt, would love to see more.Made the soup the same day Great!!!
25 January 2006
Shirley F. Grindstaff |
My first visit, but not my last. Love the pages. Very uplifting.
25 January 2006 - Live in Arizona
25 January 2006 - TEXAS
Dee |
"Carry me gently out of the night,
Oh heavenly angels take flight,
Bear me up on snow-white wings,
To The Holy Father my soul bring."

Such a beautiful verse by K. Ellison...and so beautifully designed by you dearest Carolyn...loved the magical voice of wonderful to visit...and know I had you in my thoughts. Thank you for sharing...Love, Dee!
25 January 2006 - Philly
John |
Beautiful new pages Carolyn, along with wonderful songs and the poetry by Ken. You have made such a fantastic site for all to come and sit a spell and relax in beautiful stories and songs.
God Bless, John
25 January 2006 - Waynesboro, Virginia
Tina |
Hi Carolyn! Your new pages were a real treat! Such a blessing! I enjoyed them all. Your recipe sounds good to! You must be a good cook. I can cook, but don't like to. lol I do like you and make enough for two meals. My family and I take turns cooking to. Anyway, thanks for sharing these pages! :)
25 January 2006 - TX
Donna Lovelace |
What beautiful tears fall to this beautiful music "How Great Thou Art". How Great HE is. Thank you for the pages....pages that have taken me back in time. May God Bless YOU.
Donna Lovelace
25 January 2006 - Forest City, North Carolina
Thanks much Carolyn, for these wonderful pages sent ...*Crippled Boy's Prayer* was a sad one, but Im sure will have a happy ending....
*When I Hear My Child Pray* is up-lifting to any small child in his guidance to God....
*If We Never Meet Again* is a beautiful old hymn thats a favorite of mine....
*Somebody Bigger Than You & I* is a lovely poem by Ken..A great poet....
And of course I thoroughly enjoy the *cookbook*, ..I love to bake, and I've found some recipes that I save for later use....Thanks so much....God Bless... ~Nann~
25 January 2006 - Arkansas
25 January 2006 - VA
donna Farris
I grew up listening to and going to concerts featuring the Happy Goodmans.I loved it when Vestal and Johnny Cook would do the Battle of Songs to see who could sing the highest. Usually Vestal would wave her lace hankie in surrender! Enjoyed this tribute to Vestal.
25 January 2006 - Springdale Arkansas
Ted Cherry
You really have a wonderful website, the songs are comforting, the art work is inspiriting. Thanks
25 January 2006 - Texas
Ruth Horstmeyer
This is beautiful. This is my first time here. I hope there will be more. Thank you.
25 January 2006 - Kinderhook, Il.
Angel Andrianna |
Hi,I was out surfing and came across your beautiful site,I think you would make a wonderful addition to our group,wont you please visit us and consider joining? Hugs Angel Andrianna
24 January 2006 - Ky

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