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Juliana Lyakurwa |
Dear Carolyn, thank you for sharing your website with us. It is beautiful and inspiring. May the Lord bless you and guide you as you continue to pass his messages to us.
2 February 2006 - Tanzania, East Africa
Juliana Lyakurwa |
Hi Carolyn, thank you for this beautiful and insipiring website which I will always visit. The poems have made a difference in my heart. Belated Happy New Year and wishing you prosperous year too. May God bless you
2 February 2006 - Tanzania, East Africa
billy kirwan (Rom828) |
Loved the message in "The Visitor" and I have read most of these either here or somewhere else, but I love the stories of How His Spirit (Ruach in Hebrew) works. Thanks and the music is great too.
29 January 2006 - CA
billy kirwan (Rom828) |
Thanks for having the "Crippled Boy's Prayer" on your site. it has allowed some of my feeligns to come out -- even after 35 years.
29 January 2006 - California
Lara S.
Thank you so much...for everything yesterday. I had so much fun!!!! Heather and Colin (& Daren too) are so blessed to have so many people love them. I know you're excited and nervous for them...Colin wants to be with us VERY SOON!!! Maybe we should watch Heather's eyes to see if they dilate. LOL! Much Love to YOU!!! And again, Thank you. I had a great time. :)
29 January 2006 - Clovis, CA
Mildred Sims |
Tonight I was surfing the net and stumbled onto your Website...and I must tell you it is a very Beautiful
site...I love listening to the good old Gospel Songs...keep up the good work...and may God Bless you and your Family...
29 January 2006 - Mountainburg, Arkansas
Doede |
Sending GoodMorning hugs to you, Carolyn,
Carolyn, I can understand your excitement,of your darlin LiL Precious Colin's arrival. And yes there is some anziety with this. I have you all in my prayers, especially Mommy+baby Colin,+daddy. Looking forward hearing from you when our Precious baby arrives. Sending hugs too, to Mommy+Daddy.
Carolyn, I SO enjoyed listening to Jake Hess singing Prayer is the Key to Heaven, and the poem too, by Marilyn Ferguson, being beautiful, the graphics with it. Also your page, If We Never Meet Again sung so beautiful by Elvis, the beautiful poem by Kenneth J. Ellison.
I can remember so well, as a child, listening to my daddy with his Quartet singing the song Prayer is the Key to Heaven.They sang it too, so beautiful.
I love you Carolyn, and so thankful for our friendship. Hoping one day, mine and Bill's trip to Northern Calif, we can pause, and have coffee somewhere together...who knows, maybe I will get to "rock-ee-bye" and hug our darlin Colin...Smile
Your forever sister in Christ,
28 January 2006 - Okla
Kay Marrs
28 January 2006 - Houston Texas
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie |
Thank you for your last updates letter. Ken is a very talented writer and it is a blessing read his words. You have presented them in such a beautiful way also and the Graphics and Music just uplift the whole page. Really enjoyed calling in again. I hope you are feeling better than the last time I heard. Hope everything goes well with your Grandchild and I know you will tell us all. God bless you and yours always. (Eddie - DBK)

27 January 2006 - Brisbane, Australia
John Delome
Thank you for the wonderful messages that you offer.
27 January 2006
27 January 2006 - PORTSMOUTH,OHIO
Brenda |
Hello there my dear friend. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for the latest updates, they were all wonderful. Ken is so very talented, it shows in every poem he writes. "If We Never Meet Again" was just beautiful. Awesome graphics and music put together by you again, gentle heart. God bless you on all days, in all ways.
26 January 2006 - Salem, Oregon U.S.A.
Brenda Cox
I enjoyed this so much God Blessed you with a great talent Thank You For Shareing it. Brenda
26 January 2006 - Jacksonville, Florida
I LOVE IT !!!!!
26 January 2006 - Florida
My dear friend what beautiful new pages and some heart tuggers too. It is too hard to pick a favorite with all you put on but must say the two boy ones did get to me this time. No there are no crippled boys in heaven for God makes us whole again. No sickness or pain just everlasting life with or Lord. What a day that will be when we all meet up yonder huh Sis. Then will come the real hugs and such love flowing freely forever. God bless and take care. Love and "hugs" Judy
26 January 2006 - NY

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