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Dee |
"True Love"

One of my favorite pages of all times dearest Carolyn.

"Without real, true love, it will fall apart,
And will surely end with a broken heart.
Before you wed, you should make it clear,
That your marriage will not disappear."

Am slowing digging out of this snow storm here in Philly!!

Happy Valentine's Day.

Love, Dee!!
14 February 2006 - PA
Andrea (Kentucky_Lady4) |
Always a blessing to visit the page for your Mom and Dad, and the real meaning of 'True Love'. So many today don't understand the meaning of 'forever together' - the idea of sharing not only good times with great health, but bad times with problems as they may come. There are a select group that last, till death do they part, such as your sweet Mom and Dad. And also mine. (63 yr. till Dad's death) I absolutely loved the page.. Thanks again! God bless you, sis!!
14 February 2006 - KY, USA
I read your news letter and then went to
Mom and Dad's anniversary page, so great
13 February 2006 - Bend, Ore
John |
Always a pleasure Carolyn to view your Mom and Dad's page as all your precious memories of your times and family. I know how you miss them and my thoughts will be with you tomorrow on their wedding day.
God Bless,
13 February 2006 - Waynesboro, Virginia
Judy |
Beautiful everytime I go to the page you made for your Mom and Dad. Such a wonderful job you did and with so much love my dear friend. And hey I can see you standing in the middle back of one of the pictures huh, lol. Have a blessed Valentine's Day Carolyn and still waiting for news on that baby and know you all can't wait to hold him. And I wanted to thank you so much for sponsoring my site again this week. That means so much to me and hope you know. God bless always! Love Judy
13 February 2006 - Freezing NY
Southbreeze |
Dearest Carolyn.. What a sweet and loving poem and page for a tribute to your Mom and Dad at Valentine Day. I loved seeing their pictures and I know their lives truly reflected what true love is. You were so blessed to have them for parents but more especially, they were blessed to have you for a daughter.
Thank you for sharing this sweet part of your life with others such as me.
13 February 2006 - Georgia, USA
Bless you for such a very uplifting & encouraging website as this proves itself over & over to be! Is there anyway to find out the name & where to get the music that 1st plays when clicking onto this website? It appears to be "Jesus Will Outshine Them All"? Is this featured among your own songs listed herein? Please keep up this fantastic work, glorifying our Lord & Savior! Bless you, Carolyn!
13 February 2006 - Why, TX of course!

Webmaster comments   Hello,
Thank You so much for the nice words about the songs and site.
On my Index page, it is Wally Varner playing like no one could, ~Goodbye World Goodbye~... My SiteMap song right now is The Florida Boys singing ~Jesus Will Outshine Them All~..I do change the song on my SiteMap often, but the one by Wally on my index is part of my site and will remain there. I made that promise to his family after his funeral.
You just never know what song will be on my SiteMap. Make sure you click on the link on the SiteMap to visit John Crenshaw, he does awesome work on his History of the old timers, like my family.. God Bless You, Love Carolyn
Marie |
Your pages are beautiful, so well done I enjoyed every page I have viewed, and also cried..May God bless you and your family
13 February 2006 - Australia
billy kirwan (Rom828)
Another poem that the Father gave me...

No Temptation has seized you First Corinthians 10:13

1cor1013 poem.cjb.wps
First Corinthians 10:13 (CJB) No temptation has seized you beyond what people normally experience, and G-d can be trusted not to allow you to be tempted beyond what you can bear. On the contrary, along with the temptation He will also provide the way out, so that you will be able to endure it.

If youíve never wandered off the path
Then you wonít know what I mean
If youíve never had the tempter come
And try to make you lean

On his arm instead of our dear Lordís
Then you cannot understand
But if youíve had temptation friend
You know and hold my hand

For all of us are tempted
On one day or another
To walk away from G-dís dear love
And leave our sisters and brothers

But also in this verse weíre told
That He will give us strength
To overcome it all
and be His in our full length

So trust Him and He will not let
Your life fall to temptation
He will lift you up some how
Without your perspiration.
12 February 2006 - California, is there any place else, LOL
Tonya Beach
Very Beautiful Web Pages
12 February 2006 - Granite City, Illinois
Vanessa |
I love the graphics on this site. You enter and immediately feel at peace. Thank you for creating such a wonderful place on the web.
I would like to invite you to join a warm and wonderful Christian woman's group Sisters With Heart
10 February 2006 - UK
Linda Shepherd |
I LOVE your site. It is joyful, refreshing, sad, uplifting all in one. Please keep up the good work. I would like to link to you and put a banner on your banner exchange site. Good you help me with that?
9 February 2006 - nothern CA
Dee |
Take heart and know I am here,
Life is filled with doubts and fear,
When problems around you harden
Come to me child, rest in my garden.
"I Come To The Garden Alone"

Such profound verse by Mr. Ellison.

"Life is filled with doubts and fear,
When problems around you harden
Come to me child, rest in my garden."

Glorious graphic design dearest Carolyn...sending love to you and your dear family...and awaiting all happy news.

Love, Dee!
8 February 2006 - PA
Carolyn, May god keep you in good health so that you keep on writing such wonderful words. Am always praying for your health. The songs/poems really keeps me near God
8 February 2006 - Tanzania
Darlene Dominguez
Please e-mail me your recipes each week. I love them. Thanks, and God Bless
8 February 2006 - Whittier, California

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