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billy k (Rom828)
I hope you are blessed today and every day, little sister heather
21 February 2006 - California (is there any place else?)
Just wanted to wish Heather a wonderful day, I am praying for you, as a good brother should. Let me know what is going on, if you can
20 February 2006 - CA

Webmaster comments   Hi Billy,
Thanks so much for being here for Heather and for me too.
She will be fine as soon as today is over and Colin arrives.
I will be sure to send out a note to everyone when the big boy gets here.
God Bless You Billy,
Mama Carolyn
Lara S.
Tomorrow is a VERY special little girl's BIRTHDAY! Amber is always in my thoughts and forever in my heart. I just wanted to let you know...I'm thinking about YOU and the WHOLE FAMILY tomorrow. 12 YEARS OLD!!! WOW!!!
20 February 2006 - Clovis, CA

Webmaster comments   Thank You Lara for being such a good daughter.
Well you know what I was going to say and didn't. But I love you just the same..Thanks for being here for Heather..
Love You, Carolyn
Beverly Hutto
Your site was such a welcome sight. It just felt like getting a hug from a fellow Christian when I needed one. Thank you!! God bless....
18 February 2006 - Clyman WI
Teresa Wardwell
Ive enjoyed this web page so much I love the music I especially loved the vestal goodman page as I have a brother that had a talent only god could have given anyone he could make a piano talk and I believe he finially got his wish to play for vestal and howard as they sing.not to mention all my other loved ones already up there my son , and granddaughter which I never got to hold but I know she is sheltered safe in the arms of god. and I DO HAVE MORE TO GO TO HEAVEN FOR THEN I HAD YESTERDAY.
17 February 2006 - Clinton Oklahoma
Miss Joyce |
Abdolutely awesome!! I will return for more. I love the inspirational site. Thanks for sharing.
17 February 2006 - West Virginia/USA
Melva |
Hi Carolyn,
Thank you for sharing the wonderful page about your Dad and Mom...It touches my heart each time I read it...They had a very long marriage, sixty seven years is a lifetime..Carolyn we just won't live long enough to stop missing our parents...What a blessing loving and kind parents are! Thank you for sharing your precious heart...And this beautiful site which honors our Lord so sweetly...
Love you dear heart,
16 February 2006
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie |
Hello Carolyn,

Thank you for your updates and news, well some news anyway. I guess the good news about a new grandchild will be anytime if not already, so I hope and pray that all goes well. I love being a Grandfather (9 times and another due July), so I know how you must feel. Thanks for the poems you have sent, and I always enjoy reading Ken's writings. He is very talented and a blessing to spend time reading. Your special page to your Parents for Valentine's Day is beautiful. What a lovely day to get married. Isn't it wonderful to see that they spent almost 67 years together. They surely had a special love for each other, and it has gone onto shine through you also. Sadly, so many today can't seem to spend one year together, it is simply too easy to just leave without trying. I didn't know about Genelle having health issues, so I thamnk you for letting me know. Until next time my friend. God bless you and yours always. (Eddie - DBK)

15 February 2006 - Brisbane, Australia
This is a beautiful tribute to your Mother and Dad on this special day....Thank You Carolyn, for sharing your thoughts and love about your parents with us....May God Bless them...

14 February 2006 - Arkansas
Dee |
"True Love"

One of my favorite pages of all times dearest Carolyn.

"Without real, true love, it will fall apart,
And will surely end with a broken heart.
Before you wed, you should make it clear,
That your marriage will not disappear."

Am slowing digging out of this snow storm here in Philly!!

Happy Valentine's Day.

Love, Dee!!
14 February 2006 - PA
Andrea (Kentucky_Lady4) |
Always a blessing to visit the page for your Mom and Dad, and the real meaning of 'True Love'. So many today don't understand the meaning of 'forever together' - the idea of sharing not only good times with great health, but bad times with problems as they may come. There are a select group that last, till death do they part, such as your sweet Mom and Dad. And also mine. (63 yr. till Dad's death) I absolutely loved the page.. Thanks again! God bless you, sis!!
14 February 2006 - KY, USA
I read your news letter and then went to
Mom and Dad's anniversary page, so great
13 February 2006 - Bend, Ore
John |
Always a pleasure Carolyn to view your Mom and Dad's page as all your precious memories of your times and family. I know how you miss them and my thoughts will be with you tomorrow on their wedding day.
God Bless,
13 February 2006 - Waynesboro, Virginia
Judy |
Beautiful everytime I go to the page you made for your Mom and Dad. Such a wonderful job you did and with so much love my dear friend. And hey I can see you standing in the middle back of one of the pictures huh, lol. Have a blessed Valentine's Day Carolyn and still waiting for news on that baby and know you all can't wait to hold him. And I wanted to thank you so much for sponsoring my site again this week. That means so much to me and hope you know. God bless always! Love Judy
13 February 2006 - Freezing NY
Southbreeze |
Dearest Carolyn.. What a sweet and loving poem and page for a tribute to your Mom and Dad at Valentine Day. I loved seeing their pictures and I know their lives truly reflected what true love is. You were so blessed to have them for parents but more especially, they were blessed to have you for a daughter.
Thank you for sharing this sweet part of your life with others such as me.
13 February 2006 - Georgia, USA

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