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John |
OK, I ready for some of that One Pan Chicken Meal lol, sounds great Carolyn.
And congradulations on your being a new Grandmaw again with the birth of Colin.
God Bless,
5 March 2006 - Waynesboro, Virginia
billy kirwan
I love the song, "He's all I need." It was a blessing to listen to it.

I am glad Colin was born. Do you know when they will be home from hospital? Hope they are doing well
5 March 2006 - California
Trudy Martinez
I have just opened this email.. and I feel it is going to be so worth revisiting many times over...
3 March 2006 - Carlisle Iowa
Doede |
Hi Carolyn,
Your Intoduction page with the piano music, When We All Get To Heaven by ouAnthony Burger is just BEAUTIFUL!!
What a Precious and Glorious day this is going to be!!
Waiting to receive those words from you our darlin LiL Colin has arrived and his Mommy and him doing good, and also daddy, granma and granpa. Thinking today Heather was to go in the hospital for her C-section.
Praying for you~ALL.
I Love you !!!
2 March 2006
Lara S.
OH MY GOODNESS!!! He is so beautiful!!! Looks like Daddy, I'd say! Here's to spoiling the cutie!!
2 March 2006 - Clovis CA
kathy Kennedy
gods love see's us through
27 February 2006 - pa.
Carolyn -
I am a radio personality in the D/FW area and I am so glad that you have put OUR music and words on the web. So many people need to hear the word of GOD thru this media. Southern Gospel has been my life and more especially those like Kenny Hinson / Ronnie Hinson and of course Rusty Goodman who did such a wonderful job on The Lighthouse and with their colaberation they have moved many, many people to seek JESUS CHRIST as their LIGHTHOUSE
27 February 2006 - Fort Worth, Texas
Carol Redding
Very impressive work and well done, will visit often
27 February 2006
Trisha |
Dear Carolyn,

Thinking of you and Heather today ...can't wait to hear something good ! You and Heather and baby and all are in my prayers... now and always !

a little something for you that I found
...hope you like it and hope it works !

Click here for Luv's Creations!
Click here for The Snowglobe of the Month!

Love to all...
26 February 2006 - ~ * ~ Bristol TN. ~ * ~
Ida Shannon
Lovely, I'll send it to all my seven children whose realtionship with the Father is not as it should be.
25 February 2006 - Burnsville, Minnesota
Darlene |
Thanks so much for this lovely site. I've only listened to two songs so far, and I think this place is great. Thanks again for providing this.
25 February 2006 - IL in the US
Fantastic website you have here!
24 February 2006 - Boston
Dee |
Thank you Dear enjoying my visit to your loving and beautiful home...but so sad to hear of the passing of Anthony Burger...May he rest in Eternal Peace...Amen!
23 February 2006 - PA
Bill and Doede |
Dearest Carolyn,
Mine and Bill's prayers and our hearts joins yours, and the Gaithers, most of all the Precious family of Anthony Burger, these moments,of grief, knowing he is going to be so missed. God could not have given him a more beautiful song to play as He reached for him, in His hand and His arms, carring him, that He Shall Behold His Precious Lamb, Anthony, face to face, those moments and eternally.
I know too, wherever the Gaither Cruise now, are, though they are grieving, knowing they are going to miss their dear brother, they too are rejoicing in the hope we have that glorious day, our Lord shall behold them, face to face. Anthony may even now be playing the piano for your darlin Amber, and the Angels as they sing.
I Love you, Carolyn, and my Prayers continue for Heather and our darlin baby Colin, and daddy,Daren, you and rest of family,
23 February 2006
Just wanted to say thank you about letting us know about the great piana player A.Burger he will be missed but he will be playing his music in Heaven God bless him and God bless you for this site
23 February 2006 - Salisbury N.C.28144 USA

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