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Ralph Judd jr. |
Thanks for having such a nice web site for us all to see.It's real nice.I'll be 80 next Aug.7th. 06
9 March 2006 - from the state of Maine,USA
Dee |
Congratulations dearest Carolyn on the blessing of Colin's birth. You have been blessed...looking forward to all of the precious photo shares...My former co-worker, Leslie had shared this verse with me many years ago at the workplace...and it is so fitting to send this day to you. Love to Heather and family!!
9 March 2006 - PA

Webmaster comments   Hi Dee,
Thank You for the entry for Colin.
And for the sweet poem on your site for Colin.The poem is sweet and the page is beautiful. I love it and know that Heather and Daren does too.
I am sorry to be so long in getting notes out, been gone and will get in touch soon. The mail has been bad going out to some servers. So I hope that you get this.
God Bless You Dee,
You are so sweet.
Love Carolyn
Kelly |
You have a lovely site here. I have enjoyed exploring it and viewing all that you have created. I especially likes your Fabulous Fifties page. Thanks for sharing and keep up the excellent work. Peace & God Bless.
8 March 2006 - NY USA
Sharon/AngelHeart |
Sweet Carolyn,
Thank you so very much for visiting my page, it means alot to me, It is always a pleasure to come here , your site so full of inspiration for us all!
Please remember my hubby in your prayers for his heart blockage and hospitalization next week.
Hope to be able to keep in touch and visit more this summer :)
God Bless you always
6 March 2006 - Virginia Beach, Virginia
Marie |
I would like to congratulate you for your new grandson, and to Heather for her new son. There's nothing more beautiful than a new baby in the family.Best wishes to everyone and God bless all
6 March 2006 - Australia
I love you site, it's helping me a lot with my grief right now,as i just lost my husband in Dec./05 the songs and writings are such a Blessing.
6 March 2006 - Canada
Southbreeze |
Dearest Carolyn.. I just can't wait to try the One Pan Chicken Meal. Sounds yummy as all of your recipes! I always look forward to your newsletters as I know I will be blessed.
Thank you so much for sharing! You have such a delightful website with something wonderful for everyone.
God Bless
5 March 2006 - Georgia, USA
Peter Hills
Look forward to your inspirational messages. So good of you to take the time to produce your Precious Memories. Thank you.
5 March 2006 - Port Hope, Ontario, Canada
billy k (rom828)
I love the song, I learned about Jesus in my Grandma's rocking chair. There are so many things we can learn from people who are older than we are. Thanks
5 March 2006 - CA
John |
OK, I ready for some of that One Pan Chicken Meal lol, sounds great Carolyn.
And congradulations on your being a new Grandmaw again with the birth of Colin.
God Bless,
5 March 2006 - Waynesboro, Virginia
billy kirwan
I love the song, "He's all I need." It was a blessing to listen to it.

I am glad Colin was born. Do you know when they will be home from hospital? Hope they are doing well
5 March 2006 - California
Trudy Martinez
I have just opened this email.. and I feel it is going to be so worth revisiting many times over...
3 March 2006 - Carlisle Iowa
Doede |
Hi Carolyn,
Your Intoduction page with the piano music, When We All Get To Heaven by ouAnthony Burger is just BEAUTIFUL!!
What a Precious and Glorious day this is going to be!!
Waiting to receive those words from you our darlin LiL Colin has arrived and his Mommy and him doing good, and also daddy, granma and granpa. Thinking today Heather was to go in the hospital for her C-section.
Praying for you~ALL.
I Love you !!!
2 March 2006
Lara S.
OH MY GOODNESS!!! He is so beautiful!!! Looks like Daddy, I'd say! Here's to spoiling the cutie!!
2 March 2006 - Clovis CA
kathy Kennedy
gods love see's us through
27 February 2006 - pa.

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