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Carolyn-I'm a daughter who lost her father-on of now my heart is very broken,as I was a daddy's girl who I adored so very much.My grief is to much to bare at this time.I love your songs and prayer's. Thank God so much for people like you to share God's love with us.
21 March 2006 - Alamogordo,N.M.
donald coffey
carolyn love your web site love you music got a story to tell you some time about a women in califorina who help my family
21 March 2006 - stearns kentucky

Webmaster comments   Hi Donald,
Thank You for your nice comments about my site. I also want to see if you can let me know what the lady in California did for your family.
I have tried to get mail to you and it is coming back. I hope you get this.
Our prayers for your work for the children too and will continue.
God Bless You,
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie |
Hello Carolyn,

Thank you for you updates over the past wek or two and I have been a bit behind in keeping up. Your tribute to Anthony Burger is a wonderful page and although I hadn't heard of him, he obviously was much loved and talented. Also loved your collection from Ken and Andrea. However the page by Roxianna is one that really touched me. What a wonderfully courageous person she is. I often wonder if I would have that strength if I needed it. A powerful page and a testament to a powerful commitment to faith. Thank you.
I hope you enjoy your break and get to take things a little easy for a while and I look forward to more from you when you return. (Eddie)

20 March 2006 - Brisbane, Australia
I have a crippled child and this song is so true.He will not be crippled when he gets to heaven.He will walk those streets of gold.Thank God for choosing me to be his mother.Thank you for sharing this song.God Bless You.
20 March 2006 - North Carolina
What a wonderful talent and blessing this grand man was. His music still lives on. Makes me feel small.
20 March 2006 - California
edy Untermeyer |
HOw wonderful a blessing you give everyone who comes to your site. May the Lord richly bless you for your wonderful site.
19 March 2006 - MONTG OMERY, TEXAS
Ruth Ann |
Dearest Carolyn,
My sincere thank you for signing my guestbook and letting me know I am in your prayers for my surgery tomorrow.
I came to your site for more than to sign your book ... I knew I would feel peace and reassurance from your words and pages and I surely did!!! Thank you for all that you do for others. What a blessed and peaceful time I had re-visting your site.

God bless and be with you always.
Love to my precious friend.....
Ruth Ann
19 March 2006 - West Virginia
Sharon/AngelHeart |
Dearest Carolyn..
Always a inspiration to stop by and visit and say hello to you!
I was visiting your Easter page ,it is that time of year with Spring and all blooming, to stop and reflect on the Glory of the Season, Lovely words ,a special page it is..Will stop back in during Easter, Hope by summer after hubby heals and things back on even keel to be able to sign up for all my friends newsletters again, Time just doesnt allow me that now, and I miss it, But you are thought about, wanted you to know that:)
Happy New Week ahead.
19 March 2006 - Virginia Beach, Virginia
Judy |
Love your new pages Sis! They turned out just great and some beautiful poems, music and backgrounds you have chosen. Just had to stop in and see you for a bit and check out what you have been up to lol. And more great pages I found and of course the Newsletter also that I received. Have a great day and God bless always. Love Judy
19 March 2006
Ken Ferguson |
Hi Carolyn, i was by your home sat, eve but messed up trying to sign your other g/b kept getting timed out pop up, you have realy added some beautiful pages, since i was last by. the songs are awesome, you know me being a published gospel song writer, i love sites with the beautiful singing. thank you very much for your very kind words on my new site. with something for all, several links to hear the greatist gospel artist. i'll be adding soo many pages soon. i put my songs about 35 on the sitemap. i hope visitors wil recieve a blessing in some of the songs. your site is just awesome, ive enjoted my vist. well i'll hush for now. bye and God Bless Ken Ferguson
19 March 2006 - alabama. but ohio org.
Kentucky_Lady4 (Andrea) |
I enjoyed the shares for the evening, and feel honored you had my poem up also. You do such lovely pages, and set up poems so lovely. And music is so fitting for each page. Thank you so much for sharing all that you do, and featuring an array of poets for all to enjoy!! God bless you, my dear friend!
18 March 2006 - KY, USA
Elsa and Adrian. |
Hi Carolyn.
Well where to start with a lovely site such as this!
You should be very proud to have made such a wonderful site for yourself and everyone else to see and enjoy.
Your introduction is grand, although short, it was very clear and explanatory.
I found peaceful, easy feelings on your pages.I saw serenity in your work, and my soul was at rest, my Thank you.
Congratulations you have a very entertaining and beautiful site. Thank you so much for sharing it.
Thank you for the opportunity of visiting your excellent site. May god bless you and all your family.
Take Care, Elsa and Adrian.

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18 March 2006 - Montreal, Quebec, CANADA.
Trisha |
Dear Carolyn,

Just came by to thank you for your continued support means the world to me ! I hope your daughter & grandbaby are doing O~kay ...looking forward to your page with pictures ! Also wanted to wish you a late Happy St.Patty's Day too !

17 March 2006 - Bristol TN.
Brenda |
Hello my friend. I just stopped by to thank you for the wonderful page you did on Anthony Burger...a true work of love. Such a wonderful tribute by you. God bless you gentle heart for being who you are. You are such a very special lady and I am blessed to have you as my friend.
17 March 2006
Judy Young
Thank you for the email about Anthony. I enjoyed the music so much. I really enjoyed watching him play the piano. He gave it all he had. God Bless.
17 March 2006 - SC

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