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Rosemary Foley
what a wonderful site..It brings me back to a time when life was calm and people were friendly all the time.. sitting outside on the stoop with the radio on and everybody singing.. thank you for the pleasant memory !!!!
16 June 2011 - Peabody Massachusetts
Sounds a lot like my daddy except he was only married once.
16 June 2011 - North Carolina
Bob Swift.
Thank you so much for putting this site together. This music is from a time when America was still innocent. My late wife and I went to just about all of the drive in's through out the Los Angeles area in the early 50's, and this was our music, many great memories. God Bless.
16 June 2011 - Keno, Oregon
Richard Dotter
What a wonderful time this was. I love the music that was brought to us from the 50's and 60's. Nothing since can come close to what we had back then. Thank you so much for putting this treasure of time and music together for all to hear and enjoy again.
16 June 2011 - Stayton, Oregon
stan siegel
What a treasure... brings back so many memories. Thank you.
14 June 2011 - Port Jervis, NY
Isabel Johnston
Thank you so very much I am now a widow and these songs bring back so many happy memories
14 June 2011 - texas
Marcelle Gaudreau Morin
God bless you. What wonderful memories those fifties & sixties. I love Elvis.
13 June 2011 - Edmundston, New-Brunswick. Canada
great site, many memories
13 June 2011 - vermont
Sandy Mellish
Some things are meant to stand the test of time and the music of the 50's & 60's will attest to that truism. Takes you back to a kinder way of life.
12 June 2011 - Nova Scotia, Canada
Pat Jackson
These songs brought back wonderful memories of my blessed grandmother helping me make my poodle skirt on her treadle machine and dancing in the gym at lunchtime.
12 June 2011 - Wilmington, DE
I love them all
12 June 2011 - canada
this is so good I like it
12 June 2011 - Australia
I love all this music especially Dean Martin, all time favorite.
10 June 2011 - sc
Evelyn Arcomano
Really neede this How Great Thou Art Going thru some really rough times
9 June 2011 - Mannahawkin NJ
Rockin' Lord Geoff
Where has the time gone? Most of these tracks are over fifty years old and they all bring back such lovely memores to us who remember them the first time around. A great site well done.
9 June 2011 - Epsom England UK

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