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Dee |
How glorious was this dedication page to all of the lonely hearts left behind.

Beautifully composed by Kenneth Ellison!

"Iíll stroll across the heavens with you
When life on Earth is finally through.
Iíll hold you in my loving arms forever
As we dance through the stars together."

Much love, Dee!!

27 March 2006 - PA
Cathy Clark
Sure glad you have the recording and music to JESUS I HEARD YOU HAVE A BIG HOUSE. I hear it on the radio every Sunday going to church so I spent hours on the internet trying to find it but didn't really know the title. When I found your website I was so thrilled. I listen to this song over and over. Thanks again for sharing.
27 March 2006 - Gastonia, N.C
donald coffey
please pray that i can find funding to build a christan camp ground in a poor area of eastern kentucky for the children here
26 March 2006 - stearns kentucky
John |
Take My Hand Precious Lord is a beautiful page Carolyn. It should bring comfort to many. Ken has really made a wonderful poem to share.
God Bless,
26 March 2006 - Shenandoah Valley, Virginia
26 March 2006 - ALABAMA
Judy Yeakley
Carolyn, By accident I discovered your site today. God Bless you, what a beautiful place to visit. Thank You.
25 March 2006 - Pennsylvania
Christine August
God is truly a miracle at work for I have a grandson at the age of 19 months with White Matter Disease going through all kinds of testing to see what can be help so each day is a miracle to me. I will pray for you and your family for the loving memories and Joy. God Bless
25 March 2006 - Colorado, USA
Prophetess Dolores James |
Precious Carolyn, truly God anointed you to build this website. What a place of Peace..His Presence always bring...Be blessed..
25 March 2006 - USA
martin elvis |
hi,wat a lovely site,was forwarded to me from Charles Stone,i'm pleased he did. I too am a great lover and singer of Gospel music.
24 March 2006 - Island of Malta..Mediterranean sea
Dee |
This was so beautiful...Elvis just performed so beautifully.
Thank you dearly...Dee

"Letís get together one more time.
Let me erase this mistake of mine,
We can end loneliness and heartache,
Please? Just for old times sake."

© Kenneth Ellison
22 March 2006 - Philly

Webmaster comments   Dee,
Thank You for the note and letting me know about you trying to post.

I did post it for you as I want Ken to know that you enjoyed the poem.
I love the song too.

I think the problem might be due to dial up, not sure though. But I did add more time in the book.
This is the best way for me to get a message to you. We will beat this yet.

Thank You so much Dee,
Love You
Mary Borgmeier -de Wit
dear Carolyn,please give my condoleances to the family off Anthony
thank you so much God Bless you Mary
22 March 2006 - Netherlands
Beryl Frampton |
I've been to quite a few of the Gaither concerts and I have 3movies and cds from Billy Graham Volume 1&2 and the London one.I just love the Gaithers and I dearly love Anthony would ya please give his family my condolence and tell them he will be missed but his music will live in our hearts forever
21 March 2006 - Clarendon,Pa in the USA
Carolyn-I'm a daughter who lost her father-on of now my heart is very broken,as I was a daddy's girl who I adored so very much.My grief is to much to bare at this time.I love your songs and prayer's. Thank God so much for people like you to share God's love with us.
21 March 2006 - Alamogordo,N.M.
donald coffey
carolyn love your web site love you music got a story to tell you some time about a women in califorina who help my family
21 March 2006 - stearns kentucky

Webmaster comments   Hi Donald,
Thank You for your nice comments about my site. I also want to see if you can let me know what the lady in California did for your family.
I have tried to get mail to you and it is coming back. I hope you get this.
Our prayers for your work for the children too and will continue.
God Bless You,
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie |
Hello Carolyn,

Thank you for you updates over the past wek or two and I have been a bit behind in keeping up. Your tribute to Anthony Burger is a wonderful page and although I hadn't heard of him, he obviously was much loved and talented. Also loved your collection from Ken and Andrea. However the page by Roxianna is one that really touched me. What a wonderfully courageous person she is. I often wonder if I would have that strength if I needed it. A powerful page and a testament to a powerful commitment to faith. Thank you.
I hope you enjoy your break and get to take things a little easy for a while and I look forward to more from you when you return. (Eddie)

20 March 2006 - Brisbane, Australia

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