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Dee |
Where Does Mom Keep Her Memories"

Thank you Angel Carolyn for allowing me to link "Mother's Memories" to my collection of treasured pages of dear friends.

May I take this opportunity to wish you a blessed and loving "Mother's Day" --

Love, Dee
12 May 2006 - PA
Judy |
Hey there Sis I have missed you so much! Quit disappearing like that lol. Well we all have to now and then and guess we aren't as young as we use to be huh but will always be young at heart and spirit. I had to go see Colin's page and then your family page and ended up looking at the beautiful Webmistress page and wow what a looker she is. Okay all joking aside you know how beautiful I think you site is and a place of peace to come to and would lift anyone's spirit when they start reading all the stories and poems you have. I am finishing up my pages for this week and did take a couple weeks off for that dreaded maintenance we all have to do now and then. More fun making the pages isn't it lol. Have a great Mother's Day as I know you will with Heather and baby Colin and maybe Darren can join you later in the day. God bless you Sis and always be with you as you are one very special friend! Love Judy
12 May 2006
Kathryn |
Hello Carolyn!
Just wanted to say, once again, how much I really enjoyed our conversation on the phone. It was so nice to meet you. It's fun to get to know the people behind all of these beautiful websites!
God Bless! Kathryn
10 May 2006 - USA
Heather |
I have just read your story, it is so moving and beautiful, thank you for sharing and God Bless you.
9 May 2006 - Calif
Doede |
IF JESUS CALLED ON YOU -Sung by Slim Dusty,
Carolyn, I just visited this page. The song so beautifully song, by Slim Dusty. LOVE his voice! I can almost hear him singing to Jesus and the Angesl surrounding him.
I did not know he had gone to be with our Lord. Knowing he is MUCH missed. What a blessing for you getting to meet him and see him in performance.
Wishing you and your Precious daughter a very blessed Mother's Day. Knowing your daughter has a darlin daughter waiting in heaven for her, and she too, is celebrating and Praising our Lord for you alls Precious little baby Colin. And Praising Him for her Precious Mother, you! You and I too, can Praise our Lord giving Him ALL the glory for our precious Mothers waiting for us with our Lord.
Love you to the heavens, to Jesus and to our Momas and to your darlin grandaughter, eternally!!
9 May 2006 - Oklahoma
nikki b
I heard this song Sun am on my way to church and it has stayed in my mind all week-thanks for the listing because now I can see all the words. It has really blessed my heart. Love, Nikki
9 May 2006 - Small Town SC
Sharon/AngelHeart |
Dearest Carolyn,
I went yet again to your two pages "Mother" and Mother's Memories" both beautiful and soft and so sweet, I also wanted to check in on precious Colin, bet he is growing like a weed:)
Thats the sad part, it happens way to fast..
Now thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting me Carolyn, it meant alot to me as I sure miss my Momma and her birthday is this upcoming Wednesday .I was very sad today, get the blues each May, but I know OR HOPE I shall see her again, I do now in my heart and mind..Love to you sweet friend and since I shall be gone a few more weeks Happy Happy Happy upcoming Mother's Day to you!!
7 May 2006 - Virginia Beach, Virginia
Tia Marie |
Hi Carolyn, just visiting your home here once again and enjoying some poems..Also enjoyed your tribute page to Anthony Burger..I hadn't heard of him until he died, and have enjoyed some of his music since hearing of his death..Take care and God bless
4 May 2006 - Australia
Magda |
Hello. You have a lovely page. Greetings from Poland :)
30 April 2006 - Szczecin, Poland
Howard |
Hello, I enjoyed my visit to your Web Pages today.
I loved your wonderful Poetry and your Site is
beautiful. Please stop by Worship With You
sometime, we would love to have you, Howard
29 April 2006 - OK
Doede |
Hi Carolyn,
Love visiting your site. Have visited several of your pages tonite. I really liked this page,I've Got Heaven On My Mind, and the Rambos singing. The words with it beautiful.
What a glorious day this will be when we all get to stroll together with our Precious Savior and Lord, in heaven in our Mansions built by Him. It will be Sweeter every day !
Love you, my So Precious friend and sister in Christ, forever to the heavens to Jesus.
Doede~ and huggies to our Precious darlin Colin.
29 April 2006 - Oklahoma

Webmaster comments   Hi Doede,
Thanks so much for coming to see me tonight. I sure can use my sweet friend. I have been working over time.Only bad part is the pay.
I am glad that you enjoyed the poem too and the song by The Rambos. This was our time of singing with them in the good ole singing conventions.
I will share some pictures of Colin soon, he is a big boy now. smiles
I will write to you tomorrow, I pray.
Today I have done nothing but work on the spammers in all of our books.
But we will not give up, and they will not win.
Will tell you more in an email
Love you so much,
Big Gramma Hugs

Oh it is going to be a geat reunion Doede, See You In Heaven.
Linda Hoffman
I loved this story and it touched my heart, and it is true no matter what we look like or how we smell or what we wear JESUS DOES LOVE US. And I'm so very thankful for that.
God Bless You
29 April 2006 - Oklahoma
Trisha |
Dear Carolyn,

I had to come take a peek @ that new granson of yours again ...he is so cute and I just adore his page.You did so good with that one's really special ! Hello to Heather for me O~kay ! Love ya like a Mom !

Sincerely, Trisha
28 April 2006 - Bristol TN.

Webmaster comments   Hi Trisha,
I am working on the spammers all day today.
And trying to do some change of links.
Thanks Trisha for coming to visit Colin. Boy he has grown and is a big boy now. Smiling really good. And cooing. Is that how you spell it?
Thanks so much Trisha, You always make me feel so good. Heather is so happy for you too.
Hope I can always keep your signature,
Love You Too,
Doede |
Dearest Carolyn,
I have visited our darlin and Precious LiL Colin's page , again.
Praising God as I see Colin. The often times I prayed for his Mommy and him and his daddy, and yes his granma and Papa. The poems are Precious.
Know you all spending many precious moments with Colin. Sending hugs to him.
I Love you, Carolyn, to the heavens to Jesus !
28 April 2006 - Oklahoma

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