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John |
Happy Birthday Carolyn, hope your special day is filled with fun and of course lots of presents lol...
Hugs, John

14 June 2006 - Waynesboro, Virginia
Anthony |
Your site is both beautiful and inspirational. Well done! Keep up the excellent work!
12 June 2006 - Ottawa, Canada
Judy |
So good to hear from you Carolyn and thank you for signing my guestbook. Yes we are fighting satan on the entries in the prayer book and will continue to do so as sure can't let him win. Been browsing this morning and read over again some of your beautiful poems by Ken and Bob and they both have a great talent. Your backgrounds and music are always outstanding and love coming here spending time even though I don't always leave my heartprints in here for you to read. Pray everything is well with you and hope you can get some new pages out soon as have been looking for them my dear friend. God bless and take care. Love Judy
12 June 2006 - NY
Stopping by to say hello and tell you your site is still as lovely as ever, I enjoy each and every time I come. Please stop by my site, I have put up a new page and wanted to share it with you. God Bless you.
11 June 2006 - Calif
jimmy camplin
this sure is some very good song keep up the good work
8 June 2006
Sharon/AngelHeart |
Sweet Carolyn
I hope you enjoyed your time away I need one myself, Just stopped in to wish you a Blessed weekend and leave a lil angel message:)
"Life is a journey,
a journey that takes us down many roads.
Some good and some not so good.
But as we travel we learn,grow, and meet,
people that make those journies all worth the travel.
Those kind of people in are special
8 June 2006 - Virginia Beach, Virginia
Pam |
It was nice to see your lovely site. Please come by my place.
3 June 2006 - Pennsylvania
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie |
Hello Carolyn,

Just dropping by and loooking at a few pages and also getting the address for one that I want to send to a friend. Haven't heard from you for a while so I pray all is OK, although I know you had many things happening in the last month or two. Just wanted to let you know that I am still calling in and keeping you in my thoughts an prayers. (Eddie)
1 June 2006 - Brisbane, Australia
it always is a true blessing hearing from you and I thank God for helping me find good God fearing people on the net may God richest blessings flow from Heaven above on your household God bless you
29 May 2006 - Salisbury N.C.28144 USA
Dee |
Old Glory" -- such a perfect page for today dearest Carolyn.

"We pray for those who will die.
God reach down from the sky,
And draw their souls to Your breast.
Then, with Your loving hand,
Take them to a better land,
Where no wars can come,
And there’s perfect peace and rest!"

So beautifully composed by Robert F. Dotson.

Carolyn, I am also having computer issues...but that does not bother me as much as the health issues that are facing my little family.

Bless you dearly..Love, Dee!!
29 May 2006
Trisha |
Dear Carolyn,
Just wanted to pop over and visit a few of your Memorial pages today.They are all so good in design & layout ...and the poems & prayers and stories sad ...but true !

You didn't miss any mailouts either as I didn't do one for Mom & Pam's page as they were older ones ( just a couple of what John helped me & so many others to be able to save with the link to find old pages ) ...what a lifesavor he is !

I just wanted to get those 2 on as May is both of their's Birthday month.Will work on getting Chassidy's updated with my HWG as her birthday is in June and will also be getting a couple old poems on for my stepdad with Father's Day up and coming.

And will soon get that one of me and Ken on too ! Haven't forgotten about it just been working on saving stuff and trying to get organized with folders,files etc. It is all so time consuming and I do try to sign books in between all that as I can.

And some days I don't even feel like fooling with this computer at all as I at times I get burnt out on it if you know what I mean !

Anyways, just wanted to really wish you a good Memorial day ...gonna be a hot one here today ! Me and Ken will be cooking outside later today and am so looking forward to that !!! Anyways, have a good one Carolyn and will chat with ya later O~kay !?

Love, Trisha
29 May 2006 - Bristol TN.
Gosh so good to hear from you Sis been worried something happened. Been so busy here but kept looking for a mailout from you and wow a computer crash that is terrible. While visiting my site hope I didn't do it to you. Just so glad you are almost back up and running and can start working on your pages again. This is my peace when I come here and my laughter from a friend I love dearly. Have a great holiday today and take care. Love Judy
29 May 2006
Doris Bissell
What an Awesome & Beautiful tribute to a beautiful gospel singer as Vestal Goodman she was quite a treasure to us all! Now she is up home in Heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ as one of his many beautiful Angels along with her hubby Howard of 50 some years & his brothers Rusty & Sam What a huge reunion they must be having these days But they will never be forgotten! Love in Christ Always; Doris Bissell of Virginia Beach, Virginia.
28 May 2006
Pam |
You have a very lovely site and I enjoyed my visit very much. Please stop by my pages.
27 May 2006 - Pennsylvania
Sharon |
Dear Carolyn, Oh my dear, I feel that I know you already. I found your beautiful pages through our mutual friend, Dee, on her links. I am there too. I read several of your pages, including the ones about Amber. I was so touched by all of your pages. Your graphic designs are so awesome, I love the pastels and the quilt backgrounds are just lovely. Then I have to tell you that you can be the twin sister of one of my best friends in the world, Judy. I was just "struck" when I saw your picture. I will need to find a picture of her to show you how you look a like. And Carolyn, she is a quilter!! She claims to have the most fabric stored in her basement and having visited her quilt room, I believe that is right. So just wanted to stop by and say hello to you and thank you for your beautiful contributions to the web. Your sites are just awesome.
26 May 2006 - NorthWest Michigan on Torch Lake

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