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Kathy Fick
Thank you for the peace that I needed to start this day.
27 June 2006 - NY USA
Lynn |
You have a wonderful website!
And I really enjoyed visiting it and will pass it on and save it to my favorites.
I hope you will consider stopping by mine and having a look around.
I'd love to have you.
27 June 2006 - Tennessee U.S.A.
Heather |
26 June 2006 - CALIF
Erin Applegate
We played this song at my mothers funeral 22 years ago. Thanks for having it on the internet....
25 June 2006 - houston, tx
Sharon/AngelHeart |
Sweet Carolyn,
God Bless you for your sweet loving words tonight at your visit to me:)
I do appreciate them so!!
I read
"Life's Railway" and oh those words are SO TRUE!!SO TRUE!!
Beautiful inspiration to end my day and I again, thank you so much, prayers always needed and appreciated..Love you dear sweet friend!
You are a blessing!
24 June 2006 - close in heart always
How beautiful the innocent minds of our children God gave us to mold and make into beautiful adults
23 June 2006 - Southaven,Ms
Hello Carolyn, hoping this finds you healthy, happy and blessed. Thank you dear one for all your talent you share with us, I know I appreciate it so much. Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless U.

23 June 2006 - CALIF
Betty Ray
Was touched by the tribute for Anthony
Burger. Thank you for being so thoughtful of him.
22 June 2006 - Hurst, Texas
Irwin Rommel C. Bansen
May God continually bless each and everyone who visits Carolyn's Precious Memories.
21 June 2006 - Singapore
Was sent your website by a friend and it is lovely. Thank you
20 June 2006 - Great Village, N.S.
Sharon/AngelHeart |
Sweet Carolyn,
I just visited and read
"If You Ever Need Me" and I needed that today my precious friend, You always inspire me with your beautiful pages and just the right things are said, I wanted to pop in say hello and hope your weekend was a blessed one and I love you!
Please remember my son in prayer, he needs them:)
20 June 2006 - close in heart always
Stephanie Byrams
I was at Arab hospital Sat. June 17,2006 with my daughter and the triage nurse gave me this website and we had a conversation about several southern gospel groups and others things. She was a very sweet lady if she happens to read this please email me @ I would like to share other special emails, she didn't realize but just the simple conversation we had was very uplifting.
18 June 2006 - Blountsville Alabama
Brenda |
Dear Carolyn,
Hello again my sweet, dear friend. I wanted to stop by to see you and thank you for the lovely heart prints you, so graciously, left in my guest book for me to see. I have really missed you, I know you are having some medical problems and I pray you will soon be better. I stopped by just the other day to visit on your June Bug section, you have so many very cute poems in there for the children to enjoy. I enjoy them too because they are all so light hearted. The graphics you do are just wonderful. I have no idea how you find the time to do, what you do! I always seem to be running behind. You need to give me an update, when you feel like it, on that new grandbaby of yours, Colin. Well, sweet angel, I hate to take off so soon but I need to go a visit a few more friends and try to get caught up some. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart, for being my friend and always being there. You are a treasure to me, precious and beautiful to see. God bless you today and every day. Have a glorious weekend filled with love and sunshine.
Love and Hugs,
18 June 2006 - Salem, OR. USA
Trisha |
Dear Carolyn,

Thanks ...that picture of Chassidy is an older one ...probally taken around the time that I wrote that poem.I need to get an more up-to-date one of her on there as she does look a little bit different now then she did there in that picture.One of these

Thanks again ..hope you are having a good day Carolyn ya !

Sincerely, Trisha
18 June 2006 - Bristol TN.
Karin Thomsen
"the lighthouse" is my most favorite song...thank you, Ronny!!!!
18 June 2006

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