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How beautiful the innocent minds of our children God gave us to mold and make into beautiful adults
23 June 2006 - Southaven,Ms
Hello Carolyn, hoping this finds you healthy, happy and blessed. Thank you dear one for all your talent you share with us, I know I appreciate it so much. Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless U.

23 June 2006 - CALIF
Betty Ray
Was touched by the tribute for Anthony
Burger. Thank you for being so thoughtful of him.
22 June 2006 - Hurst, Texas
Irwin Rommel C. Bansen
May God continually bless each and everyone who visits Carolyn's Precious Memories.
21 June 2006 - Singapore
Was sent your website by a friend and it is lovely. Thank you
20 June 2006 - Great Village, N.S.
Sharon/AngelHeart |
Sweet Carolyn,
I just visited and read
"If You Ever Need Me" and I needed that today my precious friend, You always inspire me with your beautiful pages and just the right things are said, I wanted to pop in say hello and hope your weekend was a blessed one and I love you!
Please remember my son in prayer, he needs them:)
20 June 2006 - close in heart always
Stephanie Byrams
I was at Arab hospital Sat. June 17,2006 with my daughter and the triage nurse gave me this website and we had a conversation about several southern gospel groups and others things. She was a very sweet lady if she happens to read this please email me @ I would like to share other special emails, she didn't realize but just the simple conversation we had was very uplifting.
18 June 2006 - Blountsville Alabama
Brenda |
Dear Carolyn,
Hello again my sweet, dear friend. I wanted to stop by to see you and thank you for the lovely heart prints you, so graciously, left in my guest book for me to see. I have really missed you, I know you are having some medical problems and I pray you will soon be better. I stopped by just the other day to visit on your June Bug section, you have so many very cute poems in there for the children to enjoy. I enjoy them too because they are all so light hearted. The graphics you do are just wonderful. I have no idea how you find the time to do, what you do! I always seem to be running behind. You need to give me an update, when you feel like it, on that new grandbaby of yours, Colin. Well, sweet angel, I hate to take off so soon but I need to go a visit a few more friends and try to get caught up some. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart, for being my friend and always being there. You are a treasure to me, precious and beautiful to see. God bless you today and every day. Have a glorious weekend filled with love and sunshine.
Love and Hugs,
18 June 2006 - Salem, OR. USA
Trisha |
Dear Carolyn,

Thanks ...that picture of Chassidy is an older one ...probally taken around the time that I wrote that poem.I need to get an more up-to-date one of her on there as she does look a little bit different now then she did there in that picture.One of these

Thanks again ..hope you are having a good day Carolyn ya !

Sincerely, Trisha
18 June 2006 - Bristol TN.
Karin Thomsen
"the lighthouse" is my most favorite song...thank you, Ronny!!!!
18 June 2006
Just stopping to see you again Sis and you know how I love coming here think I have told you enough lol. We were gone most of the day so we had Father's Day early and will be staying home tomorrow as it is suppose to be in the 90's and will stay where it is nice and cool in the house until I cook dinner on the grill for Ed his request is BBQ Chicken lol. Have a great evening and thank you so much for stopping in to see me and leaving your heartprints in the guestbook. God bless! Love Judy
17 June 2006
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie |
Hello Carolyn,

Good to receive your pages again and I do hope and pray that your hand is getting better all the time. Lovely pages you have sent out and I enjoyed each one of them. I have seen "How Big Is God" before, but it is always beautiful to see again. The special page though was "My Daddy".......You say he wanted to be a teacher, but was never able to be. He was a wonderful teacher, just think of everything he has obviously taught you. Without his teaching you would not have achieved what you have, so he did reach that goal. Wonderful tribute page, it touched me very much. God bless you always....(Eddie)
17 June 2006 - Brisbane, Australia
Boy don't hear from you and then what absolutely beautiful pages you send in your newsletter wow there Sis they were all just great. My favorite was the one named Daddy and just loved reading it such a loving heart your daddy had. I miss mine very much and know I will see him someday again and mom also and grandma and grandpa what a reunion that will be. And I am so so sorry but missed sending you birthday wishes and things have been kind of crazy here with Renee' in the hospital but she is much better now and just has to be more careful and get back on her heart meds. God bless and take care dear friend and I will have to try that meatloaf as sounds very good! Love Judy
16 June 2006
Hi Carolyn, got your e-mail. Going to look into my yearbook and see if I can find some of the names you mentioned.Have a blessed weekend.
16 June 2006 - Calif
Ken Ellison |
Hi Carolyn, just had to stop by for a little 'uplifting' of my spirit. Thank you for your latest newsletter. I truly enjoyed it and your beautiful pages. You are a blessing to us all.
16 June 2006 - Oregon

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