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tbo henson
i like your pages
24 July 2006
Carolyn, how are you, is it hot by where you are? I donít recall it ever being this hot in WASCO, maybe it was but a different kind of heat. This mess is enough to make anyone sick. Have you researched any more facts about the old home town? Donít you miss it though; I use to love it there. Different kinds of people, and a different time, how wonderful it was. Even if we didnít have much, seemed like we had everything we needed. Wow Iím walking down memory lane. hehehe Come on over I have a few new pages, and gifts friends have sent me, I also have a new links page, so if you have a banner, send it too me and ill put it up. God bless you.

23 July 2006 - CALIF

Webmaster comments   Hi Heather,
It was 114 yeaterday and still no air conditoner fixed... We are heading out of town to some cooler weather this morning... It is making everyone sick.
I will write when I come back and visit you, okay?
I will send my banner in a email fast as the truck is calling me..
Also will add your banner on when I come back...
You be careful in the heat too..Don't you get sick..
If my air condtioner was fixed, I would be ok... Will be 2 weeks or so before that is done. Just please pray that someone will come out, what a waiting list in this huge town!!!
God Bless
Rick Wells
Just simply awsum..God bless you and all that visit
23 July 2006 - Franklin , Ohio
Kevin Duffy
In regards to "I have Had a Wonderful Life" I must say that I enjoyed it immensely,so much meaning to it,thank you,Kevin.
23 July 2006 - U.S.A.
Tina |
Hi Carolyn. :)
How are you? I enjoyed your newsletter! You did it again, you made my mouth water. lol Melva wrote a beautiful poem. I am so sorry it is soo hot where you live! I don't know how you can make it without air conditioner! I think I would roast! It has been about 103 here for several days. My air conditioner runs continously! Even at night. It just never cools down enough to go off. Sure makes for high electric bills!! I pray you get your air conditioner fixed soon! Thanks for sharing these pages with us Carolyn! I always enjoy visiting your site. :)
22 July 2006 - TX
Hi Carolyn,
I've been thinkin about you...hope you got someone out to fix it!
If you need a place to go...I'm just a little drive away.
22 July 2006 - Clovis, CA
John |
Wow did your Clothesline page bring back the memories from at home. I can still see my Mom carrying out that basket and putting them on the line. And in the winter they froze solid drying, your pants could truly stand up by themselves lol.
Thanks Carolyn for the great pages and memories.
Hugs, John
22 July 2006 - Shenandoah Valley, Virginia
I love all your poems and the music .It's nice to visit a nice family site instead of all the Garbage out there .It sounds very warm in California and with your air not working it would be awful .I live in Ontario Canada and we're complaining because the weather has been in the 90's .Guess we are very spoiled .Thanks for sharing your beautiful site
22 July 2006 - Ontario Canada
Carol Sunderman
Thanks for your inspiring message and your beautiful music. I hope your AC is working by now, your part of the country and even up to Washington seemed to be sweltering. We have a break here in Ohio! May you have a wonderful weekend. Keep cool! God Bless you richly,

Carol Sunderman
22 July 2006 - Ohio
21 July 2006 - GASSAWAY,WV
I just love this site. Everything here is so beautiful and means so much to me. God Bless
21 July 2006 - CA
Sharon/AngelHeart |
My precious Carolyn..
First, I had to come to your send out, I have my grandson Nicholas this weekend ,they came in at 11 this morning to surprise me, AND I am so Happy!!
Carolyn, Melva's poem and the beautiful song and the graphic set too was breath taking, I feel that way, even with hard times and illneses I have had a wonderful Life, My devoted hubby and my three healthy children and my grandson ,How Blessed I feel ,so many do not have that, just alone my mate and hubby is a gift from God!!
Friends who brings smiles eachday also are treasures!I want to stay here alittle longer though, for my grandson:)
I sure loved that page.
And the Clothes line, is that so true or what?
I remember Momma putting sheets out and would say," makes things smell fresh and clean!!" Now if you had a clothes line someone would steal your clothes!!How sad is that?
And about the guestbooks, I as you know, have had three I removed because of that very thing , I gave into it, and shouldnt have, I have decided who posts bad now I will leave it, because it shows how aweful people can be and I want the world to see its the WWW, Ole times are gone:( I stay in my inner lil click circle of you all ,I know have throughtful loving hearts and are friends, I am so worried for you about the AC, listen even with our's on 65 it still hot because we are upstairs..You be careful ,our ER'S are packed here with sun strokes..God Bless you Carolyn and have a wonderful weekend!
21 July 2006 - close in heart always
Melva |
Hi Carolyn,
I loved the poem about the clothsline, it is true...But I never thought of it that way...The page and music were perfect for it too.....And the recipe sounds delicous, and easy... I will have to try that one...
I feel so blessed that you have included the poem I wrote on your beautiful site, and it is such an honor for me!
Thank you for the wonderful page you put it on and the song is awesome! That song gave me chills as I read Donnie's testimony...He is a blessing to our Lord and so are you...
Thank you for honoring our Lord here at "Carolyns Precious Memories", a sweet website to visit!
Love you,

21 July 2006
Judy |
Hey there my dear friend so good to see your mail again! Was wondering when you were coming back. Well you are back and I am pretty much gone remodeling the inside of the house and just quit for the day as tuckered out climbing up and down that ladder lol. Clothesline was just great love it! At one time I hung my clothes out but yes use a dryer now. And Melva's poem matched Donny's song perfect and both were beautiful! I will have to try that Shepherd Pie someday as it sounds very good. Well have to get ready to go out to dinner with Ed so just had to pop in first and welcome you home! God bless. Love Judy
21 July 2006 - NY
Ona Morgan
Your site is such a blessing, May God richly bless you for your efforts!
21 July 2006 - Oklahoma

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