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Beautiful poem for Vestal Goodman, I did know she had passed and we watch Bill Gaither every Sat. Is her obituary online?
9 August 2006 - Illinois
Sharon/AngelHeart |
Sweet Carolyn
I sure loved "A Mothers Wish" I can relate to this one Andrea wrote ,and I never remember seeing it, but then again, I probably have, and my ole tired brain has forgotten, It's hot and humid, hope your AC is just a kicking good for ya, and I thank you for being you in every sweet way and thing you do
Bless you!
8 August 2006 - close in heart always
Glenelda Peirce
I enjoyed your poetry very much
7 August 2006 - Ontario Canada , Orillia
Dee |
Dearest Carolyn...thank you for your caring note...I appreciate that from my heart.

I am here visiting "Pretty Packages" composed by Nancy Stephens...I don't believe I saw this one before.

"For on earth you have to learn patience
And not on others to depend
For God has a beautiful package
He was just about to send."

God bless you and your family, and know that I worried so about you during this terrible heat over our nation.

Love, Dee!
5 August 2006 - PA
Grace (Colon) Miller
I have been so Blessed by Anthony's music and have been personally introduced to him with a great Handshake. Praying some of that talent would rub off. Praise God For the time Anthony could share such a wonderful talent and gift of God. Praying for his Wife and family that God will surround them with His Healing Comfort and Power.
I am also happy I could be in some of the Conserts in Toledo, Ohio.
Praise The Lord!!!!
4 August 2006 - 15221 CR-M, Wauseon, Ohio 43567
4 August 2006 - TAMPA FLORIDA
Gwendella |
Good Morning Carolyn:Thank you hon for visiting & signing my g-book..I appreciate ure kind words you wrote..I'm very happy you took our song,and we would be honored if you wanted to use it on ure site..Thank you kindly..The song "Go Back Once Again" brother wrote & composed the music too..we recorded it last year,and I hadn't played piano in bout a year,and we didn't practise it,so I made a few boo-boos..but he said it was fine..he really wanted to play it with a minor,but I wasn't sure,so we went with it straight..Our daddies bro. was a preacher,and he left an impact on us,dad,and uncle George gone to be with Our Lord..ure site here is so very lovely..I'm glad to hear you got ure ac been hot here in it cloudy,and they say humidity suppose to be better than it has been..the humidity in Ky. makes it so hard to breathe especially when you have C.O.P.D. as I do..I hope you have a wonderful day...and Thank You again...Hugs...Love Gwendella
4 August 2006 - Ky.
Sharon/AngelHeart |
My sweet Carolyn.
I finally got to AmberLuv's site with a heavy heart,it took me awhile ,please forgive me Carolyn, and I also wanted to thank you for the visit and the sweet words, Love you dearly and always , I am always close by will check in when I am able to recharge my batteries and so glad you got that AC, Praise the Lord!
This is deadly heat ,and thank Him for the rain a coming this way this next three days:)
God Bless you dear friend .
3 August 2006 - close in heart always
Did Heather tell you that your trailer is like my Parents! Is that crazy or what?? Heather sent me the pics and I couldn't believe our parents have the same trailer set up!!
Anyway...thought that was funny!
PS. Hope they get that A/C fixed RIGHT!
3 August 2006 - Clovis, CA

Webmaster comments   Hi Lara,
Nope my daughter didn't tell me nothing... lol It takes Lara to tell me what is going on in my life.
It sure beats the last one..I hope your parents like theirs.
I got Air.. I got Air...
Took them 2 days and I think 5 or 6 guys to fix it and 600.00... lol
I need to borrow some money Lara...O~Kay?
Love You
Sandra Shirley
Please add me to your mailing list.
This is such a beautiful site.
I am so glad I came here.
2 August 2006 - Concord,NC
Elsa and Adria,. |
Hi Carolyn.
You should be very proud to have made such a wonderful site for yourself and everyone else to see and enjoy.
It is nice to see a site as this, at present with terrorism and fighting still going on? This is beautiful oasis of love and peace. (Lets us hope that all the fighting will be very short, and soon everyone will be home again).
You made a most awesome and wonderful website. We really enjoyed our selves by visiting your delightful ages.
Congratulations you have a very entertaining and beautiful site, thank you so much for sharing it ;-).

If you find the time to visit our site, would you please jot down in our guest book what you think of our pages.
May God bless you and all your family.
Take Care, Elsa Adrian.

Come and Visit My Old CORDENONS, You may like it.
2 August 2006 - Montreal, Quebec, CANADA.
Trisha |
It looks good Carolyn ! (*S*) ..((( Hugs )))
Sincerely, Trisha
1 August 2006 - Bristol TN.
Hello Carolyn, are you back from your trip to get away from the heat. Man was it hot, we are finally cooling down the last two days. It even rained here twice in the last 4 days. Well I hope you had a good vacation, did you go any where special? I have been reading your poems and looking around your beautiful web home,its so nice. Your bannor looks real nice on my new links page. Also I have new pages, sure would like for you to stop by and take a look. Glad your back and hope that air conditioner is working now.
31 July 2006 - calif
Gwendella |
Hi Carolyn:Your site is so lovely..I hope and pray you and ure family will be's hot in Ky.too..the humidity is what's so hard..I added ure site in my favorites..God Bless and Be Safe...Love Gwendella
p.s. I have a couple Gospel tunes at and gwendella
31 July 2006 - Kentucky
Gary finley
Have enjoyed so many of the songs of long ago, you have a great site, God Bless you in what ever you do, Gary.
30 July 2006 - USA

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