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MarieJoy |
Hello Sweet AngelFriend Carolyn *hugs*
Love your beautiful home here, ThankYou for sharing!
Thinking of you and wishing you a wonderful Joyful week!
Remember in all your moving and goings on to take time for you, loveya, God Bless You!
Love & Hugs, Peace & Joy Always,
~\o/~ wings2u4ever...MarieJoy ~\o/~
God's Wings Soar Us Above Life's Greatest Storms!
28 August 2006 - IL/USA or Venus :-)
David & Marlene McClure
We will forever miss Vestal and Howard and will look forward in seeing them on the beautiful heavenly shore. Their music will live on forever. My wife and I have been following the Goodmans for over 50 years.
28 August 2006 - Washington State, USA
Judy |
Beautiful is all I can say for your two new pages my dear friend. I am starting to wind down with the work in the house and hope to be back to work on my site in September. It has been a long haul but well worth it. I always find peace when I spend it here with you and your large family of friends and their poetry. So beautiful and heart warming each time. Have a great weekend and God be with you always! Love Judy
27 August 2006
Dee |
Thank you for your update dearest Carolyn.

Letter From Home truly tugged at the heart. Tissue Alert..."Daddy I was born as soon as you left, but when you come back, I will be a whole year old, love your little princess."

Such loving letters from family members and friends.

Thank you for sharing them with us dear one.

Wonderful to receive your update.

Love, Dee
26 August 2006 - PA
billy kirwan (Rom828)
Thanks for sharing these intense memories from the gals and guys who are serving over there. May Our Father in Heaven (Avinu Sh'Ba Shamayim) bring them home soon and Quickly too.

billy k (Rom828)
26 August 2006 - California
Mikki |
Hi Caroline,
Your newest page, The Goodman's,was very touching. Loved their music!!
26 August 2006 - Baltimore, Ohio
Hi Carolyn...I just read some of your pages, and enjoyed them very much....I especially liked the one of Vestal & Howard Goodman...What a beautiful dedication to an anniversary...They both are missed so much...Their voices ring out so loud and clear, that Im sure they both have their special places in God's Kingdom...
Thanks for sharing your work...
God Bless..
26 August 2006 - Arkansas
HI! Just wanted to stop in. This page always makes me feel HAPPY!! It reminds me what it truly means to be a Christian. In HIM all is possible. Thank you for reminding me.
Bless you always!
26 August 2006 - Clovis, CA
Jerry and Doris Cole
We would like to say "Thank You" to our Service Men and Women Whereever they may be for Their Service and Sacrifice,and to their Families as well.GOD Bless and keep Each and Every one Safe.
25 August 2006 - Jacksonville,NC
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HI GannyMa......Just wanted to say I Love You!!!!!!!Youre the best GannyMa ever!!!!!!!! I love my page. Thank you for making it. And keep this site going strong. You have helped alot of people & maybe when Im old enough I will get to read it. YAY!!!!!! I cant wait to see you today!!!!!
Love, Colin

bm hj b b
23 August 2006 - Ca
Sharon |
Sweet Carolyn
God Bless you and will see you in September, will catch up then and good luck with the selling and moving, Keep prayers coming for my daughter and know I carry you in heart, Love from my home to yours always


Sometimes people come into your life
and you know right away that they were
meant to be there. They serve some
sort of purpose,
teach you a lesson or help
figure out who you are and
who you want to become.

23 August 2006 - close in heart to all
~*Kim*~ AKA ~*Silly*~ |
Your WebPage is really kewl.8~D
22 August 2006 - ~*Michigan*~
Trisha |
Thank you for having me on your favorite links the music,butterflies,and colors ...

Sincerely, Trisha
21 August 2006 - Bristol TN.
Bradley Smith
this was cool
18 August 2006
ann |
this is the most beautiful page i have ever seen and the poem matches what i feel in my son was killed 2 weeks ago.and this song you raise me up was played at the have really touch my heart,may God bless you always
17 August 2006 - canada

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