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betty |
carollyn,i enjoyed your site sooo much,keep up the great work, you made my the music. betty
9 September 2006 - illinos
donna venhuizen |
I just want you to know that I am praying for you. I realy like all the things you share with us so much.
8 September 2006 - CA
Tom and Cindy
Hello Dear Carolyn,
We had a wondeful journey through your most beautiful and awesome web-site. You touch our hearts and the hearts of so many... Know that we keep you always in our thoughts, with in our hearts and always in our prayers. God bless you sweet friend.
Love and Gentle Hugs,
Cindy and Tom
8 September 2006 - Ephrata, Washington
Naomi Freeman
Dear Carolyn. This is the first time I have signed your book though I have visited it a number of times. Your pages are wonderful. I feel a bit of kinship to you as my husband's name is Leon also. Keep it up.
8 September 2006 - Alabama
Beautiful pages. I love the songs with the lyrics to sing with. "When he was on the cross I was on his mind was so inspiring." Keep up the good job.
7 September 2006 - ilinois
Thank you so much for this site.Great job and loved the songs with lyrics to sing along with.
7 September 2006 - Georgia
Judy |
Great to get another Newsletter from you and loved all the pages. The picture of Scott reminded me of my kids and also when I was a kid never clean as though Mom thought lol. Great job and loved the songs with lyrics to sing along with and of course Ken's page as his poems are beautiful. What a fantastic job you have done as usual Sis! Carpenter finished today so now I have to get back to work and get the border up in the rest of the rooms he finished painting for me. Been re-arranging stuff since he left and cleaned out the dreaded China Cabinet so getting there slow but sure. Have a great day and God bless and be with you always. Love Judy
7 September 2006
Southbrteeze |
Dearest Carolyn: It is so good to be able to receive your newsletters again after I have been away from the computer for so long. I truly enjoyed Ken's poem and the puzzle picture. You have so much to offer on your website and I enjoyed browsing through the pages. The music is so peaceful and beautiful, that I feel blessed by having been here.I loved On A Hill Far Away and the song by the Florida Boys was so precious. Thank you for sharing your beautiful talents with others and I know you touch people around the world with your website.
Love you my friend,
7 September 2006 - Georgia
Tina |
Hi Carolyn! :)
How are you? I hope you are doing good! I enjoyed these pages you sent out today! Thanks so much for sharing them with us all. God bless you, Carolyn!
7 September 2006 - TX
Colin & his Mommy Heather |
n nm, k\890yo 90p9jiokklmkml,.
Hi GannyMa,

We love the new page "YOU LOVE ME DADDY". It made Mommy cry & Colin even sat still & listened to the song. Good job. Love you!!!!!
6 September 2006 - Ca

Webmaster comments   Hi Heather & Colin,
I am glad you both like the page for your Brother Scotty and Colin's Uncle Scotty. I cried too while I made it, seems like time has flown by since you both were little kids playing in dirt and getting into things.
I hope Scotty will like it too and have fun with the puzzle. lol
Love you Colin and you sure do type good in Gramma's guestbook.
I Love You
Mom and Gramma
Nancy Ritter
My Dear Carolyn,Your pages are beautiful.God Bless You in your work.with much love. Nancy
6 September 2006 - Pennsylvania
MarieJoy & Gene |
((((((Dear Sweet AngelFriend CarolynJoy)))))))
Thank You for sharing your beautiful pages
God Bless Our Troops & United In Prayer. we've enjoyed them today!
You Are A Blessing, God Bless You!
Love & Hugs, Peace & Joy Always,
God's Wings Soar Us Above Life's Greatest Storms!
4 September 2006 - IL/USA
Judy |
Good morning there my dear friend. Just came from your recipe page and going to try the Chicken one but leaving Mushroom's out lol. Sounds good though and not sure if I ever had it before don't think so. You know how much I love your site and watching it grow since we both started many years ago it seems now huh lol. And all we have learned through these years wow! I am at complete peace each time I visit. Yes the house is coming along great and think the upstairs will be done next week sometime ending with putting new carpet on the stairway so going out today in the rain from Ernesto and looking at carpet to see what we want. Suppose to be a rainy day all day so no sense in curling my hair and 57 out right now. Remember all the mails back and forth between us yelling please help with something when we couldn't figure it out rofl! Those were the good old days and then mailing John for help when we just couldn't figure it out. Where has that old man been hiding these days "he will get me for that comment"! Making pages I guess and know I am glad to be back to work on here and take a rest. Have a great holiday weekend my dear friend and will chat later. Love and God bless always. Judy
2 September 2006
Ken Ellison |
Just had to visit awhile, it's been too long. I truly enjoyed your beautiful new pages and wonderful writing. Thank you for this day's blessing.
31 August 2006 - Oregon USA
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie |
Hello Carolyn,

What a beautiful verse to Howard and Vestal Goodman on such a special day as their 50th anniversary. It is obvious from the words that there was a great love and respect and that is so beautiful to see and especially as it lasted for so many years. How many younger people of today could take lessons from these words. A beautiful page and a true pleasure to read and hear....Thank you and God bless always. (Eddie)
30 August 2006 - Brisbane, Australia

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