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Gloria Ballog
This is very spiritual.This site is very comforting, and it is like sitting with grandma and family. Thank you so much, and God Bless all of you, and everyone who comes into your precious site.
8 October 2006 - New Boston Mich.
Tonette Manis
I grew up listening to The hinsons
in church and concerts they bless my soul
8 October 2006 - Florida
Iris May
Hi Carolyn,

What a special person you are.
It always is a pleasure to stroll through your wonderfully exquisite site.. And receive many a blessing.

I adored the FARM STORY and the trip down Memory Lane in particular.
Those were tough times but also good times. There was a
deep sense of community and commitment to family values, sadly lacking these days.

What a gorgeous part of the world Virginia is.. Loved the photos of the magnificent scenery.

I do hope you have your eye operation attended to soon Carolyn. Our sight is so precious, isn't it?


Love and hugs.

Iris-May ( Vanden Berg )
Sydney Australia.
8 October 2006 - Sydney Australia
Dee |
Gathering Flowers -- Angel Carolyn, how truly lovely in concept and design...Connie Smith performed so beautifully.

"Now let us be faithful till life's work is done
Blooming with love till the reaper shall come...
Then we'll be gathered
together that day
Transplanted to bloom in the Master's bouquet!"

A joy to visit this glorious page.

Love to you...Dee
7 October 2006 - PA
Dear Carolyn.
You have a beutiful Websight. I sing right with some of the songs.
God Bles Lynn fro VT
7 October 2006 - Bristol,VT
Sharon |
Sweet Carolyn.
What two beautiful song pages you sent today.
Just wonderful in graphic design and the song by "the Inspirations"
Flow through me Holy Spirit is beautiful and also "Connie Smiths's Flowers in the Masters bouquet "was wonderful .Her pitch in her voice reminded me of the late Tammy Wynette.
Enjoy them both as I always do visiting you
God Bless you, and Happy Sunday upcoming .May it be Blessed!
7 October 2006 - close in heart to all
I am blessed to get such a wonderful site.
7 October 2006 - USA
John |
Great new pages Carolyn and two more wonderful songs to sing along with.
Keep these great pages coming.
God Bless,
7 October 2006 - Shenandoah Valley, Virginia
Ken Ellison |
Beautiful words, beautiful pages, wonderful music. Thank you for yet another terrific newsletter and update pages. What joy you bring, what a joyful blessing you are to us.May God's light ever shine upon you.
7 October 2006 - Oregon USA
Mikki |
Hi Carolyn!!
It's been a long time!!! Here this morning enjoying your beatiful pages!!!
7 October 2006 - Baltimore, Ohio
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie |
Hello Carolyn,

Thank you for your pages and I love the new look on your "Meanwhile Back At The Farm" Beautifully done page that I know is filled with treasured memories. "Bubba by Ken is great, but Ken's writings are always special so that certainly is no surprise an I know that Designer Lady would be thrilled that you have dedicated the page to her. Going to visit Amberluv's site again in few minutes, been a while since I have been there. As always your site looks great and certainly gets better and better every visit. A very special thank you for considering my site worthy of adding to your Favorite Links page. I truly appreciate that. God bless you always. (Eddie)
5 October 2006 - Brisbane, Australia
Nancy Goff |
Thank you for being a blessing to so many people.I have placed this site on
my desktop so i can visit daily
5 October 2006 - McLain,Ms.
I just love all your pages. I save it to a folder so I can go back and read as I do not want to miss anything on your site. Am keeping you and your family in my prayers. Your sister in Christ, Donna
4 October 2006 - CA
Lynn |
I enjoyed your site immensely. There is so much here to be blessed by. I have bookmarked your site so I can return and read more.
4 October 2006 - Maine, USA
Marie L'Roy
Thank you so much Carolyn for the many messages which are so enjoyable and soul stiring. I have enjoyed every one of them - the funny ones too. Really enjoyed your life on the farm, which brought back a lot of memories - many of which I went through with one brother and one sister. May God bless you and may you continue these "Precious Memories" for years to come. Love - Marie
4 October 2006 - Amarillo, TX.

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