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Roger M Norman
Great site brings back great memories
14 January 2016 - Bunyans Cove NL Canada
Greorge Reevie
love the old favorites
4 January 2016 - Rutherford, New Jersey--USA
John D
Beautiful music.Merry Christmas.
22 December 2015 - Sydney Australia.
13 December 2015 - MALTA
12 December 2015
I know its been awhile since I wtote but I loss all my family and the depression is just lifting really .Hubby mom an brother too all in 6 weeks. I don't know other than Jesus got me thru this. I manage.Bless your heart your still here for me .and all to hear. thank you for that
6 December 2015 - troy ohio

Webmaster comments   Marylou, I am so sorry to read that you lost so many so fast. I do know the feeling some. I will keep you in my prayers. God Bless You.. Love, Carolyn
God bless you & yours for all the blessings you bring to all,,, thank you. I love your site.
6 December 2015 - Texan in Louisiana
Jackie Bowman
I just love this website. Despite the fact that I was just a little girl in the 50's, this is really my kind of music. Thanks for hours of entertainmen
6 December 2015 - Wichita KS
Brenda Van Hemmen
I just love your site so much!!!
Keep it coming. Hugs!!
2 December 2015 - Oshawa Ontario Canada
Pauline MacLean
so enjoy all your beautiful songs and memories , hope you are feeling better and thankyou for all the great memories your songs send to my heart .
1 December 2015 - Ontario Canada
Ad van den Heuvel
keep the old music alive and thanks for this beautiful site
26 November 2015 - Geldrop The Netherlands
Keep up the great work CJ
23 November 2015 - Panama City Fl.
Angel H. Venters
Thanks for all of the wonderful messages and songs you share with us. I enjoy each of them so much. God bless you.
22 November 2015 - Greenville, North Carolina USA
Karsten Frederiksen
the songs that Elvis did, are GREAT love it
28 October 2015 - Denmark Europe
Tammy J
This is an amazing and beautiful site:)Thank you!
26 October 2015 - NY

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