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Sharon/AngelHeart |
My Dear Carolyn
I came into wish you a wonderful upcoming fun weekend ahead with the lil children halloweenies and say Love you dearly and hope to catch up with you soon , going to take another little break, grandson left, time to get my head back on straight, miss him so.You know I care, and from my home to your's I send you LOVE
25 October 2006 - Virginia Beach, Virginia~cold
Janice Burnette
Thank you this beautiful song what can I do? God bless you and your love one. Until we see the King in heaven I will see you then. I have a brother, Father,Grandmothers and grandfathers with the king. When my time is up I pray that I did all was assigned to do for Jesus.
25 October 2006 - USA
Dwayne Hernandez
I recently lost my Mother. She was the Heart and Soul of our family. She was a very Special person in my life. Thank You for this web page, it is Beautiful.
24 October 2006 - Indiana
your page was lovely.. I received it in an email from a friend... she is a blessing to me
24 October 2006 - colorado
connie miller
i love you web site i get such a wonderful blessing from it god bless you for making this web site
23 October 2006 - west virginia
Tia Marie |
Hi Carolyn, what beautiful pages..I really enjoyed On The Wings Of A Dove! I have always loved that song and also Now Lord What Can I Do For You, is beautiful too...Carolyn, you did great with No Matter the Cost, thank you for making it look beautiful..What a lovely background set, it suits so well, Thank You and God Bless you and your family so much..
23 October 2006 - Australia
John |
Beautiful new page and song Carolyn. Now Lord What Can I Do For You should be seen by everyone and hopefully will be forwarded around the world. A truly great addition to Carolyn's Precious Memories along with the other great sends today.
God Bless, John
22 October 2006 - Shenandoah Valley, Virginia
Tina |
Hi Carolyn. :) How are you doing? I hope you are doing good! Hope you got caught up on your sleep. lol I do know what it is like lately. I am worn out all the time. Anyway, I enjoyed your beautiful pages very much!! Thanks for sharing them with us.
God bless you!
22 October 2006 - TX
Absolutely beautiful every new page you sent. Just got home from shopping and getting all put away and decided to relax and read my mail and so glad I did. I love Cream of Broccoli soup and never had a good recipe for it so will give it a try. Your page What Can I Do For You all of us should be asking the same question after all God has done for us through our lives. A beautiful song along with Wings of a Dove always loved that one. This mailout was well worth waiting for Sis. God bless always. Love Judy
22 October 2006
Dee |
No matter the cost I'll follow You Lord
Though it's sometimes like walking on sand.
For sometimes in life there's good days and bad
But I know You're holding my hand.

How true and profound was No Matter The Cost, in concept and design.

Wishing you all the best on your upcoming surgery.

Your newsletter was a great update dearest Carolyn.

Thank you for thinking of me.

22 October 2006
Trisha |
Dear Carolyn,

I enjoyed "Flow Through Me Holy Spirit" ...loved the birds, that shade of Green, and the floating Grapes !
Page well done ...but did notice some broken links ? I tried clicking on the guestbook link but it was a no go there and I think the sitemap link as well.
But that's O~kay as I have you saved in my favorites and I got here none the less.
Pretty page Carolyn !

Hugs, Trisha
21 October 2006 - Bristol TN.

Webmaster comments   Hi Trisha,
Thank you so much for letting me know about the links. Boy am I getting old or just not seeing good?
I got them all fixed and going good now. Please always tell me when you find anything wrong. Okay?
And glad you enjoyed the page too.
I will be over to visit you again today sometime. Going to send out update Newsletter now.
Hope your feeling better. I think about you so much.
God Bless Trisha
Love You, Carolyn
nice nabitaka
i have watched one dvd of vestal goodman but i will never keep rewning the song when i kneel in prayer and i hope to meet you there pracoius jesus hold my hand
19 October 2006 - usa
Kathy |
Hi my sweet Carolyn,
I just wanted to stop in and wish you a wonderful love filled weekend, and let you know how much I cherish your love and friendship over the years. Thank you again for the precious gifts, I finally have them up on page 5 *-) I am about as slow as a snail lately!! lol
Love and ((Huggles)) to you my dear friend
Your Sis in Christ...
Kathy S
19 October 2006 - FL
John Seet |
Greetings from across the oceans!
Thanks for your beautiful, God-honoring website. My spirits are lifted every time I read the inspiring, heartwarming messages or listen to the spiritual songs. Keep up the great work! May the Good Lord bless, uplift and protect you and your loved ones always!

If it is possible, may I request that you post the delightful song, "THE ROYAL TELEPHONE" by Burl Ives or Jimmy Little on your website. I'm certain it will touch the hearts of all who visit your website.

Warmest regards,

John Seet

PS: I'm already on your mailing list.
17 October 2006 - Singapore (Southeast Asia)
Jeff Grindle |
Thanks for your kind words about Elvis, JD and Donnie Sumner. I go and record my 2nd gospel CD with Donnie at the end of October. The Lord has used him to get me started in music ministry. He is a good friend. I love your site!
16 October 2006 - Hope, Kansas

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