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Your Thanksgiving Blessing Page was so lovely in concept and design dearest Carolyn...and I might say You have been there to encourage us also so many times with your beautiful verse.

Good news on your eye surgery. My prayers go forth for Ann Hart and Raylene.

God bless them both.

My blessings to you for continued healing and all the best for this Holiday Season.

We are blessed as we count our blessings, and remember those less fortunate than us.

Love. DEE
God Bless and Thank You....
21 November 2006 - PA
Sharon/AngelHeart |
Sweet Carolyn
You know I am tickled about your eye surgery, did you have lazor? my Momma had her's done in her 80's, first one and second one six weeks later, and never had to even wear glasses after..God is Good and I was tickled pink to see your lovely caring visit to my site God Bless you sweet friend, Loved your sends outs and especially a Thanksgiving Blessings beautifuly done in words from your heart and also designs you chose..I love you and Happy Thanksgiving, Always update me with Junebug and Friends.....
Be Blessed and I send my love!
20 November 2006 - close in heart always
John |
Beautiful pages Carolyn in your sendout along with that great recipe for deviled eggs. My first try at them and they were delicious! Will make more for Thanksgiving!
Its so nice to know that your eye surgery was a success and you can see all the greatness in Gods world again.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Carolyn.
Hugs, John
20 November 2006 - Waynesboro Virginia
Shy |
Dear Carolyn,
What a blessing to visit your new pages. They are so inspiring and remind us of what Thanksgiving really means. Also enjoyed your recipe page, the corn casserole sounds delicious. I don't do alot of cooking, but do enjoy trying a new recipe now and then. Thank you for sharing your beautiful website. I wish you and yours a Blessed Thanksgiving, and I am also happy to hear that your surgery was successful. Our Lord is faithful to supply our needs and heal our bodies and our minds.

God bless you friend,
Love you, Shy
20 November 2006 - N C
Tia Marie |
I'm so happy to hear your eye surgery went well, your in my prayers for your next surgery..Thank you Carolyn for " The Royal Telephone" Jimmy was always one of my favourite aussie singers, it's been so long since i heard him..God bless you.
20 November 2006 - Australia
Sue |
Carolyn i have enjoyed you and the work you put out for sometime God bless you my friend for all your hard work.
Hugs Sue
20 November 2006 - Alabama
Gwendella |
Dear Carolyn!!! Thank you hon for ure lovely e-mail..I hope and pray my friend that ure eyesight comes back totally,and that surgery goes good for you in Dec..Wishing you and ure family a Wonderful Thanksgiving..Hugs&Love Gwendella
20 November 2006 - Ky.
Barbara Gulley
This is just beautiful. I loved the song. Wish I had a picture of the cottage. Makes you feel like you lived what the poor ole Lady lived. May God bless you in your work and all that you do. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
20 November 2006 - Grand Bay, Al.
Tia Marie |
Hi Carolyn, I'm praying all has gone well for you and your eyes..I have been enjoying your new page "I'm Free" it's a beautiful song, I can't remember if I ever heard it before..Beautiful..Also I wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving...thank you and God bless!
17 November 2006 - Australia
Tom |
Hello Carolyn,
I was back to take a look at your nice website!
Please come see my new photos sometime?
Best regards, Tom from Holland.
16 November 2006 - The Netherlands
Trisha |
Dear Carolyn,

I enjoyed your page : "Beyond This Mountain" ...and wanted to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving ...I'm blessed that you are my friend ...and thankful too ! Have a good one Carolyn.
Love & Hugs, Trisha
16 November 2006 - Bristol TN.
Robert F. Dotson(Brother Bob) |
Sis. Carolyn,
I sure hope you are o.k. I will be praying for you! Keep in touch! "Keep the faith!" GOD IS GOOD AND HIS MERCY ENDURETH FOREVER!


16 November 2006 - OHIO, U.S.A.
Sharon/AngelHeart |
Sweet Carolyn,
I wanted to stop and send you blessings of prayer that you are on the mend.And also from my home to yours a Blessed Thanksgiving filled with all good things from above.Love you my friend and Happy Thanksgiving!!
13 November 2006 - close in heart to all
Shane&Alicson H.
We love your site. it's so full of meaning. May the Lord bless you.
11 November 2006 - Wyoming.
Sharon |
Sweet Carolyn
Just a pop in to let you know I am thinking of you ,and hope all went well with the 8th.My prayers, I always remember you in them my friend.
God Bless you dear friend always
Get well soon!
10 November 2006 - Close in heart

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