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billy kirwan (Rom828)
As you are waiting for Doctors to do
what they can in surgery for you
we're praying for health and happiness too
And for Father in Heaven to reach down and touch you.

hope you are well soon

billy k (Rom828)
27 November 2006 - CA
Diane Karikas
Hi Carolyn, Praying for your upcoming surgery. I know God will bless you and this surgery will be successful, too. Many thanks for adding Anthony and George, after watching the Gaither Homecoming programs for years and years, so many of his "friends" became a part of my family and to lose them is like losing a member of the family.
You are a blessing to me, you have touched my life in many ways and I am so thankful to God and appreciative for you. Looking forward to many years together ~~~~~~~~~
In Christian love,
27 November 2006 - MT. Union, Pa.
Love the new songs on your main page and sitemap Carolyn so beautiful. Anthony was a beautiful piano player and George's Silent Night both songs are great. Will be looking for those new pages and praying the operation on your other eye does as well as the first one did. I am due for it but not for a while yet per the doctor so still have time. God bless and take care. Love Judy
27 November 2006
Hi Carolyn, Just stopping by to thank you for the beautiful pages sent...The music is fantastic..I just had to visit the Christmas page and listen to John Berry sing O'Holy Night..Wow!..Awesome performer, especially this song...I hope to see the video of him again during the holiday performing on stage...
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving...
God Bless..
27 November 2006 - Arkansas
Dee |
"Jesus Is Born" -- verse by Robert Dotson, is so profound dearest Carolyn.

I am keeping you in prayer for your next round of surgery.

God bless you.

I will be re-visiting your Holiday pages, as well.

Thank you for your email update.

Much love to you...Dee
27 November 2006 - PA
Faye Parry
I think this is beautiful!
27 November 2006 - United States
Sharon/AngelHeart |
My Sweet Carolyn,
I so loved lisening to Silet Night on your site map it is beautiful ,and it is getting me so into the spirit of CHRISTmas and I love you dearly and hope your Thanksgiving was a beautiful one as you deserve it my sweet friend and God Bless you and praying for your eye surgery in December!!
26 November 2006 - close in heart to you
billy kirwan
yes, you finally get all the poems. I was going to set up my own site, but it is not in the books right now. I am sending you the First corinthians 13 POem separately
It was too long to post here
billy k(ROm828)
25 November 2006 - California
billy kirwan
Always love to stop in and listen to the gospel music. thanks
25 November 2006 - CA
Sarah Fiske |
I just loved this Page. Jesus is the reason for the season. Thank You for the page
25 November 2006 - USA
John |

Stopping in to wish you a most Happy Thanksgiving Carolyn and Holiday season. May your days be blessed and filled with love and friends.
God Bless, John

23 November 2006 - Waynesboro Virginia
Elsa and Adria,. |
Hi Carolyn.
I enjoyed visiting your lovely site again very much. Thank you for sharing. I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Our Best Regards.
May god bless you and all your family.†
Take Care, Elsa and Adrian :-).
23 November 2006 - Montreal, Quebec, CANADA.
Hello Carolyn!
I'm soooooo glad you are doing well! You have been in my prayers...always. I hope you have a GREAT Thanksgiving! So much to be Thankful for!!
Blessing to you, dear Carolyn.
23 November 2006 - My House, CA
Shirley Garofalo |
Just want to wish you and your family a blessed thanksgiving. Also love your porms.
22 November 2006 - Warren Mi
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie |
Hello Carolyn,

It is so good to read that you are soon going to have your surgery with your eyes finished and then you will be able to relax a lot more as I am sure that it has been at the least disconcerting for you during this time. It must be wonderful to be able to see things clearer and I don’t think I could even try to imagine what it would have been like for you.

Like so many of her dear friends I am keeping Ann in my prayers at this time. She is a wonderful person loved by many.

Of course as an Australian I know Jimmy Little and his music well. “Telephone To Glory” has been a long time favourite of mine and it is great to have it on your site. I am sure that those who have not heard it before will simply love it.

Thank you for coming by my own humble home and of course you know you are free to use anything on there that you consider worthy of addition to your wonderful site.

Although not one of our holidays in Australia I know that Thanksgiving is an important day for you as all the families gather together for the special day of thanks.

May I finish with taking this opportunity to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.

God bless you and yours always.

21 November 2006 - Brisbane, Australia

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