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Reba Waller
What a wonderful and precious site and thank you for giving us all memories to recall.
18 December 2006 - Nashville, TN
Robert Tuckerjr
Your site is uplifting, in a good way. Thanks for your work.
18 December 2006
Doede and Bill |
Our Precious Carolyn and your precious family,
I wis you these moments and throughout eternity peace , Love, and Joy, from our Precious Jesus. I am thankful that He came on earth died for our sins , covering us with His blood, that we might spend eternity with Him ! One day , when our Lord returns to get us , we will see Him face to face and one another face to face. We will stroll all over heaven with our Jesus and one another and our love ones gone on before us!! Praise His Precious Name!!Precious , is the Love of God!! I keep falling more and more in Love with Him! A Love we can always depend on. Jesus gets sweeter as the moments go by!! Love greater far than the oceans, and than the highest star!!
Romans 8:38-39
I have thought of you SO MUCH, and have missed you. You are one of my SO Special gifts of Love from our Jesus!
As with so many others, including yourself, so many difficult moments have occurred in mine and Bill's lifes this year. But you know what, our Lord has blessed us with ALL the FULLNESS of His glorious and Amazing Grace , through it all!! Amen!
I wanted to send you a snail mail card but thinking you have a different address than the one I have, that you have moved since this one?
Bill and I were in Northern Calif. for 3 weeks during Nov. 10th thru. Dec. 1st. with his family. If our Lord doesn't catch us in those clouds together first, maybe our next visit there we can find us a half way place to meet and*Smile* sing together for our honeys*Smile*
Carolyn, I have prayed for you this morning, knowing you are having your surgery , today. Praying no complications during your surgery and your recovery. That from God's healing power in His grace you will have a perfect healing. That He will guide the Dr's hands and minds.
Thank (((YOU))) our Precious sister in Christ and forever friend for your Godly and loving ministry our hearts and souls are abundantly blessed with!
I Love you, forever,Precious Carolyn, to the heavens, and to our Precious Jesus!!
Doede and Bill
18 December 2006 - Oklahoma
Ron in Iraq
Well Hi Carolyn. I was glad to read in your news letter a diagnosis for your vision problems.Now we know how to pray - "Demonic cataract leave my friends body in the the name of Jesus Christ of Nazereth" I will also take it to our Chapel here in west BIAP Iraq. Where souls are being saved and delivered and filled with the Holy Spirit weekly. Consider it done - YOU WERE HEALED 2000 YEARS AGO!
17 December 2006 - Baghdad International Airport Iraq

Webmaster comments   Hi Ron,
Oh it is so good to hear from you again. My goodness it is wonderful to get messages from our friends in Iraq.
Thank You so much for your prayers Ron for me. I will be just fine and feel much better already. smiles
God is good and He is our great healer.
Thank You for praying for me and others in the chapel too.
Although I like the good old days, this modern thing called a computer is wonderful at times like this, when we can communicate all over the world with such good friends.
Please stay safe and we are all praying for all of you over there, watching out for us back home. You are all loved very much.
Merry Christmas Ron and give our Blessing to all of your friends.
Carolyn and your Friends at CPM
Tina |
Hi Carolyn! :)
I am glad you are feeling some better. I pray you will be able to enjoy the holidays after your surgery. Carolyn, thanks so much for sending out these pages today! My favorite was "Christmas Long Ago". I truly enjoy your sentimental journeys! Or your "Precious Memories" :) You know, money is tight this year and we won't have a lot to spend of gifts this year. But this morning in church, the children did a program about a family. The dad had died and she was trying to raise two children alone. She had no money for gifts, not even a turkey. Yet, you know what she did? She took her children to a toy store and purchased a gift for other children. The story had a happy ending. But it really touched my heart that she did that! I prayed that God would show me some way I could give to others less fornunate then us. I have so much to be thankful for! In your page, I think I found an answer. We can visit some people in a nursing home or retirement home and sing carols and perhaps bring cookies. It was a great idea, I think. So thank you Carolyn for sharing this! You really blessed me and I wanted you to know that! Your friendship is a blessing to me! I pray you and your family have a very blessed Christmas!

17 December 2006 - TX
Debra Polston
Carolyn, hope all goes well for you in your surgery. Have a very Merry Christmas, will keep you in prayer, may God bless and keep you
17 December 2006 - Saint Pauls, NC
Dee |
Dearest Carolyn, Thank you for sharing "Christmas Past" --This was so special a share -- I can relate also to all the wonderful times we had at Christmas.

Sadly, many of those traditions are gone.

My prayers for you tomorrow. God bless you, and I know all will turn out well.

Will be saying an extra prayer for you tonight.

Much Love, DEE
17 December 2006 - PA
Carolyn Crouse
This is great, and hope all the troops will get to read this. God Bless our Troops and the USA. Merry Christmas to All!!
15 December 2006 - Missouri
I just wanted to say thank you for such a beautiful site. My parents sent me this link on my Birthday and it was like unwrapping a gift!
12 December 2006 - Oregon, USA
Elsa and Adria. |
Hi Carol.
It's always a pleasure visiting your beautiful site.
I take this ocasion on wishing you and all yours a cheerful and wonderful Christmas time.
Joyeux Noël et bonne année!
Buon Natale e felice 2007
¡Feliz Navidad y próspero año nuevo!
May god bless you and all your family.†
Take Care, Elsa and Adrian.

Please come and visit our Israel pages.
We hope you like them.

12 December 2006 - Montreal, Quebec, CANADA.
What a beautiful site
11 December 2006 - U.S.A
Christina |
Hello Dear Carolyn,

Create a Christmas heart in me dear Lord
A pure and beautiful thing
Make it shine for all to see
For all those listening
A Christmas heart comes from above
And always brings you cheer
It fits your life just like a glove
And keeps an angel near
A Christmas heart cannot be broken
Nor can it mend all things
But with this heart is spoken
A prayer on angels wings
Create in me a Christmas heart
That I may do some good
And with this heart and your gentle hand
Some good...I know I would
Make a Christmas heart for all to see
And give it special gifts
That mankind may live abundantly
Your name upon their lips
I wish you and your loveones a Peaceful Christmas time
11 December 2006 - Belgium
billy kirwan (ROm828)
Just a note to say, thanks for your site, Mama Carolyn. Blessings to your and your family.
10 December 2006 - CA
what a beautiful card i loved it thank you for sharing with everbody god bless
10 December 2006 - uk
Jackie |
It is delightful too visit your site, thankyou so much for being you, I shall return, you betcha'
9 December 2006 - Oregon,USA

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