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a lovely site
7 January 2007 - roma
Sharon/AngelHeart |
Have a Blessed Weekend Dear Carolyn
Always on my mind and in my heart.
I hope your eye is all healed now, Happy Weekend my friend!
6 January 2007 - VIRGINIA BEACH,VA
I really enjoyed this. It was wonderful. Keep up the good work.
2 January 2007 - Thomasville, North Carolina
Nancy Davenport
I really like this site, I just found it.
2 January 2007
Judy |
So sorry I have not been on with this Bronchitis and still on two Inhalers five times a day. It has really dragged me down this time and sleep, eat, tried to Christmas shop and keep up with the house the best I could. I have not been by to see anyone and sign their books so thought I better try to get that done this morning and explain where I have been. I have been to the doctors four times and have to go the end of this month again. God bless and will be back on when I can. Love Judy
2 January 2007
Dee |
Dearest Carolyn!

I am here at your site, and just clicked on one your birthday pages from dear friends.

How beautiful...and then I think of the silly old one I made you...Gosh, my pages are just so plain.

Forgive me.

I came here from your update and to wish you a Blessed New Year and for an abundance of Health.

God bless you Carolyn for all that you shared with me and hope that God will give me the strength to carry on in the New Year.
1 January 2007 - PA
Sharon/AngelHeart |
Sweet Carolyn,
Was glad to get your update today,and look forward to your next newsletter.
I came to send loving wishes for a Blessed 2007 to you and your lovely family my friend.
We are still alive and kicking, another year, To God goes ALL the glory
I love you!
1 January 2007 - Virginia Beach, Virginia~cold
Gene, MarieJoy, Rachel, & Paul |

(((((((Dear Sweet Angel CarolynJoy!)))))))
Thank You for blessing us with your friendship!
We're sending you Love & Hugs,
and pray you a healthy & peaceful
Happy New Year 2007! Loveya CarolynJoy!
31 December 2006 - Soaring Above IL/USA ,Venus or Mars
Vern Gohn |
Thanks for the wonderful websites and the Christian witness. I could almost taste the"Beef Stew" I'll have to try it since my wife's health is bad and I get to do some cooking when my grown daughters are unable to help me out. God is faithful we haven't gone hungry yet :-). I had Corneal implant two years ago and getting ready to have Cataract removed from that eye mid January.I think I kind of understand your uneasiness, Hope and pray all goes well for you.
31 December 2006 - Kannapolis N.C.
Chester F. Young
Got your website from Dedes. Clicked on it, and I liked it very much.
31 December 2006 - Tulsa, Oklahoma
bruce |
I love all of your site, i will be back..
31 December 2006 - ny
Dearest Carolyn,

I am just dropping by to wish you and yours, a very Happy New Year, my precious friend.

I hope it brings you love, light, peace and happiness. Thank you for your beautiful friendship.

I love you so very much, today and all the year through. Thanks for being you. God bless.

Love Always,

Happy New Year

H - ours of happy times with friends and family.
A - bundant time for relaxation.
P - rosperity blessed by Almighty God.
P - lenty of love when you need it the most.
Y - outhful excitement at life's simple pleasures.

N - ights of restful slumber.
E - verything you need.
W - ishing you love and light.

Y - ears and years of good health.
E - njoyment and mirth.
A - angels to watch over you.
R - embrances of a happy years!
31 December 2006 - Salem, Oregon USA
Linda (Reel) Nicholson
Really nice. Thanks for sending it to me.
30 December 2006 - Williamsburg, KY, transplanted from Noblesville, Indiana
Sharon/AngelHeart |
Sweet Carolyn
I have kept you in my prayers and hope your CHRISTmas was blessed for you and your lovely family.
I came to send you wishes for a wonderful Happy Happy New Year 2007.
May our friendship grow deeper each year to come and from my home to yours sweet friend, I love you.
Happy Happy New year 2007
28 December 2006 - close in heart to all
Dee |
In Memory Of Lost Lives, New Year's Eve by Robert Dotson was so profound Angel Carolyn.

I so thank you for all the joy you have lovingly shared through the years.

Wishing you an abundance of blessings and good health for 2007 and beyond.

Much love to you...DEE
27 December 2006 - PA

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