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billy kirwan (Rom828)
Always enjoy a visit here, and to sit in "Grandma's" rocking chair. Writing poems right and left as Father gives me words.
30 January 2007 - California
Sharon/AngelHeart |
God Bless your sweet heart!
Thank you so much for visiting my updates, It alwats brings a smile to my heart and I love you dearly!
God Bless you and have a wonderful Sunday my friend.

27 January 2007 - Close in heart
billy kirwan (Rom828)
just dropped by to see if there was anything new and to give you my new e-mail address. Thanks for having this beautiful site
27 January 2007 - California
Hi Carolyn, how have you been. Have you been to Wasco lately? lol Be blessed
27 January 2007 - CALIF
Caroline Baum
very nice,
27 January 2007 - Fruita, CO

There are friends, though they are few, whose heart gives so much like you!
Your cheer felt everywhere and known by those your friendship share.
Your trust and love I've found so dear and just a thought brings you near.
My dearest friend I thought you should know,
how much you're touched by God's warm glow.
Many hugs

27 January 2007 - BELGIUM
What a wonderful story and truly touched my heart.
26 January 2007 - Missouri
Gwendella |
Hi Carolyn!
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23 January 2007
Janet Hair
Carolyns this is just beautiful, just love the music with the nice christian message. Lord Bless
23 January 2007 - Franklin, NC (Great Smoky Mountain area)
tammy ridder
This is a very nice site. My cousin sent me the address. God Bless
21 January 2007 - United States
Karen aka LyonsLady |
BEautiful...Gods Grace to you
19 January 2007 - us
hi carolyn,i to have both eyes done now(cataracs),one in in oct.2006,i still have swelling in both eyes,dr.says not to worry,i,m doing fine,can see real good,20/30 vision,it was discouraging for the swelling to last so long tho,but am coping with it,i pray your eyes are getting better,and soon we can put this experience behind us,god bless you and may god touch you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes,and give you added strength in the days to come,an avid subscriber to your site,bertie
15 January 2007 - usa
Carol Bray
I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful music here of Dottie and Buck w/Reba. I loved to here them sing. Dotties songs have so much inspiration and feeling in them it is always a pleasure to here. Thank you
15 January 2007 - Cincinnati
Annette Walker
This was a beautiful song with a beautiful message. Thank you Carolyn
15 January 2007 - Ms
Carolyn I was sent the page I JUST WANT TO TALK WITH YOU LORD,what a beautiful page this is, it was so soothing and makes one think we always have blessing to thank him for. Also thank you for stopping by over Christmas and leaving a note for me.
15 January 2007 - CALIF

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