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tia marie |
hi Carolyn, wishing you and your family a very happy Valentines Day

14 February 2007 - Australia
Ray Risden
Thank you for your beautiful caring web site, it is so inspiring and reminds me to listen and talk to the Lord daily.
13 February 2007 - North Canton, Ohio
Sandra Smalling
This is a beatiful site it needs to be shared with everyone.
13 February 2007 - Crossett
Barbara Lester
This is a beautiful song, I'm very happy I got to hear it. Thank You
12 February 2007 - Roseburg, Or.
Gwendella |
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12 February 2007 - Ky.
Lara S.
Thank you so much for all the prayers. Surgery is NO FUN!!! I know that in the LONG run this will all be for a good reason. God's Will. I pray for you to feel better soon too! I guess we aren't going to be much help on Saturday. LOL! That's ok. I know they could REALLY use ADAM'S muscles. See ya then!
8 February 2007 - Clovis, CA

Webmaster comments   Hi Lara My Girl,
I am so glad that you came through the surgery as well as you did. Make sure and take your IRON, so you will be all well soon. We have all faith in God for what He has done for you.
It is going to storm soon here in Chowchilla. And tomorrow storms will be bad.
So at least you and myself can cook hot dogs and chili for the crew.
See you tomorrow, and
Love You Lots
Mama Carolyn
Kevin Wendt |
I love Lynda,I have been a big fan of the Gaithers for years.
8 February 2007 - Deer Trail, Colorado
Thanks for sharing this with me. I didn't know that you had this site. I enjoyed reading your memories and I totally agree. I love you my friend.
8 February 2007 - Pace, Florida
Gwendella |
Dear Carolyn!Read were you have Bronchitis..Pray that you will get well soon..Bronchitis this year is so hard to get over..I had it about two months or so..take care and get plenty of rest and fluids my friend...
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hugs&love Gwendella
8 February 2007 - Ky.
Gwendella |
Dear Carolyn!Hope this finds you doing good..Ken Ferguson sent out ure page Son Go Bring My Children Home"..Beautiful...hope you have a wonderful day..hugs&love Gwendella
8 February 2007 - Ky.
Carolyn Price
I thank God for each and every day I got to spend with our mom I know she was ill sometimes but now I understand why, I know without a doubt that she is sitting at the foot of the cross and saw the sweet face of Jesus and know that one day by the grace of God we will get to see her and other loved ones.
7 February 2007 - United States Waycross Georgia
Sharon/AngelHeart |
Sweet Carolyn.
I came to leave you wishes for a very wonderful Love filled Valentine Day to you and yours.
My God shower you with lots and lots of Love from above and all around you sweet friend..
6 February 2007 - Close connected in Heart

Webmaster comments   Hi Sharon,
Thank you for coming to visit me.
Your tag is gorgeous.
I will be over to see you soon.
I got bronchitus and the flu, second week of it.
But will be there soon, before VD I hope.
Gwendella |
Dear Carolyn!!
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Courtesy of

Love Gwendella
6 February 2007 - Ky.

Webmaster comments   Hi Gwendella,
Thank You for coming to see me.
I think about so much and will be over to visit you soon, hopefully before VD.
I have not had bronchitus in years, now have had it for two weeks.
But This Too Shall Pass....
Please know you and everyone are with me in heart.Got to get your song and picture on, and will soon.
billy kirwan (Rom828)
I have been here 10 times today, and really love your site. Thanks Carolyn...
3 February 2007 - California (Of course, LOL)

Webmaster comments   Hi Billy,
Please keep on visiting me while I am off with this flu, cold bronchitus.
I will be back soon, I got to get well so I can get the poem on for Amber Linn before the 20th.
God Bless You Billy for being so loyal.
Your adopted online Mama
Gwendella |
Hi Carolyn!!Hope ure doing alright..hugs&love Gwendella
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1 February 2007 - Ky.

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