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Ken Ellison |
I just spent some quality time enjoying all the upgrades and new pages. You have been working hard and it shows. My spirit is uplifted and I’m renewed. Thank you so much for another spiritual and entertaining experience. Just beautiful.
21 February 2007 - Oregon USA
Doede |
Dearest Carolyn your new page,
Till The Storm Passes By, by JD Summner and the Stamps is beautiful!! Oh How it brings back memories of my daddy and his quartet and our traveling to different concerts. What a blessing it is and Peace that surpasses all our understanding knowing our Jesus will be with us till the storms pass us by!!
Love you, more and more, Sweet Carolyn!
20 February 2007
Dee |
Caring thoughts and heartfelt tears for Amber Linn.

God bless each of you this day.

Love, DEE is your One Stop Shop
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20 February 2007 - PA
Shy |
Dear Carolyn,
What a lovely page you made for Amber Lin, I can't imagine how it would be to lose a child or a grandchild. Isn't it wonderful that we have the comfort of our Lord Jesus to carry us through such sadness and always bring us out. "Til the Storm Passes By" really touched my heart, I feel like I have just been through a storm in my life, and he did keep me safe until it passed by. Our precious little Taylor Nicole will be coming home this week after spending the first 3 months of her life in the hospital and on life support part of that time. Thank you for sharing this with me today, it has lifted my spirits and caused me to reflect on the love that Jesus has for His children.

God bless, keep the pages coming, my love to you and yours, Shy
20 February 2007 - North Carolina
Tina |
Hi Carolyn. How are you? I have been thinking about you lately and wondering if you were doing ok. I enjoyed the pages you sent out to today. Your recipe sounds so good and I was thinking hey, wonder if I could use this recipe using splenda instead of sugar and then I see your note for diabetics. Have to try that. I'm sorry about Amber. I know it is hard. Maybe my mom will give her a birthday hug today for you. Yesterday was 2 months since my mom passed away. It has been so hard for me lately. I guess reality is setting in. The memories all bring tears to my eyes right now and hurt so much. It all seems so strange. To have someone in my life that I was sooo close to and then she is gone. I am sure you experienced all these things as well. I go from trying not to think about her because it hurts. To being afraid I will forget her. Then seeing a memory of her so vivid it is like she is sitting in front of me and then crying again. I guess it is never easy losing someone we love so much! They are smiling down on us today and they know the love we have for them. Thank you Carolyn for sharing these pages with us today. May God bless you today and always!
20 February 2007 - TX
Lara S
Hi-ya. That's just how Amber would say it...
I know today is hard on all of you. I just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you! I visited Amber yesterday...left some flowers and a cute little angel (it reminded me of her). I love you!! May God bless you today and always, Mom!

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20 February 2007 - Clovis, CA
National Registry of Churches |
God Bless I really enjoy the feel of your site.
20 February 2007 - North Carolina
Mystical Grrl |

Hiya! I've really enjoyed visiting your site - its been a lot of fun!! I'd like to invite you to visit and hopefully join one of The Rumbles newest teams, The Sundaes!

Joining The Rumbles is a great way of showing off your site, and getting to know a lot of really great people at the same time - and more than that, you can now join a really FUN team with a great theme as well!! I hope to see you joining us soon :)

If, for any reason, you would like to join a different team, we would still love to have you!!

Join The Rumbles Today!!

19 February 2007 - USA * UK
billy kirwan
I love all the pages on your site, but certain ones attract me more than others. What a friend we have in Jesus does especially, as that was the song we chose for our Handicapped class at Northside Baptist in Redlands when I was assistant pastor there. thanks
18 February 2007 - Califiornia
billy kirwan
Always a pleasure to visit your site, Mama Carolyn. Thanks for having it and bringing comfort to so many with the Hymns, poems, etc.
18 February 2007 - CA
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie |
Hello Carolyn,

Thank you for the visit and I hope that all is getting much better with you and your family as I know you have not been well. As I read your mail I had to smile when I read the line where people had asked “if you had a hubby”. See maybe you still have a secret admirer somewhere who wants to know.

It’s funny how being 60 doesn’t sound like being old any longer like it did 30 years ago isn’t it?

Your family Valentine’s page, “True Love” is wonderful and I can see why you send it out every year at this time. A beautiful reflection of good times to remember.

“Good Intentions” really brought a smile to my face as it made me recall a time about 20 years ago when all my girls were still children and at home. Our youngest daughter was about 4 years old and it was my birthday and as had become a tradition for them back then, they would “sneak” into my bedroom early in the morning and “wake me” with their rendition of Happy Birthday, then proceed to give me whatever little gift they had been able to get or make for me. So after the three eldest had given their gifts, my youngest daughter came up, gave me a hug and said….”I’m sorry, I did buy you a Mars Bar, but I ate it”. It was so beautiful and it is something that we often mention even 20 years later. Yes like your poem, she had “Good Intentions”.

I will visit Amber Linn’s new page when you send it next week.

Take care my friend and God bless.

16 February 2007 - Brisbane, Australia
Sandra Maginity
Thank you for sharing! God bless you.
15 February 2007 - USA
Shy |
Dear Carolyn,
Your website just entertains and lifts my spirits every time I visit. I really enjoyed the poem by Ruby for your parents. You have a family to be so proud of, what a blessing to have such loving parents and siblings. I can relate also to the love you have for your children and grandchildren. I hope that you and yours are Having a Wonderful Valentines Day. I am enjoying mine with the Lover of my Sou, Jesus Christ. He will never leave me nor forsake us......isn't that a wonderful promise.

God bless you sweet friend, and thank you for sharing your beautiful website and your family with everyone.

Love you, Shy
14 February 2007 - North Carolina
Dee |
Courtesy of
Courtesy of

I always so loved "True Love" by Ruby Ketron dearest Carolyn.

Loved seeing the treasured family photos.

It is a nightmare here for me today. Ice and snow and an arm in a cast.

I could not even get online for a few hours.

I will update you when I go to the orthopedic doctor tomorrow.

Love to you dear Carolyn and to your dear family.
14 February 2007 - PA
Doede |
Dearest and Precious Carolyn,
Wishing you my Precious sister in Christ a very blessed valentine day of God's love, now, and through out eternity, with our greatest and most precious valentine, our precious-precious Jesus, who is the reason you are So precious to me and everyone He has blessed your heart with.
I Love you!!
14 February 2007

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