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Margaret |
Just loved your poem a mothers wish its so very true ,god bless Margaret
7 March 2007 - West Australia
Cathy Sanson |
What a beautiful poem. I plan on visiting your site again~~
7 March 2007 - Fall River, Ma
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7 March 2007 - FLORIDA
A Friend
Hello Special Friend,
A birdie told me you needed some prayers. You have no idea how special you are, to so many ppl. Love you, Sweet Friend. My prayers are always with you. Remember, God's Will is stronger than ours.
6 March 2007
Kathryn |
Hello Sweet Lady!!
I saw you had stopped by to see me the other day .... And that made me smile!!!
I would love to spend more time visiting my Internet friends!! But, this running a website thing, boy, takes lots of time!! :-) Especially when I make just about everyone of my own pages and write all my own verses...
I am having a blast though...And so are my boys, seeing what their mom can do...
I just wanted to say "HI" and that you may not hear from me a lot ... But, just know, I never forget my friends and all of you are in my prayers and heart everyday!! Much love and lots of hugs!!
6 March 2007 - MI. USA
carolyn Hamel
I think your website is lovely, I have been saved for many years, and I learned about Jesus in my grandmas rocking chair reminded me of teaching the childern in awanas made myheart feel glad. my memorie, plus my brother and I love our gospel bluegrass music, He plays a martin guitar and me I have the voise, and the words to songs. may the Lord be with you always,
4 March 2007
Kathy |
Dearest Sweet ((Carolyn))
I just had to make time to visit you and take in the beauty of your heart filled site. Thank you my sweet friend for all of the love and prayers while I was so sick, that means the world to me to know you care *-)
I just wanted to leave a little print in your book before I visit your site more, and take in the love here.
God Bless your sweet spirit, and may you continue on with your wonderful site that so many enjoy!!
((Love & Hugs))
Your Sis through Christ
Kathy S
Much Love & Affection
2 March 2007 - FL
Larry Dimon
I was very glad to be able to read your pome. It was very insprieing
2 March 2007 - Brookville Pa. 15825
Elsa and Adria. |
Hi Carolyn.
You should be very proud to have made such a wonderful site for yourself and everyone else to see and enjoy.
I found peaceful, easy feelings on your pages.I saw serenity in your work, and my soul was at rest, my Thank you.
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Your pages are lovely, a real breath of fresh air.
Congratulations you have a very entertaining and beautiful site. Thank you so much for sharing it.

If you find the time to visit our site, would you please jot down in our guest book what you think of our pages.
Thank you for the opportunity of visiting your excellent site.
May god bless you and all your family.†
Take Care, Elsa and Adrian :-).

Come and Visit My Old CORDENONS, You may like it.
2 March 2007 - Montreal, Quebec, CANADA.
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie |
Hello Carolyn,

I know I have left it some time before visiting, but I have been facing some difficult family issues here with my Mother in Law who is critically ill. She has been in hospital since January 5th except for a 10 day period between Feb 17th and Feb 25th. During that time she stayed with us as she now needs care 24 hours a day and it really does not give a lot of time for many other things.

Your page “’Til The Storm Passes By” is almost perfect for me at this time as we struggle to cope with these issues but know that the storm will pass and during this storm the Lord will guide and protect us.

Thank you for sending your updates and I did sign Amber Linn’s book so please let Heather know that I keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Looking forward to the pages you are going to add to Amber Linn’s site.

God bless.

1 March 2007 - Brisbane, Australia
billy kirwan
An excellent message in A Galon of Milk. thanks. I have read it before but the message gets sweeter every time
27 February 2007 - Califiornia
Brenda/Sassy |
Hello again gentle sweet friend. I wanted to stop by and thank you for leaving your heart prints for me in my guest book. I think about you all of the time and I always keep you in my prayers.
I really enjoyed your latest update on your precious Amber Linn, Today You Would Have Been Thirteen. It tugged at every one of my heart strings though. What a beautiful little girl, I am sure you all still miss her. I still miss my son so very much! It always hurts to loose a child.
I hope you are enjoying good weather and that your eyes are still mending properly. I wish I had been as fortunate on my eye surgery. Tell Leon my problem was the doctor put in the wrong lens completely. I am nearsighted and he put the one in for correcting someone who was farsighted and I could not see at all. I had to wait for the first one to heal before he could replace it with the correct lens. I still cannot see and I will need to go soon for glasses.
Well my sweet angel friend, I will say bye for now, have a wonderful day, take care and know I love you with my heart. God bless.
Love Always,
25 February 2007 - Salem, Oregon USA
Gwendella |
Courtesy of
Courtesy of
25 February 2007 - Ky.
Thanks for your updates - more beautiful pages to see.
23 February 2007 - England
what an uplifting website God bless you
21 February 2007 - california

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