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Barbara (Hinson) Harper
Thank you for the tribute to my Brother Ronny.
Your site is beautiful.
30 April 2007 - Texas
Jim Worrall |
What a tremendous inspiration.
28 April 2007 - Perry, Georgia
Betty Stevenson |
Wonderful song, The Midnight Cry.
28 April 2007 - California
Jesse Johns
I love you and your music so much and i especially love your song "I'm Free" it is such an inspiration to me in troubled times as is your song "God on the Mountian." keep up the fabiolus singing god belss I love you so much.
28 April 2007 - SC
Joao Manuel Pereira
The Old Rugged Cross brings tears to my eyes, since a colleague of mine on the stage sang it on Maundy Thursday, It was recorded at her request, and played loud and clear for her funeral a couple of months later!!!!!!!!
25 April 2007 - Canada
Ramon Eduardo |
Hi, I enjoy my visit to your awesome Cyber Home, thank you for sharing. You have here an excellent website, the content and presentation invitee to come back for another visit. I will be back to continue surfing your beautiful Cyber Home.
Peace, Harmony and Friendship
Have a peaceful and wonderful day.
17 April 2007 - Sydney, Australia
Stopping by to wish you a beautiful weekend, God Bless You.

13 April 2007 - Calif
jerry |
Well, bless you, Carolyn! Soo nice to visit you again---it's been awhile!
Needless ta say---Site is Gorgeous!!
Content is WONDERFUL too!
May God's Love and Blessings continue to shower upon you, yours and your sharing!
12 April 2007 - ohio
billy kirwan
How Wonderful it is to visit your site and read such "TEAR JERKERS" as "A Gallon of Milk" and others. Thanks for having this site
11 April 2007 - CA (is there anyplace else?)
Eddie - Dark Blue Knight |
Hello Carolyn,

I am very late, but I do hope that you had a wonderful Easter and all went well for you. Like you, it seems that I have more to do than time permits, but slowly I am getting there. Had a week or two of not feeling the best so that slowed me down and doing a lot of shows for church during Easter week took almost all I could keep up with at that time.

Thanks for your pages, Ivan Parker has lovely voice, I could listen to him singing over and over. Loved your four songs you chose, and the music for God’s Artwork is also lovely to listen to. “The Old Rugged Cross” is a beautiful song and I have a number of different versions of it myself. I have always enjoyed Sondra’s poetry and “He Is Risen” is certainly as good as anything she has written. Sondra is a wonderful writer and I have read a lot of hers at An Hour With You site.

Hopefully next time I will not be so long in getting to view you pages.

Thank you my friend.

God bless.

10 April 2007 - Brisbane, Australia
Bert & Shan Cook
What a wonderful tribute. Very inspiring!!
10 April 2007 - Melbourne, FLA
John |
Hi Carolyn: Just stopped by to wish you a wonderful day, and to let you know how much I have enjoyed my visit to your wonderful website! Take care and may God bless.....John
10 April 2007 - Wisconsin, USA
carolyn Hamel
I am so greatful to have your sight into my home and the wonderful poems and songs of Joy. I share them with my family and friends God be with you and someday we'll meet in heaven. Love in Christ Jesus.
9 April 2007 - richfield, minnesota
Eleanor Callahan
Hi Carolyn: This is Eleanor. I love this song. Please keep sending. Your site makes me feel God's presence. I get a real blessing. Thank You.
8 April 2007 - Clarkton, NC 28433
Sharon/AngelHeart |
Happy Easter Sweet Carolyn
And leaving you something below!!
May he who has Risen bless you and yours always!!

7 April 2007 - Close connected in Heart

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