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I wanted to Thank you for the sites you sent Me. I have Liver Failure, but, I am healing. Thank God , and all the wonderful things that are sent to Me. It lifts My heart. God Bless You and Evaeryone.
26 May 2007 - Houston, TX
aint this the truth
22 May 2007
Jerry Cole
Carolyn,Thank You for the walk down memory lane on some of your poems and songs. I can remember being a young Boy and when Harvest Day came,we would go to Church Sunday Morning.There would be Sunday School,regular Church Service,then Dinner on the Gounds outside.All the ladies of the CHurch had made so much food and desserts. Its a good thing I was young back then,with as much food as we youngins ate. Chicken? I think just about everyone made Fried Chicken. I am Southern Baptist also,Carolyn.Like You said though,Denomination of no kind will get us into Heaven,but only the Loving saving grace of Our Heavenly LORD and SAVIOUR. But anyway,back to Harvest Day. So after everyone had eaten and the food was put away, we went into the Church for Special singing.And I mean all day long.And Carolyn,I know you know what I mean when I say it was the Best. The Statesmen had come before. There would be them and other groups like The Swordsmen Quartet,I can't think o fthe name of the Trio they went by,but there were Three Young Ladies.The Oldest was Linda,the Youngest was Gloria,and can't remember the middle ones name,but we had bought an Album and I think somewhere it is still around.At my dads or my sisters,but anyway there would be so much good all day Gospel Singing, it was like being in Heaven for a day. My gosh it was good.
I get to thinking about those days sometimes and how much I enjoyed them, I wish I could go back there for just a little while. It was so good and peaceful and simple. And its at these times sometimes,I also get to thinking about my Mother and how much I Loved her then and Love Her now,and I miss Her so much.But I know one day soon,I will see Her Beautiful face again.
Anyway,again Thank You and GOD Bless You.
19 May 2007 - Jacksonville,NC
Jerry Cole
Quint, I do not know You or any of your Family,but I have been visited Your Grandmas website for awhile now.Quint You have a very Good,GOD Loving Grandma. She is the kinda Grandma all children need and would like to have.I remember my Grandma's on both sides.They were Good GOD Loving Grandmas also(SO was my Mother) and My Father is also. Never take that for granted,please.Always listen to Your MOM and DAD,and Grandma's and GrandPa's,especially since they Love the LORD. QUint,Ya got a cool site. I am a Horse Lover myself.Have one and have had her since 1994.She is 22 yrs old now,and still a good horse.Cantankerous sometimes(like me,My Wife says(lol),but thats alright.GOD's not finished with us yet,is HE?(smiles).
Anyway,GOD Bless You,Young Man,and always keep GOD in your Heart and in Your thoughts,and He will never lead You wrong.
19 May 2007 - Jacksonville,NC
Susan Yates
What a beautiful website, honouring a beautiful Christian lady. Thank you.
13 May 2007 - East Yorkshire, United Kingdom
tia marie |
Hi Carolyn, Wishing you and Heather a wonderful Mother's day, hope your day will be blessed.

12 May 2007 - Australia
Dear Carolyn,
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful MOTHER'S DAY pages with me. You like me are so blessed to have wonderful children and grandchildren that we love so much. I enjoyed your music pages too. Music is one of my passions and I could listen and be blessed by gospel music all day and night...

God bless you dear and may your Mother's Day be a blessed one.

Love ya, Shy

12 May 2007 - North Carolina
Constance Cromedy
This is so beautiful and inspiring...
12 May 2007 - Georgia
Dee |
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Where Does Mom Keep Her Memories, how I always loved this page dearest Carolyn.

I am late...I was away from Tuesday and returned today.

I will catch up.

Happy Mother's Day dear one.

Love, DEE
12 May 2007 - PA
Eddie - Dark Blue Knight |
Hello Carolyn,

Thank you for your updates mail and the beautiful pages in tribute to Mothers.

Your pages to your Mother and Mother In law are very special and it is wonderful to see you had such a great relationship with both of them.

Like you, I cannot call my Mother in Law by her name, I have always referred to her as Mum and her husband was always Dad. To me that was just a sign of respect for them and what I felt about the way they accepted me into their family. I am not just a son in law, I am a member of the family so I owe them that respect.

I enjoyed listening to the lovely singing and also really enjoyed Tinaís poem as well (How Great Thou Art), that is a beautiful poem.

I have saved your index page to my favourites as well so I hope to remember to call by on a regular basis. I loved getting updates, it reminded me to visit, but now that they charge so much (I am going to have the same problem), mailing lists or mails sent will have to be cut back. I can still (just) send two mails a month so Iíll wait a while and see what happens.

Thank you again and God bless.

Have a wonderful Motherís Day.

God bless

11 May 2007 - Brisbane, Australia
marcia mote |
i love your gospel music. i would like you to send me some more music.
11 May 2007
Kathy |
Dear Carolyn,
I wanted to be sure not to let the day go by without wishing you a wonderful "Mother's Day", may it be filled with lots of love, hugs and kisses!!
know that you are dearly loved, Kathy S.
Many Blessings to you this Motherís DayÖmuch love from Kathy at Haven Of Love!!
9 May 2007
Shirley Bryce
Thanks for such a beautiful site.
I will tell my friends.
6 May 2007 - Beaumont, Texas
Payang Raoul
A boy of 16years of age, lovely, fair in complexion and above all love reading poems of old.
5 May 2007 - Cameroon
Dee |
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Angel Carolyn, I am here visiting "In All God's Glory" by Billy Kirwan, and to thank you for your heartprints for dear Sharon.
It meant so very much.
Love, DEE!
2 May 2007 - PA

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