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Arlene Zahn
Thanks these are great, takes me back to my high school days.
17 July 2011 - Wisconsin
Lucille (Bozek) Pflug
Wow..! Just enjoyed your site with music....
17 July 2011 - Bluffton, SC and Garfield Hts, OH
Gerald DeBruyn
OH What a Beautiful website of the GREAT Hynms of the old time church. I sure don't hear that anymore. I sure like Elvis Farewell(Where Could I Go but to the Lord)
16 July 2011 - Claresholm Alberta Canada
This is the best Elvis page I have ever come to. Thank You. You have brought me much joy listening to his music.
16 July 2011 - Nova Scotia
I enjoy this kind of music from the 50`s and 60`s I miss the drive-in movie`s and the malt shops. wish they were still here.
16 July 2011 - georgia
Ihsan SAlka
It took me back to the golden days of the 50s and 60s where the prosperity love and honesty
16 July 2011 - Lebanon
Bill Emerson
As a 1950s disc jockey, these bring back special memories for me since I played most them when they were new. Many thanks.
14 July 2011 - Knoxville, Tenn.
Danny G. Canonizado
Memories of the King Elvis lives forever.
14 July 2011 - Oxnard, California USA
Tia Marie
Hi Carolyn, It's been a couple of years since I last visited your pages, and their still as wonderful as ever. I pray all is well with you and your family..God Bless.
14 July 2011 - Australia
Your memories and music live on forever.
13 July 2011 - Tacoma Washington USA
Jim Williams
Oh,yes the good old days, kids now a days don't know what good music is, I kinda feel sorry for them.
12 July 2011 - Sweetwater, Tn.
Pam Clarke
I may be old in years but your music will always keep me young at heart. Other artists come and go but Elvis lives Forever.
12 July 2011 - Worcestershire, England
Bob Swanson
I just got on your page so don't have a comment yet.
11 July 2011 - Rockport, Texas
Andre Melis
ik vond elvis een pracht van een mens en ook als znger was hij geweldig , ik betreur dat hij zo vroeg is weggegaan van ons hier op deze wereld
11 July 2011 - Belgiť
Joe Holmes
How I wish we could go back to the fifties.No worries, no problems.
Just beautiful music. I miss it.
10 July 2011 - East Hampton, N.Y.

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