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Astrid Vis
I enjoyd the nice songs from your site.
It brought a lot of memories.
8 September 2011 - Amersfoort The Netherlands Europe.
Tony Carrubba
I love this WOW it is so cool , It makes me feal great . I was wondering if you where going to do moor ( I'll Never Know )
7 September 2011 - seven hills ohio
Carol (The Old Batt)
Music is a very strong medicine to me. I have had a few years of "structural" health problems... and listening to music like this has helped me get through some rough times. Those Old Memories are truly wonderful medicine! Thank you for giving the world such a place of beauty and serenity.
7 September 2011 - Pensacola, FL
mark lovell
God bless the saints, one day were gonna go home, praise God for salvation!!! he said there's a number there that no man can number!! AMEN
7 September 2011 - nc jacksonville
Jim Spradley
As an 87 year old man, I can assure you there is no comparison with the music of yesteryear, with that of today`s. What a shame!
7 September 2011 - Plano, Texas
Marinus A. Koppenal
Thanking the Lord for the gift of music
6 September 2011 - Hawthorne,n.j.
What a wonderful site, thank you for bringing back such great memories.
5 September 2011
Tom Silbernagel
I guess memories are made of these songs, just great
5 September 2011 - West Palm beach florida
Dad loves the 50's Thanks
5 September 2011 - Texas
Debbie Sluder
enjoyed very much
5 September 2011 - Peru Indiana
Brian D Carlson
I love listening to the songs of the 50s, and 60's again. Brought back some great memories. Too bad some of today's teenagers couldn't live in our time
4 September 2011 - Tucson Arizona
Bill & Jackie Mercer
Such a beautiful song, thank you for such beautiful music
4 September 2011 - San Angelo Texas
Joni Wilson
I had forgotten how many beautiful songs he sang. We lost him too soon. Thank you for this website.
4 September 2011 - San Diego, California
Joseph Iskandar
Dear Carolyn,
We have come a long way together, 10 years. We have shared stories and memories.
May the Lord guard you and the family safely.
We will think of all our friends when we visit NY on the 10th Anniversary Ceremony.
with all our love.
2 September 2011 - United States

Webmaster comments   Joseph,
Yes we sure have come along way since we met. Through our hurts our God sent you to us. I will never forget how humble you were and how much you taught me about caring for others.You are a wonderful friend and we will always care so much for you.
We will be watching the ceremony.
Thank You for signing in my book too.
Safe travels.
Much Love and Prayers
this was wonderful, i felt like i was reliving my teen years all over again..
1 September 2011 - staten island new york

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